The Beatles 2009 Vinyl Re-Masters…BE WARNED!

Hah! John & George must be rollin’ over in their grave by now?

Here we go again with another huge screw-up of a Beatles vinyl product

This time it is the 50th Anniversary of their first 7″ single (Love Me Do b/w P.S. I Love You)

Already fetching $250.00 prices on eBay, this single has TWO HUGE MISTAKES. Luckily, I own 4 copies of the error pressing. What they allegedly did was PRESS THE WRONG VERSION of “Love Me Do” on the A-Side (there were 2 versions recorded) and USE THE WRONG LABEL on the B-Side.

These have been recalled and fixed now, but not before many got out.
(Ed. Note: Sounds like “The Butcher Cover” scenario all over again?)

Here is the problem:
If Parlophone/EMI in the U.K. can’t get a stupid single done correctly, then how many mistakes can we expect on all the new Beatles vinyl LP’s coming out? I can tell you right now as an avid fan of really loud Stereo headphone listening that the Abbey Road Remaster Team SHOULD HAVE STUCK WITH THE ORIGINAL IDEA OF USING DMM (Direct Metal Mastering) from Germany. THOSE (to me) are the rockingest sounding ones in the world…even better than the Mobile Fidelity’s in the case of loud headphones. I am so glad I passed on these. I was offered the box set for a song too…and STILL PASSED ($275.00)

I don’t trust EMI as far as I can throw a dry/fluffy square of toilet paper.


Remember to love your vinyl……..for the most part?

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