The Beatles: 2009 Re-masters Now On Vinyl

What would the Christmas Shopping Season be without a Beatles (or Beatles related) product push?

This time it might be the coolest product of all?
Here is what I have heard officially:
1 The release date is (I believe still) November 17, 2012
2 These are the 2009 Remastered versions. They are the same Abbey Road ‘dream team’ that did the 2009 Mono & Stereo Beatles CD Box Sets
3 From what I can tell, these are all UK imports from EMI Music ‘ala’ the recent Pink Floyd re-issues
4 Every album whether a single or double LP will be in a full gatefold cover
5 Every album is on 180 gram black vinyl and in TRUE STEREO
(Ed. Note: I haven’t heard anything yet about any forthcoming Mono pressings, which let’s hope they do?)
6 Every album is the UK version with 14 (not 10) songs on the early LP’s
7 EMI is using record labels that reproduce the original label on the first pressings; so you get the rare Black/Yellow Parlophone labels
8 There will be NO bonus tracks
9 There will be a 50th Anniversary single to come out on October 16 (next week), the day The Beatles issued their first ever single. A-Side=Love Me Do (without Ringo on drums version) b/w P.S. I Love You. It will come on the original red Parlophone label in the rainbow coloured paper sleeve and list for around $7.99…I pre-ordered mine

OK, these will be available individually for a nice list price of $22.99 each or $34.99 for the 2 double LP’s (“The White Album” & “Past Masters”.) It will also be available as a lavish box set with a booklet & DVD for $450.00. Most people have opted to sell the box for $399.00. Unlike the 1982 ‘The Beatles Collection’ Blue Box, this box does not have the “Rarities” album. The Past Masters Volumes I & II has made the “Rarities” album obsolete now. Also, I have no idea if the Sgt. Pepper, Magical Mystery Tour or The White Album will have all the extra posters, pictures, booklets or pink innersleeves? The CD Boxes DID! So we will have to see? I would think so:-)
(UPDATE: Yes, All original inserts, pictures, and photos are included)

Just in case you forgot, here are the albums:
1 Please Please Me
2 With the Beatles
3 A Hard Day’s Nigh (movie soundtrack)
4 Beatles For Sale!
5 Help! (movie soundtrack)
6 Rubber Soul
7 Revolver
8 Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
9 Magical Mystery Tour (full length U.S. released album)
10 The Beatles aka “The White Album” (2 Records)
11 Yellow Submarine (movie soundtrack)
12 Abbey Road
13 Let It Be
14 Past Masters Volumes I & II (2 Records)

Recommended For Sure…and for once the price is recommended at 23 bucks each. Merry Christmas and love your vinyl!

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