First 8 Iron Maiden LP's out as vinyl Picture Discs

Boy! Have some people been waiting for these!

Everytime I’m in a record shop, some dude who grew up with old school Iron Maiden albums is crying because he can’t order them on vinyl. That’s about to change my friends:

EMI Music is re-issuing the first eight Iron Maiden albums as picture discs.
From what I can tell, here are some facts:
1 Each will come in a real album jacket, not just a poly-sleeve.
2 These will be coming out 2 per month for the next 4 months.
3 Unfortunately, these will carry a list price of $45.00 each. I am very upset for the old fans that want to pick these up. Luckily, I own all the original colored vinyl & pic discs when they first came out for (was it $7.99 each?)
4 The artwork on every disc has full color ‘outtake drawings’ from the period of each album.

OK, here are the albums in case you forgot:

Iron Maiden (self-titled) 1980, 5 Stars
Killers 1981, 3 Stars
The Number Of The Beast 1982, 5 Stars
Piece Of Mind 1983, 5 Stars
Powerslave 1984, 5 Stars
Live After Death 1985, 5 Stars (2 Picture Discs)
Somewhere In Time 1986, 3 Stars
Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son 1988, 3.5 Stars

Oddly, the 1981 “Live” Mini-Album “Maiden Japan” has been omitted. They probably could have done the Women In Uniform E.P. too…and a few other important Live E.P.’s? But “Maiden Japan” should have been included for sure.

THESE ARE ALL RECOMMENDED! Remember to love your vinyl

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