Music On Vinyl…doing vinyl reissues right!!!

Making huge strides in coolness are a UK record company called Music On Vinyl.

They are expensive as heck; but well worth the extra dough.

Three huge reasons why this vinyl reissue company leave most of their competitors in the dust:

1 The reissued LP cover art colors and quality is never just as good as the original…it’s ALWAYS better. I said ALWAYS. For every single title…absolutely unbelievable.

2 They always reissue with the original labels that were on the original records. A&M, Columbia, Geffen, Epic etc. etc. A real reissue doesn’t have a cartoon of a dude and his dog walking on the beach on the record label.

3 When they say 180 gram colored vinyl, they mean it. All my records from them are thick, flat, and vivid colors. Usually, they don’t use wimpy colors like clear green, red or blue vinyl. These things are wildly colored marble to match the colors of the album cover or the theme of a record ie: The Wicker Man ost which is on a killer Fiery Burnt Orange Solid.

Here are their ‘colored vinyl’ titles which I’m aware of. Some are limited to 500 pieces:

1 White Zombie~La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Volume One = MILKY WHITE VINYL
2 White Zombie~Astro Creep 2000 = CLEAR w/ SMOKEY GREEN MARBLED VINYL
3 Primus~The Brown Album (2LP) = METALLIC GOLD VINYL
4 The Red Devils~King King (LIVE) (2LP) = SOLID RED VINYL
5 Electric Light Orchestra~Out Of The Blue (2LP) = CLEAR BLUE VINYL w/ slight marble
6 Alice In Chains~Dirt = SOLID DIRTY RED VINYL
7 Alice In Chains ~MTV Unplugged (2LP) = RED VINYL (not sure of details)
8 Original 1973 Soundtrack~ The Wicker Man = SOLID BURNT FIRE ORANGE VINYL
9 Monster Magnet~Superjudge = SOLID PURPLE & BLUE MARBLED VINYL
10 Golden Earring~double 10″ on GOLD VINYL
11 The Shocking Blue~double 10″ on BLUE VINYL

Well, that’s 10 titles.
There is another one announced on FIRE RED by a woman whose name escapes me right now. It is also a double LP. Go to the Music On Vinyl website for more info.

Back On Black & Let Them Eat Vinyl…you’ve got some stiff competition. All these titles come NUMBERED, STICKERED, and in nice Japanese Sleeves. If that isn’t enough, their LP catalog ID starts with MOV ie: MOV319, MOV212. Very cool indeed!

Remember to love your vinyl.

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