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Gaslight Anthem: Handwritten vinyl SOLD OUT in 4 hours!

UPDATE: Noon on July 24th, 2012 ~ THE 1st PRESSING HAS ALREADY SOLD OUT WORLDWIDE…but some shops ordered a lot of them (like Hot Topic &, so it’s out there.

**********UPDATE:  August 1st, 2012
Hot Topic ones and Inerpunk ones are ALL GONE!!
You won’t get this anymore for under $35.00**********
(It’s now going for a whopping $40.00 from WorldRecordShop in Los Angeles at the moment. Amazon won’t be getting more for around 1-2 months they say. Eh…Ahm, that would be around September 25, 2012. Summer will be OVER)

(Ed. Note: Do you think vinyl is “Hot On Fire” now??? I saw it sell out before my very eyes in 4 hours. Pre-ordering like I did ROCKS! The new reggae GREEN colored vinyl pre-order from Secret Stash will probably gone by tonight? They are making only 300 on reggae green colored vinyl with a silk-screened custom green cover)



Well vinyl fans, it’s been about a month since I’ve written any posts because I too have been diggin’ all the grooves in the summer sun.

This post I MUST DO NOW!!
Let’s talk about Mercury Records & David Massey, the company’s President & CEO.

Tomorrow, a very anticipated vinyl punk album comes out by a band called The Gaslight Anthem. They have just signed to a major label. The album will be pressed on 180 GRAM BLUE VINYL, have a gatefold cover, a poster, and come with an MP3 download card. I just pre-ordered this thing for $12.00 on Amazon. The list on it is around $13.99? By the way, the title is called “Handwritten.”

I just want to PRAISE David and Mercury for keeping this very affordable to all the kids.
This isn’t the first time Mercury has impressed me. The last solo LP from Siouxie Sioux was only $13.00? They are doing things right. I have a dream that all The Who LP’s will get the same treatment? We’ll just have to wait and see? But for now……

COLOR ME IMPRESSED by Mercury Records in the year 2012!

You guys ROCK!!!

Remember to love your vinyl!!