Exciting vinyl records coming to vinyl.com soon:

We have some pretty cool vinyl titles pre-ordered here for vinyl.com.
They are as follows:

June 29, 2012: Pretty Things~Singles 64-67 (2LP’s, 180 GRAM GOLD VINYL), Sundazed Music.

July 31, 2012: The Ronettes~Fab. Ronettes feat. Veronica (180 GRAM VINYL, Mono), Sundazed.
July 31, 2012: The Crystals~Twist Uptown (180 GRAM VINYL, Mono), Sundazed Music.
July 31, 2012: The Crystals~He’s A Rebel (180 GRAM VINYL, Mono), Sundazed Music.
July 31, 2012: Bob B. Soxx and The Blue Jeans~Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah (180 GRAM VINYL, Mono), Sundazed Music.

End Of July?: The Angry Samoans~Inside My Brain E.P. (180 GRAM BLOOD RED & WHITE SPLATTERED VINYL), Drastic Plastic.
End Of July?: The Angry Samoans~Back From Samoa LP (180 GRAM ROYAL BLUE VINYL), Drastic Plastic.
End Of July?: The Gun Club~Las Vegas Story (180 GRAM GREEN VINYL), Drastic Plastic.

My honest thoughts on these?
I absolutely can’t wait to get my grubby hands on The Pretty Things singles ‘double record set’ on the cool GOLD VINYL.
I reckon this title has 28 songs and only 4 or 5 songs (later psych stuff) that ain’t gonna split this earth in half with it’s sheer heavy R&B power when you blast it on your spiral spinning machine! The Who were billed as Maximum R&B…I guess they never heard of The Pretty Things?
It made The Who sound like Minimal R&B at times.
I can’t wait!

The two Angry Samoans titles are something that you just don’t see reissued all the time; unlike all the other L.A. hardcore punk stuff. It will surely be welcome (and fun) to have these out now on colored vinyl. They should have done these 7 years ago, eh? The Gun Club is always sought after. They were pretty overlooked because they played a blues/country style punk; as opposed to straight hardcore. People are finally recognizing their influence…after the key member passed away. In recent movies, I have heard a few songs from them (especially Fire Of Love album) being played. We NEED a Half Gold/Half Maroon pressing of the classic Fire Of Love LP you guys.

The Ronettes, The Crystals & Bob B. Soxx are out as UK imports right now and list for $29.99. It’ll be nice to have these in the U.S.A. for only like $18.98 and the covers will be perfect. The sound will be only as Bob Irwin could do it…fantastic! My only quibble is that, hey, these also were mixed in True Stereo. They sound great in true stereo, and it seems that every reissue abroad is in MONO. Thankfully, I have budget copies of these 4 titles from England on Phil Spector International Records and the true stereo is absolutely killer!

Keep your eyes posted for these soon. I will add them to our NEW RELEASE page the second they come in.
Goodbye and remember to love your vinyl!!!

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