Friday Music Reissues: Will Anyone Buy These Common Titles?

Here is (yet another) Top 10 list of vinyl LP’s you’ll find in great condition at any flea market for a buck for the most part? And these are the original pressings found for the cheap price.

It pains me to diss Friday Music, because they do reissue some KILLER TITLES.
(Ed. Note: Solomon Burke, Muddy Waters & the Etta James were ‘the bomb’, man)

But Friday Music has gone nuts. WHY OH WHY OH WHY don’t they do these on colored!!!!! ?????
Can’t they get the clue? All 3 of their Monkees colored vinyls SOLD OUT in 1 week.
Each of these titles is on 180 gram boring black and costs around $27.00…RIP OFF CITY!!

1 The Byrds~Greatest Hits (even easily found still sealed)
2 Jim Croce~You Don’t Mess Around With Jim (a nutso choice)
3 Paul Revere & The Raiders~Greatest Hits (too bad it’s in the common Stereo format)
4 Deep Purple~Stormbringer (almost their worst…Lady Double Dealer saves this LP?)
5 Joe Cocker~Sheffield Steel (God Bless Sly & Robbie…but even they couldn’t save it)
6 Chicago~Chicago V (OK, OK, this ranks as one of their 5 best…but easily found sealed)
7 The Grateful Dead~Skulls & Roses (2LP’s) not too bad for $40.00 new. Usually whipped)
8 Cyndi Lauper~She’s So Unusual (easily found clean…but you never see the PicDisc)
9 Cyndi Lauper~True Colors (even though it sold as much as the first…it’s not as fun)
10 Elvis Costello~Almost Blue (I love this album…but it’s absolutely not for everyone)

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