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Exciting vinyl records coming to soon:

We have some pretty cool vinyl titles pre-ordered here for
They are as follows:

June 29, 2012: Pretty Things~Singles 64-67 (2LP’s, 180 GRAM GOLD VINYL), Sundazed Music.

July 31, 2012: The Ronettes~Fab. Ronettes feat. Veronica (180 GRAM VINYL, Mono), Sundazed.
July 31, 2012: The Crystals~Twist Uptown (180 GRAM VINYL, Mono), Sundazed Music.
July 31, 2012: The Crystals~He’s A Rebel (180 GRAM VINYL, Mono), Sundazed Music.
July 31, 2012: Bob B. Soxx and The Blue Jeans~Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah (180 GRAM VINYL, Mono), Sundazed Music.

End Of July?: The Angry Samoans~Inside My Brain E.P. (180 GRAM BLOOD RED & WHITE SPLATTERED VINYL), Drastic Plastic.
End Of July?: The Angry Samoans~Back From Samoa LP (180 GRAM ROYAL BLUE VINYL), Drastic Plastic.
End Of July?: The Gun Club~Las Vegas Story (180 GRAM GREEN VINYL), Drastic Plastic.

My honest thoughts on these?
I absolutely can’t wait to get my grubby hands on The Pretty Things singles ‘double record set’ on the cool GOLD VINYL.
I reckon this title has 28 songs and only 4 or 5 songs (later psych stuff) that ain’t gonna split this earth in half with it’s sheer heavy R&B power when you blast it on your spiral spinning machine! The Who were billed as Maximum R&B…I guess they never heard of The Pretty Things?
It made The Who sound like Minimal R&B at times.
I can’t wait!

The two Angry Samoans titles are something that you just don’t see reissued all the time; unlike all the other L.A. hardcore punk stuff. It will surely be welcome (and fun) to have these out now on colored vinyl. They should have done these 7 years ago, eh? The Gun Club is always sought after. They were pretty overlooked because they played a blues/country style punk; as opposed to straight hardcore. People are finally recognizing their influence…after the key member passed away. In recent movies, I have heard a few songs from them (especially Fire Of Love album) being played. We NEED a Half Gold/Half Maroon pressing of the classic Fire Of Love LP you guys.

The Ronettes, The Crystals & Bob B. Soxx are out as UK imports right now and list for $29.99. It’ll be nice to have these in the U.S.A. for only like $18.98 and the covers will be perfect. The sound will be only as Bob Irwin could do it…fantastic! My only quibble is that, hey, these also were mixed in True Stereo. They sound great in true stereo, and it seems that every reissue abroad is in MONO. Thankfully, I have budget copies of these 4 titles from England on Phil Spector International Records and the true stereo is absolutely killer!

Keep your eyes posted for these soon. I will add them to our NEW RELEASE page the second they come in.
Goodbye and remember to love your vinyl!!!

18 New Releases Received: June 15, 2012

These are all in stock and can be ordered right now:

1 The 13th Floor Elevators~The Psychedelic Sounds Of…
2 Can~Can self-titled 1979 LP (180 Gram Vinyl)
3. The Chi-Lites~Give It Away
4. The Ch-Lites~I Like Your Lovin’ (Do You Like Mine?)
5. Gene Chandler~The Girl Don’t Care
6. Howlin’ Wolf~Moanin’ In The Moonligfht (180 Gram Vinyl)
7. Iggy Pop~Zombie Birdhouse
8. Jimmy McGriff~Fly Dude
9. John Lee Hooker/Coast To Coast Blues Band (Any Where, Any Time, Any Place)
10. Junior Parker~You Don’t Have To Be Black To Love The Blues
11. Mandrake Memorial~self-titled
12. Mandrake Memorial~Medium
13. Moloch~self-titled
14 Nina Simone~Baltimore
15. Nina Simone~Little Girl Blue (Jazz As Plyed In An Exclusive Side Street Club)
16. Sun Ra~Universe In Blue (Regular Weight Vinyl)
17. Sun Ra~Universe In Blue (180 Gram Vinyl)
18. Z.Z. Hill~The Brand New Z.Z. Hill/Blues At The Opera

Go For It!

Pop Goes The Reggae!!!

I don’t know what brings me to my local Salvation Army store. I feel so sorry for those old people who volunteer and know nothing about collectables. I was told some kid was moving, and made a hasty decision to not tote all his vinyl records. This guy had about 150 killer reggae records. They normally sell vinyl albums for $1.00 each. The old man gave me all three huge stacks for $30.00. I felt so bad I bought him a coffee and large doughnut. He was thrilled.
Only in California could this happen.
Here are 90 titles of the best stuff from this GOLDMINE:
(some titles I already even had, but these were immaculately clean)

2 BUNNY WAILER~Blackheart Man
3 COUNTRYMAN (film soundtrack)
4 BLACK UHURU~(1980 self-titled on Virgin UK)
5 REGGAE SPECTACULAR~1976 A&M 2 LP Set w/ Jimmy Cliff
6 AUGUSTUS PABLO~East Of The River Nile
7 JUNIOR MURVIN~Police & Thieves
8 BLACK UHURU~Black Sounds Of Freedom
9 LEE “Scratch” PERRY~Roast Fish, Collie Weed & Corn Bread
10 JOHN HOLT~1000 Volts Of Holt (covers LP #1)
11 JOHN HOLT~2000 Volts Of Holt (covers LP #2)
12 JOHN HOLT~3000 Volts Of Holt (covers LP #3)
13 AUGUSTUS PABLO~King Tubby Meets The Rockers Uptown
14 BLACK UHURU~Love Crisis
15 PETER TOSH~The Toughest: The Collection (Capitol/Parlophone, U.S.A.)
16 ROCKERS (film soundtrack)
18 DESMOND DEKKER & THE ACES~Isrealites (1968, Uni Stereo, U.S.A.)
19 THE HEPTONES~Night Food (Island U.S.A., Black Label)
20 JUDY MOWATT~Black Woman (
the best reggae LP by a female…EVER!)
21 JUDY MOWATT~Only A Woman
22 JUDY MOWATT~Love Is Overdue
23 CLUB PARADISE (film soundtrack)
24 MAX ROMEO~Open The Iron Gate (Liberty Records U.S.A. compilation)
25 LEE “Scratch” PERRY~Judgement In A Babylon b/w One Drop, UK 12″
26 JACOB MILLER~Dread, Dread (Liberty Records U.S.A. compilation)
27 MAX ROMEO (feat. Keith Richards)~Holding Out My Love To You
28 RAIDERS OF THE LOST DUB (Sly & Robbie Dubs LP)
29 JACOB MILLER~I’m Just A Dread
30 GREGORY ISAACS~Private Beach Party
31 IDENTITY~self-titled
32 IDENTITY~All In One
33 BUNNY WAILER~Liberation
34 INNER CIRCLE~Blame It On The Sun (Trojan, 1975 w/ Jacob Miller)
35 MAX ROMEO~The Many Moods Of Max Romeo (UK pressing of early ska)
36 SLY & ROBBIE~Blackwood Dub
37 LEE PERRY & THE UPSETTERS~Kung Fu Meets The Upsetter
39 JACOB MILLER~Greatest Hits (R.A.S. Records)
40 CHANNEL ONE~Well Charged (compilation)
41 YELLOWMAN~Mister Yellowman
42 YELLOWMAN & FATHEAD~Bad Boy Skanking
43 FRONT LINE III~(Virgin Records UK compilation)
44 REGGAE REWIND~The Singers Part Two
46 BUNNY WAILER~Bunny Wailer Sings The Wailers
47 BIG YOUTH~Everybody Skank! The Best Of Big Youth (Trojan, UK)
48 JUNIOR MURVIN~ Muggers In The Street
49 MANGO’S CALYPSO SEASON (compilation)
50 ARROW~Knock Dem Dead
51 BURNING SPEAR~Resistance
52 THE MIGHTY DIAMONDS~Vital Selections (UK, Virgin)
53 LEE “Scratch” PERRY~From The Secret Labratory
54 SUGAR MINOTT~Ghetto-Ology
55 MIKEY DREAD~Dread At The Controls
58 JOHN HOLT~Peacemaker
59 REGGAE SUNSPLASH ’81~A Tribute To Bob Marley (2 LP, film soundtrack)
(Ed. Note: There have been dozens of Susplash LP’s. Nothing even comes close to the quality & importance of this original 2 LP set on Elektra Records).
61 YELLOWMAN~One In A Million
62 YELLOWMAN~Them A Mad Over Me
63 GREGORY ISAACS~One Man Against The World: The Best Of Gregory Isaacs
64 DENNIS ALCAPONE~Guns Don’t Argue (Trojan, UK)
65 SUGAR MINOTT~Sufferer’s Choice
66 MANGO REGGAE GREATS~Jacob Miller and Inner Circle
67 MANGO REGGAE GREATS~Strictly For Rockers
68 BAD MANNERS~Gosh It’s….Bad Manners! (UK)
69 BAD MANNERS~Can, Can (a singles compliation, UK)
70 JIMMY CLIFF~The Harder They Come (film soundtrack)
71 CULTURE~Two Sevens Clash
73 BLACK UHURU~Postitive
74 THE TWINKLE BROTHERS~Praise Jah (Virgin, UK)
75 ASWAD~New Chapter (CBS, UK)
76 SMOKE THAT HERB: The 2nd Pound (compilation)
77 CULTURE~Nuff Crisis!
78 SUFFERER’S CHIOCE (UK, compilation)
80 INNER CIRCLE~Black Roses
81 INNER CIRCLE~Identified
82 THE TWINKLE BROTHERS~Crucial Cuts (Virgin, UK, compilation)
83 SKANKIN’ ROUND THE WORLD (UK, compilation)
84 EEK-A-MOUSE~Skidip!
87 TIPPA IRIE~Is It Really Happening To Me? (UK)
88 THIRD WORLD~You’ve Got The Power (UK, Picture Disc)
89 THIRD WORLD`Rock the World! (UK, Picture Disc)


Nick Lowe, Dave Edmunds, and Graham Parker!

Let’s get one thing straight:
These three English musicians are classified under ‘pub rock’, or in the case of Nick Lowe who has been called ‘powerpop.’
Anyone who believes this can just stick it up their ‘pub.’
THIS IS PURE ROCK ‘N’ ROLL. I think Graham Parker said it best, “By the time we got to “Squeezing Out Sparks” (1979), we were doing something completely different. Something only an idiot would call pub rock.”

It didn’t matter if Nick sounded punk or country. It didn’t matter if Dave was into 60’s country or Chuck Berry. It didn’t matter if Graham Parker was influenced by Bob Dylan, reggae or soul music. The end result was always just rock ‘n’ roll. Another funny thing is that these three guys (at least in their early years) didn’t even dress like rock ‘n’ rollers (maybe Graham with his cool shades?) One thing they all had in common is what I like to call the Stiff Style. Let me explain. Stiff Records (thank God) gave a home to musicians that no other label would absolutely ever touch. Everybody on that label was a musical misfit. A picture is worth a thousand words. Look at that cover of the LIVE STIFFS album. It is a picture of Larry Wallis, Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe, Wreckless Eric, and Ian Dury. The only one who looks like a real rocker is Larry Wallis. All the others did not look like rockers. But, boy could they drink ‘n’ roll. Wreckless Eric looked to me like Ralph Malph from the “Happy Days” T.V. show!
That was the beauty of Stiff…they just DID NOT give a ****. Having said all this, it was Elvis Costello who became the biggest act who ever recorded for Stiff.

OK, here are some facts ‘n’ picks:

His best LP would be 1978’s Jesus Of Cool. It was titled Pure Pop For Now People in the U.S.A. It had a slightly altered front cover, completely different rear cover and slightly different track list than the UK one. Usually, the UK version blows away the U.S.A. version. NOT IN THIS CASE. The U.S.A. one flows much better. This (to me) can also be called a ’77 classic punk album. Actually, a record company called YepRoc reissued this album as a 2 LP set in 2008. It included both versions and ALL the B-sides and some extra punky tracks. It even has all the original artwork for both versions. It sounds better than ever and comes on 180 gram vinyl.
(Ed. Note: In May of 2012, there was even a very limited repress on Red/Yellow vinyl with a FREE download card. It’s  ‘sold out’ already)

2) DAVE EDMUNDS~(Love Sculpture/Rockpile)
This guy didn’t do too many bad records (or productions for that matter). Things really started to get weird around 1983 after he released the Information LP. Everything before that; he could do no wrong. Information does have a few killer tracks, but it had some overproduction on it (and synths~yik!). As far as I’m concerned, his best stuff was probably the 4 records he did in a row for Led Zeppelin’s “Swan Song” label from 1977-1981. They are:
1) Get It (1977)
2 Tracks On Wax 4 (1978)
3) Repeat When Necessary (1979)
4) Twingin’ (1981)
My favorite is 1977’s Get It and 1979’s Repeat When Necessary (his best selling for Swan)?
I have a friend who swears by Dave’s country-ish LP called D.E.7 (his first for Arista).
I’ll tell you man, “Get It” is the best record he ever, ever did.

This guy is very talented, but to be truthful…he only had 3 killer  albums. They are:
1) Squeezing Out Sparks 1979 (RIGHTFULLY CONSIDERED HIS GOD)
2) Howlin’ Wind (June 1976)
3) Heat Treatment (October 1976)
I tend to like Howlin’ Wind better because it has (what I would call) his best ever song: “Don’t Ask Me Questions” with Brinsley Schwarz playing killer lead guitar. Also on that LP was the punky rockin’ out “Back To Schooldays”. I think in America, Heat Treatment pretty much got him recognized with some airplay? Incidentally, Brinsley Schwarz was home to one of Nick Lowe’s first professional bands. He sang lead and played bass for them. Pick up their Greatest Hits LP/CD if you ever see it? It is kind of sad that Graham never did anymore classic albums and no one has reissued any of them because (I reckon) there just isn’t the interest? He is a real talented songwriter though, and I’ll tell you: there are at least 3 or 4 killers songs on every LP he’s done. His last (I believe) radio airplay hit was 1985’s “Break Them Down” from his only album on Elektra Records…Steady Nerves. I think it is safe to say that Elektra Records dropped him from the roster? If you were smart, you would order the Rhino Records remastered 2CD Anthology called “Passion Is No Ordinary Word”. The sound is absolutely killer and all the killer songs are here. God only knows how much eBay is charging for that Australian LIVE. E.P. called, The Pink Parker? It came on a SOLID HOT PINK COLOR back in 1978? Another weird thing is that his U.K. label (Vertigo) actually issued three different greatest hits albums in 6 years (which I have thankfully collected, somehow?) Starting in 1979, there was High Times. In 1980 there was one called The Best Of Graham Parker & The Rumour. Then in 1984, there was one called It Don’t Mean A Thing If You Ain’t Got That Swing. The dumb thing is that they all had pretty much the obvious songs on them, and all three were only slightly different to each other. And now, you can’t find any of his cool records the way you used to be able to, it seems? The misfortune of Graham Parker is that he had Mercury Poisoning and could never be on STIFF for very long. I’m sure he would be more of a legend if he was part of that LIVE STIFFS tour? He will always be a STIFF in my mind. In fact, I think all three of these guys are more punk than many punks…if that means anything?

Let’s get back to Nick Lowe here for a second. Yes, he was the punkest of these three guys…not forgetting two things:
1) He produced the 1st punk album ever issued (Damned Damned Damned by The Damned, 1977)
2) His lyrics included, “she was a winner…who became a doggie’s dinner; she didn’t mean that much to me”. Nick had his biggest AM pop chart hit in the U.S.A. in 1979 with Cruel To Be Kind. The LP that it is on (Labour Of Lust) is another solid rock ‘n’ roll album. Then he got together with Dave Edmunds and did the absolutely fantastic Seconds Of Pleasure album under the name Rockpile. Then there were a couple of other good albums and then 2 very country things which were still quite good.

Here is your tip-of-the-day:
Nick did an LP for Reprise in 1990 called “Party Of One”. It has Dave Edmunds playing all over it and is the closest he has ever gotten to the feel of 1978’s Jesus Of Cool”. IT ROCKS! Just pure good ole rock ‘n’ roll played in different styles with Dave Edmunds having a ball and being the guitar hero.
Even Nick’s last 3 LP’s have been critically acclaimed. Catch him playing live at your favorite California Winery NOW?

Sample some of this…..Rock ‘N’ Roll……and love your vinyl!

Friday Music Reissues: Will Anyone Buy These Common Titles?

Here is (yet another) Top 10 list of vinyl LP’s you’ll find in great condition at any flea market for a buck for the most part? And these are the original pressings found for the cheap price.

It pains me to diss Friday Music, because they do reissue some KILLER TITLES.
(Ed. Note: Solomon Burke, Muddy Waters & the Etta James were ‘the bomb’, man)

But Friday Music has gone nuts. WHY OH WHY OH WHY don’t they do these on colored!!!!! ?????
Can’t they get the clue? All 3 of their Monkees colored vinyls SOLD OUT in 1 week.
Each of these titles is on 180 gram boring black and costs around $27.00…RIP OFF CITY!!

1 The Byrds~Greatest Hits (even easily found still sealed)
2 Jim Croce~You Don’t Mess Around With Jim (a nutso choice)
3 Paul Revere & The Raiders~Greatest Hits (too bad it’s in the common Stereo format)
4 Deep Purple~Stormbringer (almost their worst…Lady Double Dealer saves this LP?)
5 Joe Cocker~Sheffield Steel (God Bless Sly & Robbie…but even they couldn’t save it)
6 Chicago~Chicago V (OK, OK, this ranks as one of their 5 best…but easily found sealed)
7 The Grateful Dead~Skulls & Roses (2LP’s) not too bad for $40.00 new. Usually whipped)
8 Cyndi Lauper~She’s So Unusual (easily found clean…but you never see the PicDisc)
9 Cyndi Lauper~True Colors (even though it sold as much as the first…it’s not as fun)
10 Elvis Costello~Almost Blue (I love this album…but it’s absolutely not for everyone)

Green Day's "dookie" GREEN VINYL" reissue sells out in 1 day!

You can say what you want about Hot Topic and all the expensive, overpriced garbage quality clothing they sell. They KICK BUTT on really cool vinyl reissues. This one was no exception:


This thing sold out in about a day. There were only 1000 made for Hot Topic and if you think kids have no money, or that cool looking limited colored vinyl isn’t the HOTTEST thing in the world at this moment…YOU LOSE!
By the way, I can confirm these two things:
1) This DOES NOT  use the rare back cover with the ‘Sesame Street’ puppet toy shown in the crowd. When the album broke big, this was quickly removed after the 1st pressing; pending a threatening lawsuit from the ‘Sesame Street’ creators.
2) This reissue DOES include the original lyric/photo insert with Billie Joe holding up his lit spliff to a cameraman; hence where the Green Day name came from.

I really got nervous because HT didn’t send me a confirmation number. I called and they gave me a tracking number and it is 12 miles from my HT store and will be delivered tomorrow.

I’m so sorry for all the kids who didn’t jump on this. I had a crazy feeling inside and called my boss and told him I’ll be 30 minutes late so I could get down to my HT kiosk and order the mutha.

All the frenzied panic?? Well worth it!
Do I really have to remind everyone the importance of this album and it’s place in history?