Back On Black Records: Is The Well Running Dry?

Well, it sure looks like Back On Black records out of the U.K. are hitting a kind-of dry spell? Maybe I’m wrong and there just isn’t anything in the classic hard rock category to reissue because they’ve done the lot? No company ever had the guts to put out all the killer hard rock that Back On Black have done over the years. YOU ABSOLUTELY CANNOT TAKE THAT FROM THEM. Nobody, but nobody ever did it better than them.

OK, here’s a list of what has come out since like April; and some that will be coming out in the summer of 2012. It seems like a fairly weak list in my opinion. Again, it’s The Good, The Bad & The downright Ugly:
(Ed. Note: I’ve included the color of vinyl if known)

The Good:
1 Queensryche~Operation: Mindcrime (2 LP’s RED VINYL)
2 Accept~Balls To The Wall (WHITE VINYL)
3 Accept~Metal Heart (BLUE VINYL)
4 Krokus~Metal Renez-Vous
5 Krokus~Hardware
6 Krokus~Headhunter

The Bad:
7 Motörhead~1916 (CLEAR VINYL)
8 Motörhead~March Ör Die (WHITE VINYL)
9 Suicidal Tendencies~How Will I Laugh Tomorrow…? (BLUE VINYL)
10 Accept~Kabuki Ban (LIVE Mini LP)
11 Krokus~Alive And Screamin’

The Ugly:
12 Accept~Russian Roulette
13 Krokus~The Blitz
14 Krokus~Change Of Address
15 Krokus~1st Lp (Switzerland)
16 Krokus~2nd LP Painkiller aka Pay It In Metal

Alright, here is what I think:
The Good =
Queensryche’s Operation: Mindcrime is an absolute classic…metal or otherwise.

Accept~Metal Heart was a peak LP for them. Everything went pretty much downhill sales wise for them after this.

Krokus~ Metal Rendez-Vous, Hardware & Headhunter are probably the best Krokus albums ever? It is a sin that they are not reissuing the other classic Krokus LP titled One Vice At A Time. Are they crazy? These would be the ‘mighty four’ by Krokus.

The Bad:
Motörhead~1916 and March Ör Die. Let’s face it; anything after 1980’s “Ace Of Spades” album is when Motörhead started to lose the real raw edge. “Iron Fist” was a huge mis-step if you compare it to their best album released only a year before. In fairness, it really had nothing to do with Lemmy moving to Los Angeles, California. Things just change, man. Having said that, I appreciate these two albums a lot more now than when they first came out. 1916 is the better one and I really like it now. It gets worse though, because anything after 1996’s “Overnight Sensation” is barely Motörhead in my opinion.

Suicidal Tendencies~How Will I Laugh? Look, it may have only cost them $1,200.00  to record their 1st LP for Frontier Records in 1982, but there was all magic on that thing. They were never, ever able to recapture that.  This is a pretty redundant album as a whole. It really doesn’t improve with age, either…Mom, all I want is ONE PEPSI…NO, I’M NOT ON DRUGS, MOM.

Accept~Russian Roulette & Kabuki Ban. This was the beginning of the end for Udo. He left the band after the dismal sales of Russian Roulette. There were about 3 or 4 very good songs though. The songwriting was not up to par. The live mini LP was just a substandard live piece. The only good thing was the killer choices of older song titles. Nevertheless, the studio versions were way better.
The Ugly:
Krokus~Alive, Change Of Address, The Blitz, early stuff. Each album seemed to get weaker and the live album is probably the best of this lot, but not essential. The early stuff was weak with a pretty bad singer. The Blitz is better than Change Of Address but these are both pretty much 2 star records. Both of these LP’s had lead-off singles that were cover songs that didn’t really match the originals, but I’m sure they were fun to play. Hence, they ran out of ideas and went too pop. If you take these with a grain of salt, you may be able to stomach these?

Please sample these titles first.
These titles need to be cherry-picked for sure.
I won’t buy them unless I get an Amazon 3rd party price that is ridiculously cheap…with the exception of a couple of these.
ROCK ON…if you can?


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