Sundazed Music Update: Summer Releases 2012!

Well, to start with, here is what is available on the market to you right now:
1 The Ventures~The Ventures On Stage (180 GRAM CLEAR RED VINYL, Stereo)
2 The Ventures~Wild Things (180 GRAM CLEAR GOLD VINYL, Stereo)
3 The Ventures~Super Psychedelics (180 GRAM CLEAR BLUE VINYL, Stereo)
4 The Ventures~Hawaii Five-O (180 GRAM CLEAR TRANSPARENT VINYL, Stereo)
5 ***The Ventures Play The Batman Theme has been WITHDRAWN***
6 Jimmy Bryant~The Fastest Guitar In The Country (Stereo)
7 The Five Americans~I See The Light (180 GRAM, MONO) ***coming very soon***
(Ed. Note: As far as the samples I’ve heard; I would say the Jimmy Bryant is better than all four of these Ventures titles put together. There are some killer Ventures songs, but very weak as a whole. We therefore, have decided not to carry any of these titles at this time. Sundazed could have done better, earlier choices instead of this very mediocre stuff).

Sundazed coming soon (July 31):
1 The Ronettes~Presenting The Fabulous Ronettes featuring Veronica (180 GRAM, MONO)
2 The Crystals~Twist Uptown (180 GRAM, MONO)
3 The Crystals~He’s A Rebel (180 GRAM, MONO)
4 Bob B. Soxx and the Blue Jeans~Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah (180 GRAM MONO)

Sundazed coming soon: (August 28):
1 Jimi Hendrix~7″ Single w/ nice picture sleeve
A Side = Come On (Let The Good Times Roll) B Side = Calling The Devil’s Children
2 The Isley Brothers~Twist And Shout (180 Gram Stereo)
3 The Knickerbockers~Lies (180 Gram Mono)
4 The Knickerbockers~Jerk And Twine Time (180 Gram Mono)

Sundazed also has acquired 2 more titles from Syd Nathan’s legendary KING RECORDS.

Eh! Ahem! If you are unfamiliar with KING RECORDS, maybe you’ve heard of JAMES BROWN?
Here are the two upcoming titles:

1) John Lee Hooker~John Lee Hooker Sings Blues will be on 180 GRAM, MONO
2) Albert King~The Big Blues will also be on 180 GRAM, MONO

These 2 KING titles follow 2 other KING titles from about two years ago. They are:
1) Freddy King~Let’s Hide Away And Dance with Freddy King
2) Freddy King~Freddy King Gives You A Bonanza Of Instrumentals
(Ed. Note: These were 2 instrumental albums by Freddy; but why didn’t they do “Freddy King Goes Surfin’?)

Well, I sure can’t wait to hear those two rare LP’s by these two legendary blues artists. I didn’t even know they ever recorded for KING. Hence, I would assume that these are NOT essential LP’s?
But……very, very interesting!!
That is pretty much the summer releases from Sundazed.
Hopefully, they will do some more colored vinyl surf stuff in between? (hint, hint)

Sundazed has granted my wish with these cool, cool surf & oldies colored vinyl titles in a limited run of 100 pieces each:
1 The Brogues 7″ 4 track E.P. on OCEAN MISTY CLEAR w/ BLUE TINT VINYL (includes their classic “I Ain’t No Miracle Worker”)
2 Jerry Cole & His Spacemen~Surf Age LP on 180 GRAM CLEAR SPACE COLORED VINYL
3 Dick Dale & His Del-Tones~Surfer’s Choice on 180 GRAM OCEAN BLUE VINYL
4 The Guess Who~Shakin’ All Over Early Years Anthology 2 LP’s on 180 GRAM LIME GREEN VINYL
5 Johnny Cash~Johnny Cash Live At Town Hall Party 1958 on 180 GRAM GOLD VINYL
6 Johnny Cash~Original Sun Singles 2 LP’s on 180 GRAM GOLD VINYL
7 Eddie Cochran~Eddie Cochran Live At Town Hall Party 1957 on CLEAR RED VINYL
8 The Pretty Things~The Singles 1964-1968 2LP’s on 180 GRAM GOLD VINYL 

I’d call it a “Lucky Seven”…but there are Eight! Pay it no mind…get these mutha’s before they are gone!!!



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