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2 more Jefferson Airplanes fly in to…at a killer price!

Just received today!

2 more classic titles by The Jefferfson Airplane reissued in killer remastered super duper stereo sound courtesy of Sundazed Music.
That isn’t even the best part. The best part is that we are selling these for $16.98 each. That is $2.00 LESS than the list price; and $7.00 less than most retailers.
Well, the titles are:
1) Crown Of Creation 1968
2) Volunteers 1969

I just can’t tell you which was really the better album? I know that all my old hippie friends seem to favor “Volunteers.” It has (to me also) the much better version of  “Wooden Ships” also done by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. The song was wrtitten by David Crosby as well as Paul Kantner by the way. Volunteers also had the title track, Jorma’s fantastic guitar slices on “Good Shepherd” and Paul’s “We Can Be Together.”

Crown Of Creation actually got higher in the LP charts and included 2 songs brought in and sung by Grace Slick (“Lather” & “Greasy Heart”) as well as the classic “House At Pooneil Corners.” Another gem is the David Crosby penned “Triad.”

If you guys are like me, then your original vinyl copies are beat-to-heck? This is your chance to get better sounding new ones for a song.

Happy Easter: A choice list of 'Colored Eggs' for your basket…

All these titles are now for sale here on our website:

1. The Amboy Dukes~Journey To The Center Of The Mind = RED
2.  Black Sabbath~1st LP = RED
3. James Brown~Live At The Apollo = RED
4. Captain Beefheart~Trout Mask Replica (2LP) = RED
5. Alice Cooper Band~Love it To Death = RED
6. Cymande~1st LP = BLUE
7. The Electric Prunes~I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night = PURPLE
8. The Exploited~Punk’s Not Dead = RED
9. The Exploited~Troops Of Tomorrow = GREY
10. Aretha Franklin~Young, Gifted & Black = RED
11. Marvin Gaye~What’s Going On = BEIGE
12. The J.B.’s~Doing It To Death = PURPLE
13. The J.B.’s~Food For Thought/Pass The Peas = PURPLE
14. The Jam~In The City = RED
15. Roland Kirk~The Inflated Tear = RED (?)
16. The Lovin’ Spoonful~Hums Of The Lovin’ Spoonful 180 GRAM = YELLOW MARBLED
17. Jayne Mansfield~Jayne Mansfield In Las Vegas = PINK
18. Curtis Mayfield~Curtis = RED
19. Curtis Mayfield~Super Fly = RED
20. Curtis Mayfield~Curtis/Live (2LP) = RED (?)
21. Curtis Mayfield~Roots = RED
22. The Meters~Cabbage Alley = GREEN
23. The Meters~Cissy Strut = GOLD
24. The Meters~Fire On The Bayou = RED
25. The Meters~ Rejuvenation = RED
26. Wilson Pickett~In The Midnight Hour = RED
27. Otis Redding~Pain In My Heart = RED
28. The Remains~A Session With The Remains 180 GRAM = BLUE
29. The Sex Pistols~Sex, Anarchy & Rock ‘N’ Roll Swindle = PINK
30. Sun Ra & His Solar Myth Arkestra~The Solar Myth Approach Volume 1 = BLUE
31. Sun Ra & His Solar Myth Arkestra~The Solar Myth Approach Volume 2 = BLUE
32. The Used~Lies For The Liars = PINK
33. Gary Usher~Barefoot Adventure: The 4 Star Sessions (2LP) = GOLD
34. The Velvet Underground & Nico = YELLOW
35. The Velvet Underground~White Light/White Heat = WHITE
36. The Velvet Underground~self-titled 3rd LP = BLUE
37. The Velvet Underground~ Loaded = RED
38. The Ventures~Walk, Don’t Run Vol. 2 180 GRAM = GREEN
39. The Ventures~’Surfing’ 180 GRAM = BLUE
40. The Ventures~The Ventures Play Telstar/The Lonely Bull 180 GRAM = GOLD
41. The Ventures~Ventures In Space 180 GRAM = TRANSPARENT CLEAR
42. The Ventures~The Fabulous Ventures 180 GRAM = RED
43. The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band~Part One = RED
44. The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band~Vol. 2 (Breaking Through) = RED
45. The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band~ Vol. 3 (A Child’s Guide To Good & Evil) = RED
46. Stevie Wonder~Innervisions = RED

Happy Hunting!
Hope you find all the eggs!

Sundazed Music: Blue Skies Again!

Finally, on Sundazed’s website homepage…there are new releases that define what Sundazed has always been about.

A classic lost Bob Dylan cover by The Hendrix Experience with a great looking picture sleeve that uses the gold Reprise/Warner mimic label. There is a rip-snortin’ Hot Rod/Garage compilation in KILLER KLEAN Stereo sound. There are also a couple of lost surf 7″ singles being released.

This stuff may not sell, but this is the bomb; what Sundazed is famous for. I’m excited. They are also putting out a 180 gram GOLD VINYL re-pressing of the 1st Sir Douglas Quintet LP; actually titled The Best Of The Sir Douglas Quintet that was originally brought out on Tribe Records circa 1966?

Go Sundazed!
I’ve sure-as-heck pre-ordered all mine. Check out that sample of that Hendrix single~I WILL PLAY THAT SINGLE UNTIL THERE ARE NO GROOVES LEFT!
Here is the stuff:

1) Jimi Hendrix Experience~Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window? b/w Burning Of The Midnight Lamp.
2) Various Artists~ Hallmark Guitars presents: The Kustom Kings (Limited Edition pressing of 1000 on 180 gram GOLD VINYL.)
3) Los Straitjackets 7″ surf single (2 instrumental tracks)
4) Bob Irwin 7″ surf single (2 instrumental tracks)
5) The Sir Douglas Quintet~The Best Of The Sir Douglas Quintet 180 gram GOLD VINYL in Mono.

Sons Of The Beatles Forming A Band? Say It Ain't So, Joe?

It’s right there on today’s Yahoo breaking news.
The Beatles son’s are discussing forming a band.

It must be for the money?

The players are:
1) James McCartney
2) Zak Starkey
3) Dhani Harrison
4) Sean Lennon

As much as they look like their fathers, there is NO WAY they can ever match the talent and spirit of The Beatles as a whole.
Julian Lennon came damn close and it STILL goes in the bargain bins as a complete failure.
The only thing I can see is that James would do the McCartney ballad pop opera stuff, Sean would do the rock ‘n roll and peace & weird lyrical stuff like John did. Dhani would the the Indian raga and earth day stuff with hard lead guitar. And Zak will just keep doing what he is doing real well right now; playing with a visible Keith Moon halo over his head.

Not to diss these people, but it WILL be a struggle.
My thought is that they should just do fun stuff. Maybe covers or even better just do 1977 punk covers. Even I would check that one out if it was on splattered multi-color vinyl. Better to totally move away from anything resembling The Beatles? Good question.
But the public wouldn’t buy it.

Maybe all they need is LOVE? (and money)

In closing, all I can say is I WISH YOU WELL!