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YOU CAN NOW ORDER ALL 5 "Colored Vinyl" 180 Gram Stereo Remastered Vinyl LP's by The Ventures…

…and we are selling them for $21.98 per album.

That’s $6.00 less than the 3 stores I’ve seen them at for $27.99.

There are 3 of each title left…so GO FOR IT BEFORE THEY ARE GONE!
You can view my other posts on the community for in-depth descriptions of all these titles. I played my copies the day I got them, and I suppose all I have to say is
….The Sudazed Treatment!!!!!!!!!  True Stereo never sounded truer.
The band that spawned a million young boys to pick up a guitar??


Finally…some absolute KILLER vinyl titles out there!

Happy March Everyone!

There are 3 good things about March 2012:
1) St. Patrick’s Day is on a Saturday (hope I spelt Guinness correct?)
2) Record Store Day is only 50 days away.
3) There is finally some essential vinyl being released
(and I’m thinkin’ Record Store Day will never match some of the below titles?)

Pink Floyd’s The Wall for $65.00?
Wish You Were Here for $35.00?
Some Girls for $44.00?
They can shove it. Here is the cool stuff:

Let’s start with a company from the UK called “Music On Vinyl.”
They are putting out some really good anticipated music right now. Here is what I can remember:
1 Rory Gallagher~1st LP on 180 gram (early 1971)
2 Rory Gallagher~Deuce on 180 gram (late 1971)
3 Rory Gallagher~Blueprint on 180 gram (1973)
4 Rory Gallagher~Tattoo on 180 gram (1974)
5 Rory Gallagher~Irish Tour ’74 on 2LP 180 gram (1974)
6 Rory Gallagher~Live In Europe 2LP on 180 gram
7 Rory Gallagher~Notes From San Francisco 2LP on 180 gram
(Ed. Note: Back On Black Rock Classics in the UK earlier released 2 other Rory titles. They are: “BBC Sessions” on Grey 2LP 180 gram vinyl and “Live At Montreaux” on Blue 2LP 180 gram vinyl.)
If you are unfamiliar with Rory Gallagher, here is a nice quote for you from Jimi Hendrix after he played his history-making “Star-Spangled Banner” at Woodstock…
Q: How does it feel to be the world’s best guitar player?
A: I don’t know. Why don’t you ask Rory Gallagher?
Case Closed.

Also from the UK, which you should already know about: the 8 Saxon EXPANDED COLORED VINYL reissues. See my feature post.

Other neat tiltes on “Music For Vinyl”:
The Red Devils~King King, a double LP pressed on 180 gram vinyl
(first 1000 copies on BRIGHT SOLID RED COLORED VINYL.)
These L.A. bar-busters are keeping the blues rock tradition rolling with comparisons to Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, and The Blasters. This LP was recorded live at the “King King” club in Hollywood (hence the title), and was produced by the legendary Rick Rubin. Need I really say more? This is a 20th Anniversary (originally released only on CD in 1992), and the first time ever for vinyl …pick this one up for sure! I’ve got number 141 out of 1000!
This album received *****5 Stars across the board.

The Shocking Blue~Love Buzz on two 10″ 180 gram vinyl records (first 500 copies on BLUE VINYL.)

Golden Earring~From Heaven From Hell on two 10″ 180 gram records (first 500 copies on GOLD VINYL.)

Original Movie Soundtrack~From Dusk Till Dawn on a double 180 gram set. This includes killer tracks from ZZ Top, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimmie Vaughan, The Blasters, Tito Larriva & Tarantula, the list goes on. Very good soundtrack. I’ll just keep my $4.00 CD though.

Social Distortion~self-titled 1990 LP on 180 gram. They only did two albums for EPIC, and they were both very good, but did not really sell at the time. I don’t really know why there is so much interest in them now?

R.E.M.~Songs For A Green World on two 180 gram LP’s (GREEN VINYL IS SOLD OUT!)

OK, let’s move on to some other labels and stuff:
Van Halen~A Different Kind of Truth on 2LP 180 gram vinyl and will cost you $40.00. They are also touring this summer and in all fairness…this album is very good and the closest Van Halen will ever come to a comeback. The vinyl price is a total rip-off.

From our buddies at Secret Stash there is a rare afro-funk album just reissued called Afro Funk~Body Music and I’ll tell you this: if you are into the first Santana album, then you are a fool to pass this by. It is fantastic. There was a limited pressing of 200 copies on CLEAR BLUE with WHITE SMUSH VINYL and a hand silk-screened reverse negative in blue LP cover. These sold out in 24 hours, but you can still get a regular black vinyl.

On to Sundazed Music now. On March 20-26 (?) they are reissuing two albums by The Jefferson Airplane (the last two essential ones) called “Crown Of Creation” and one called “Volunteers.” These will be on regular weight vinyl and in true stereo. Also soon from Sundazed will be a 5 LP box set by The Velvet Underground and it will include:
1 The Velvet Underground & Nico in MONO
2 The Velvet Underground~White Light/White Heat in MONO
3 The Velvet Underground~self-titled 3rd album in stereo
4 The Velvet Underground~”NYC” the 4th Lost Album in stereo
5 Nico~Chelsea Girl in MONO
Do I dare say that Sundazed is indulging in a Moe Tucker compilation? There will be a 2CD or 3LP version. Good Luck on sales of that thing?
Of course you already know about Sundazed’s (available NOW), The Ventures 5 LP’s (first batch of 30+ COLORED VINYL STEREO reissues to come out about every 2 months?) See my feature post.

There is finally a remastered GREEN VINYL reissue of Archers Of Loaf’s sophomore LP (“Vee Vee”, w/ new animated cover art) as well as a BLUE VINYL of their classic 1st LP, “Icky Mettle.”

There is a reissue of the first classic Peaches album titled “The Teaches Of Peaches” on SOLID HOT PINK VINYL to match her solid hot pink hot pants on the cover. This is being put out by Radiohead’s XL Recordings and licensed by Kitty-Yo Records.

There is The Monkees~Greatest Hits original 1969 LP reissued by RhinoVinyl on 180 gram ORANGE VINYL which will ship next week. These sold out in 3 hours RhinoVinyl just told me today…and that was a month before Davy Jones passed away. You think vinyl is making a comeback??? Mine won’t be on eBay for $500.00. It will be on my record player a lot as I remember the always cheerful Davy Jones.

The newest studio album by Xiu Xiu titled “Always” is out on Polyvinyl using a beautiful limited WHITE VINYL. I’m thinkin’ this LP is gonna do what the St. Vincent~Strange Mercy LP did? Sell out all 1st pressing ‘white vinyl’ copies in one week, then be on eBay for hundreds of dollars? This is probably Xiu Xiu’s most commercial album, but it is KILLER. They have arrived with this one and it is selling like hotcakes. Get the WHITE VINYL while you can?

Boston’s own Give Up The Ghost (aka American Nightmare) have reissued three of their LP’s on nice colored vinyl for a couple of different labels.
American Nightmare/Give Up The Ghost~Year One (A Singles Compilation) on 180 gram BLACK w/ 5 INCH BLUE (or WHITE) SPOT VINYL and a download and killer poster.
Give Up The Ghost~Background Music on 180 gram BRIGHT SOLID OPAQUE TURQUOISE GREEN w/ a killer 2-sided poster & download.
Give Up The Ghost~We’re Down Til We’re Underground on 180 gram TRANSPARENT & BRIGHT PINK MARBLED VINYL w/ a killer 2-sided poster & download.
(Ed. Note: This particular title blew me away. It is not just basic hardcore punk. It was a very well thought-out and good sounding LP.)

In the 7″ box sets we have The Cramps: File Under Sacred Music~The Early Singles 1978-1981 featuring 10 singles.
(Ed. Note: See my  ‘feature article’ on this oh-so-essential release)
There is also a repress of The Detroit Cobras: The Early Singles~1995-1997 which has the first 3 singles and 3 extra 7″ E.P.’s of outtakes from those 3 singles.

One that I’m ecstatic to hear about is a repress of Killing Joke’s classic late period album called “Extremities, Dirt, & Various Repressed Emotions” on 180 gram colored vinyl. They are pressing 2000 copies evenly split between these four colors, BLUE, YELLOW, RED & GREEN. You have to hear this to believe it. You neighbors will call the cops if you play it even slightly turned up. This guy, Geordie Walker just does not get enough credit for his original guitar sounds. And I’m glad-to-heck that they successfully sued Nirvana for ABSOLUTELY ripping off their song “Eighties” to use the basic riff for Nirvana’s “Come As You Are.” I like Nirvana, but you ain’t got nuthin’ on KJ!!!

The Rezillos~Can’t Stand The Rezillos 1978 Scottish punk classic is out now on a nice CLEAR RED VINYL.
(Ed. Note: I could write a 10-page article on what this Scottish band and the 2nd incarnation, The Revillos mean to me. This is one of my Top 10 favorite punk albums ever. It doesn’t get any funner than a Rezillos/Revillos album.)

Iron Maiden are doing yet another double live Picture Disc set titled “En Vivo” to come out on April 10th. I’d say Iron Maiden are doing pretty good? They have purchased two Boeing 747 aiplanes to tour around the world. They cost 75 million dollars each and Bruce Dickinson is the pilot. Yes, I’ll buy anything by Iron Maiden. They are one of the NWOBHM to last the longest. My guess is all the years of a drug-free work ethic they incorporate. Up The Irons is all I can say!

The Doors are putting out a double 180 gram LP for RhinoVinyl callled “The L.A. Woman Workshop Sessions” with all rare tracks and totally unreleased song sessions on side four I’m told. RhinoVinyl is usually very accurate with their release dates. This one should hit the stores on March 16, 2012?

Anti-Flag, an up and coming punk band are putting out a new album on March 20. It is called “The General Strike” and only 500 copies will be on 180 gram SOLID  RED w/ WHITE SPLATTER VINYL through Interpunk’s webstore. I beleive that if you get it from the band’s website, the colors are reversed? SOLID WHITE w/ RED SPLATTER VINYL although I think (as usual) the Interpunk one will be the rare one on eBay for hundreds of dollars ie: the limited to 500 pcs. new Blink 182 on HOT PINK VINYL?

We must not forget Get-Hip records, and they have just issued two albums by The Cynics.
The brand new recording is called “Spinning Wheel Motel” and uses the same style ‘spinning wheel’ that was used for the cover of “Led Zeppelin III” if you remember? It also comes on a killer HALF-YELLOW, HALF-ORANGE COLORED VINYL that is absolutely gorgeous. The other Cynics release is an anniversary pressing of their 1st classic album called “Blue Train Station” on remastered 180 gram SOLID BLUE PASTEL MARBLE VINYL using the original Get-Hip blue labels. Other killer things on Get-Hip (but by now totally SOLD OUT?) are a totally remastered and way better true stereo mix reissue of emo-garage classic “Meeting Of Important People.” There were only 100 copies pressed on HALF-HOT PINK, HALF-PURPLE VINYL. This record is really good and they sure as heck improved the sound compared to the original CD. And then we have the 3rd LP by The Subsonics called “Everything Is Falling Apart.” If you are into Lou Reed or The Velvet Underground, then you are a fool to pass this up. This guy looks, acts, talks, writes, plays guitar and sings just like Lou Reed. It’s Lou Reed’s clone…that’s all I can say. Wait to you hear his voice. This was also issued in a limited run (gone now) of 100 copies on 180 gram CLEAR w/ PSYCHEDELIC MICRODOTS VINYL. This title is still available on 180 gram vinyl, albeit in BLACK vinyl now.

The only way to close this article is to say: