15 Classic Jazz LP's on 180 gram remastered WHITE VINYL

That’s right!

The label is called Real Gone Jazz / Music Melon and they are out of the U.K.
I’m 90% sure these are coming from the same guys doing all the Back On Black heavy metal, all the Rock Classics series and the Let Them Eat Vinyl colored vinyl reissues?

OK, here is the deal:
There are 5 sets.
There are 5 artists.
Each set is a triple album without original artwork to save on costs. It is just a tri-fold cover with three white vinyl records.
There is one large 12X12 grey-scale photograph of the artist on the cover and it repeats even larger inside the tri-gatefold.
(Ed. Note: A good comparison of the way these look is the 1st classic triple LP soundtrack of the “Woodstock” festival)

Here are the contents for each LP:
(Ed. Note: If a particular title was available in Stereo, then it is presented here in Stereo. There are 2 or 3 Mono ones. Early Coltrane, Chet & Ahmad?)

Ray Charles:
1) What’d I Say
2) The Genius Of Ray Charles
3) The Genius Hits The Road

John Coltrane:
1) Coltrane (1957, Prestige Records)
2) Blue Train
3) Soultrane

Nina Simone:
1) Jazz As Played In An Exclusive Side Street Cafe
(Ed. Note: This is also better known in the U.S.A. as “Little Girl Blue” and a 5-Star record by Nina)
2) The Amazing Nina Simone
3) Nina Simone At Town Hall

Chet Baker:
1) It Could Happen To You
2) Chet (1959)
3) Chet Baker In Milan

Ahmad Jamal:
1) Count ‘Em 88
2) But Not For Me
3) Jamal At The Penthouse

There you have it.
The bad news is that vinyl records are back BIG TIME!
They only pressed 1000 of each of these sets. I knew Ray Charles, Nina Simone and John Coltrane would fly outta here, but it looks like these are totally SOLD OUT worldwide of all 5 titles? My last one just came yesterday from Austria (Nina Simone), and I pre-ordered all of these in October 2011. You can throw pre-order out the window. These never came as planned and I had to seek them out hard to get all 5 artists.

Good Luck! They do sound awesome though.



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