6 new White Stripes 7" single reissues for $6.99 list

Third Man Records (Jack White’s record company) has just reissued 6 early White Stripes 7 inch singles, and they all retail for $6.99…which it could be worse, really.
They are all available on December 6, 2011. I don’t think we will stock these because we are more album oriented? This is just a friendly notification update of notable new singles.

The sound quality on those early rough singles is pretty raw. You can throw remastered right out the window, baby. What the **** is there to remaster? This is in yer face!
OK, here are the singles:

1) The 1st ever White Stripes single = Let’s Shake Hands b/w Look Me Over Closely
2) The 2nd ever White Stripes single = Lafayette Blues b/w Sugar Never Tasted So Good
3) The lone single off the 1st LP = The Big Three Killed My Baby b/w Red Bowling Ball Ruth
4) The lone single off De Stijl = Hello Operator b/w Jolene
5) Lord, Send Me An Angel b/w You’re Pretty Good Looking For A Girl
6) Merry Christmas From…E.P. = Candy Cane Children/Story Of The Magic/Silent Night

There were (of course) more and The White Stripes cover of Captain Beefheart’s “Party Of Special Things To Do” E.P. was reissued (and SOLD OUT in 10 seconds) earlier this year and came on a tri-colored vinyl (white, red and black) through the Third Man Vault Club.

I have a killer singles collection bootleg LP on split-colored (red/white) LP myself and it includes all these and more, so I’ll suffice with that for sure. But for you readers, it’s another chance to get these singles and I’d say that only 2 of these tracks were on official albums. And let’s not forget those other excellent bootlegs (at least 6) on colored vinyl and picture disc. Those mothers were better than the official albums…sorry Charlie!

What Jack should do is put out an 18 singles box set of each single with alternating RED then WHITE vinyl of every single they ever put out. Maybe it was 20? It would sell, but it would probably¬† be over $150.00….aw that’s nothing. I’ll take one Warner Brothers!


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