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Final December 2011 New Releases: The Good, Bad, & The Ugly

The Good:
The Yardbirds~Glimpses (1963-1968) 5 CD Box Set + a 7″ vinyl single
Very interesting and not a too badly priced thingy. Still, you just don’t get the core material of the Over Under Sideways Down album, or as it was called in England, “Roger The Engineer” with 4 more tracks. No Yardbirds collections I’ve ever, ever seen seems to have much from that album…and this is no different. This box set is pretty darn good though at a total of 152 tracks. It covers early stuff, and gets a huge amount of rarities in there and does get the Jimmy Page era in there all the way up to the Little Games album. There are some inferior takes and some dialogue…but this thing offers a lot of cool BBC and other unheard material. I think it’s gonna be good and at a good price. It lists for $70.00.

The Bad:
Johnny Winter~Second Winter 2LP for $35.00. This is probably his best studio LP ever? Not as easily found clean or as oftenly seen as his other albums, but it can be FOUND. This should go for $19.99, not $35.00

The Jam~The Gift for $35.00. This is pretty easily found as an import too. Maybe $8.00 to $10.00? And that’s with the Tesco’s original shopping bag outer cover. Way too expensive for an albm that received mixed reviews. We have All Mod Cons and even a RED VINYL pressing of In The City (two of their best) for $8.99 here on the website.

INXS~Listen Like Theives for $35.00. I think that INXS are very underrated. They didn’t ever reach the goals that U2 did. I always liked their guitar sound. I used to always see their Atco & Atlantic albums sealed for $4.00 just like The Psychedelic Furs albums. With both of these bands, that isn’t true anymore. People swoop on these. Still, this LP comes in used pretty clean for $3.00 at least 6 times per year? Way overpriced for $35.00

The Ugly:
Gary Wright~The Dream Weaver for $30.00. I just picked up (another) sealed copy for $3.00 for a German DMM (Direct Metal Mastered) from 1982. You think this $30.00 rip-off reissue will sound any better? Hah

SADE~Diamond Life for $35.00. I see this thing everywhere used and mint clean with the static electricity in the inner sleeve because it’s only been taken out of the cover once back in 1986? It goes for $3.00 used clean. There were so many made.

America~History: America’s Greatest Hits for $30.00. Another DMM copy seen a lot from Germany almost never played for $3.00. Tons of these out there.

Joe Jackson~Night And Day for $30.00. Again, this LP flows through used like water. Not always clean, but it is one of his 3 most popular albums. This is another artist I believe will be collectible in the future? Obviously the people reissuing this LP think so too if they are charging $30.00 for it.

Happy shopping and save some money for rent ‘n’ food?

Don’t get me wrong, these are all killer albums. These prices and what they pick to reissue is just ridiculous. There are so many other records that NEED a reissue.

Jefferson Airplane Fans: Are You Ready To Soar?

Groovy Gossip for all you Jefferson Airplane fans.

The Jefferson Airplane is about to spin & soar again with 2 more classic 60’s albums to be reissued by Sundazed Music on vinyl record very soon. The titles are:

1) “Crown Of Creation” on 180 gram HQ vinyl (not sure if it will be Mono or Stereo yet)

2) “Volunteers” on 180 gram HQ vinyl (not sure if it will be Mono or Stereo yet)
(Ed. Note: The “Volunteers” LP sounded killer in Quadrophonic, there were some pressed along with Janis Joplin’s classic “Pearl” album around 1975 when Quad was HOT!)

Hold tight and stay tuned for more info right here soon. It’s about time these classics come out again and there is no need to do any more. “Bark” and most of the others (not counting “Blows Against The Empire”) were not even close in psychedelic standards to those first five albums. Also, all the killer LIVE stuff (notably “Bless It’s Pointed Little Head”) has already been expanded to over an hour of extras on CD’s. Crown and Volunteers on vinyl is what we’ve been waiting with bated breath for. Ah, finally…no scratchy grooves on these.

Oh, YES…we will have these two titles the day they come out for sure…keep on checking.

The Ventures: Every LP on Stereo 180 gram "Translucent Vinyl"

Stop the presses!
Don’t shoot that curl!
Get your foot off that Fuzzrite fuzz box!
I have a very cool announcement from Sundazed Music this morning!
They just couldn’t hold it inside anymore and here is the deal:

Sundazed Music are reissuing virtually every classic album by The Ventures.
These are all on 180 gram Translucent Vinyl and in True Stereo.

They are being pretty hush-hush about the details, but here is what I officially siphoned from them because they are so excited too:

1 They will ALL be in True Stereo
2 There will only be 1000 copies pressed of each title, all on the Translucent Vinyl
3 There WILL be CD counterparts also, which is fantastic
4 They are coming out in batches of 5 titles at a time (per month, I assume?)
5 They WILL NOT be released in chronological order
6 The first batch will be released in February or March of 2012
7 Stereo reissues have never sounded like the originals. Sundazed promises: OH THESE WILL!
8 The first batch will include (my personal favorite) “The Ventures In Space”
9) The second batch will include
a) Wild Things!
b) Guitar Freakout!

10) Sundazed said they might release some Ventures singles too?
(Ed. Note: I’m guessing these would be exclusive for Record Store Day 2012 which is on April 21)
Maybe with all these Ventures reissues, the popularity of the Mosrite “Ventures” series guitars will make a comeback? I sure hope so?

Stay tuned right here for more updates as soon as I get them.
Hang in there Fanz Of Fuzz!

I did not get an official list of all the LP’s to be reissued, but I’m gonna list what I’m sure will be released. Many were retitled and replaced with new cover art as trends and popular themes changed. Here are the official 1st issue titles with their known reissue titles in parentheses:

Sundazed has just announced that they are releasing only the albums with Nokie Edwards for a start (1960-1968.) That means they probably won’t do anything after the LP titled, “The Horse” at this time? Even though, YES, after 1968, LP sales for The Ventures did slow down badly. Having said that, I saw The Ventures LIVE and they performed around 6 songs from the “Underground Fire” & “New Testament” albums; even in the 90’s. Hopefully, these get considered for release by Sundazed? They were for the most part pretty weak albums with about 3 real killer tracks each. But boy were they killer!

Here are 36 Ventures studio albums listed in chronological order up to 1972 for your info. There were also about 20 LIVE albums released.

1 Walk, Don’t Run (titled “Caravan” outside of U.S.A.)
2 The Ventures (also known as “Original Four”)
3 Another Smash!
4 The Colorful Ventures
5 Twist With The Ventures (retitled “Dance With The Ventures” after the twist craze died)
6 Twist Party Volume 2 (retitled “Dance With The Ventures Vol. 2” after the twist craze died)
7 Mashed Potatoes And Gravy (retitled “Ventures Play Rhythm And Soul” after soul hit big)
8 Going To A Ventures Dance Party!
9 The Ventures Play Telstar & The Lonely Bull
10 ‘Surfing’
11 Bobby Vee Meets The Ventures
12 The Ventures Play The Country Classics (later titled “Down Home With The Ventures”)
13 The Ventures In Space (reissued as the “NASA 25th Anniversary Album” on CLEAR VINYL)
14 Let’s Go!
15 The Fabulous Ventures! (later titled  “The Versatile Ventures”)
16 Walk, Don’t Run Volume 2
17 Knock Me Out!
18 Ventures A Go-Go
19 The Ventures Christmas Album (titled “The Ventures In Christmas” outside U.S.A.)
20 Where The Action Is!
21 The Ventures Play The Batman Theme
22 GO! With The Ventures
23 Wild Things!
24 Guitar Freakout!
25 Super Psychedelics
26 $1,000.000 Weekend
27 Flights Of Fantasy
28 The Horse (titled “The Ventures Today! Great R&B Hits” outside U.S.A.)

29 Underground Fire
30 Hawaii Five-0
31 Swamp Rock
32 The Ventures 10th Anniversary Album
33 New Testament
34 The Ventures Play “Shaft”
35 Joy
36 Rock ‘N’ Roll Forever

There were tons of compilation LP’s from all over the world. Here are the best known and top selling U.S.A. titles:

1) Golden Greats By The Ventures (titled “Pipeline” outside the U.S.A.)
2) More Golden Greats By The Ventues
3) Legendary Masters Series (2LP, 1972)
4) The Very Best Of The Ventures (1975, budget pressing)

Notable LIVE records were:
1 In Japan
2 On Stage
3 Live In Japan Volume 2
4 Live…Again!
5 Live Around The World

and some dumb ‘learn to play guitar’ with The Ventures LP’s which I’m sure Sundazed will stay away from?
(Editor’s Note on Sundazed’s idea to reissue these possibly 32 titles: The Batman LP is the only vinyl record I don’t own by The Ventures because I didn’t want to pay $40.00 for it. Everything else I have in Stereo & Mono versions and very clean. If you have clean Stereo copies of the original pressings, there is no need to get these. The hard part is to find them very clean in the mid-west or back east. Here in California where most were pressed, it is easy to find Stereo & Mono versions in immaculate shape for usually $15.00 used. The 180 gram remastered ‘Translucent Vinyl’ is just another reason to buy them all over again, and of course I will. But an original, clean copy will still sound the best…case closed!)


Sublime: Robbin' The Hood on "Maroon Eyeball" Colored Vinyl

Yep, this thing has got to be seen to be believed. Sublime’s “Robbin’ The Hood” is officially the 2nd LP released by Sublime. It came out in 1994 and was preceded by 1992’s “40 Oz. To Freedom” and followed by Sublime’s greatest effort (without question from anyone), the 1996 self-titled 3rd album “Sublime.” “Robbin’ The Hood” actually came out while Bradley Nowell was still alive. Many people think it was a posthumously released LP of out-takes after Brad’s death, but it was an official release that just happened to contain some weaker sounding recordings. Lo-Fi if you will? It was actually the 1996 classic 3rd LP that was issued just after Brad passed on. The original title was to be “Killin’ It.” This of course got changed to a self-tilted LP because of the tragedy.
(Ed. Note: There were 2 ideas to be used for the “Killin’ It” album cover. One was a picture of the band dressed as Chicago gangsters with machine guns, and the other was an animated cartoon of a clown abusing himself with an overindulgence of junk food, beer, pot, all while vegging out in front of a T.V. These photo considerations can both be found on the inner sleeves of the 2009 “Sublime” 2 LP reissue)

Anyways, back to “Robbin’ The Hood.” This is yet another Hot Topic exclusive release. You won’t find it on newly remastered vinyl anywhere else and Geffen/Universal Music are the ‘big shots’ behind this. How does HT do it? Another powerhouse release from Hot Topic. I mean, this thing hasn’t been on vinyl for 17 years. It would be talk-of-the-town news for any music retailer to announce…but Hot Topic gets the vinyl release exclusively. Hmm?
This, by the way, is a 2 RECORD SET…and it lists for a mere $19.99!!!
If you don’t think this puppy will SELL OUT soon, you’re wrong. HT is doing a 50% off promotion right now and you can say goodbye to vinyl copies of The Deftones “White Pony” and The Black Keys’ “El Camino.” THOSE SOLD OUT IN 12 HOURS with that promo going on.
I will fill you in on the Maroon Eyeball colored vinyl gimmick:
The round 12 inch record is made to duplicate a human eyeball. Blink 182 already had the idea for this to mimic a cat’s eye for their “Cheshire Cat” LP. What this LP has done is made the center about 6 inches in diameter on black vinyl (the pupil) and the rest of the outer edge on a maroon with white streaks to make it look like an eyeball. Hence, if you back up 20 feet and look at it, it really looks like an eye. I’m sure this idea was influenced by the artwork for the “40 Oz. To Freedom” album cover, which the focal point is the heavily sedated looking eyes? Designed by Opie Ortiz, he did almost all the artwork for Sublime’s covers as well as Bradley’s upper back “SUBLIME” script tattoo. Even though “Robbin’ The Hood” had the weakest cover art of any of their official albums issued (it is a blurry still from the STP video), and had pretty lousy sound in some areas, it’s importance cannot be underestimated. This thing has “Saw Red” (with a then fairly unknown Gwen Stefani on co-lead vocals), “All You Need”, “STP’, “Greatest Hits”, and “Work That We Do.” A few of these are amongst the best 10 songs Sublime ever did. And at $19.99 for a 2 record set on the coolest colored vinyl ever…how can it not be the best deal in town?

The Birthday Party 'classic' colored vinyl albums are HERE!

Yes, we currently have 4 copies of the 3 reissued albums by The Birthday Party!
See my post from last week for more detailed information.

These sell for $17.99 each and I’ve yet to see them cheaper.
As a brief reminder, they are:

1) The Birthday Party~Prayers On Fire (WHITE VINYL)
2) The Birthday Party~Junk Yard (LAVENDER VINYL)
3) The Birthday Party~Hee-Haw 1988 Full Album Version (FIRE RED/ORANGE VINYL)

Go for it…and Happy Birthday Party!

The Birthday Party: Three Classic LP reissues on 'Colored Vinyl'

Our friends at Drastic Plastic have done it yet again. Just in time for Christmas too baby. They are reissuing 3 classic albums by The Birthday Party. should have these here in stock by December 12, 2011? Here are the descriptions and pay attention, because one is an expanded version to include a very old rare album. By the way, here at, we opted for the much cooler (and much quicker to sell out first) colored vinyl versions. I’m sure a lot of you have heard talk about this band, but could be unfamiliar with them? That could be because, officially, their vinyl has really never been reissued since like 1981-1983? This is the band that the now famous Nick Cave was the frontman and singer for. He later (of course) went on the form Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, did many solo albums and participated in a few other projects with other artists. These early records were described by the press as, “psychedelic tribal post-punk music from Australia.” OK Here are the 3 titles:

(And if these sound even close to The Undertones reissue’s clarity, then these should ROCK, and these Drastic Plastic reissues have painstakingly repeated every detail to make them look exactly like the original UK issues.)

Originally released in 1981. This reissue comes on either 180 gram or WHITE VINYL.

Originally released in 1982. This reissue comes on either 180 gram or LAVENDER VINYL.

Originally released in 1988. This reissue comes on either 180 gram or BURNT ORANGE VINYL.
(Ed. Note: This title “Hee-Haw” was originally released as a 5 track E.P. in 1979. This new vinyl reissue follows the 1988 CD expanded reissue version which also included the complete first Birthday Party album from 1980 and was again titled “Hee-Haw” to add to the confusion. The first album from 1980 actually came out under the band’s original name, The Boys Next Door. Hence then, if you buy all 3 of these albums, you have the complete early studio albums of The Birthday Party (minus a couple of ‘cover song’ singles) on super cool psychedelic colors. Yes, it is a shame that the first singles aren’t here. The Birthday Party’s cover of Nancy Sinatra’s big hit “Boots” would surely be welcome as a bonus track somewhere.)

Check our new release section soon, I will post the news there as soon as we get them. If you want recommendations on these, I would say, “Look, they only had 3 real albums so get them all.” “Prayers On Fire” is the God. Anyone will tell you that. A lot of people actually like “Junk Yard” better. It was actually a year later when Nick really picked things up again for the song “Mutiny In Heaven” and the Mutiny E.P. There are many posthumous albums, but all ‘n’ all, they really only did 3 studio albums and many singles & E.P.’s. The Birthday Party is for an acquired taste to be sure. Not everyone will be able to stomach their bizarre early music with saxophones and such. The one thing it has going for it for me is that it has that old 80’s post-punk sound on these early recordings…a la Theatre Of Hate etc. etc.
No doubt…this is all classic stuff now, and should sell out pretty darn quickly? Mostly because their original vinyl is pretty sought after and very collectable these days. Even though all this has been reissued on colored vinyl from Virgin Records UK in the late 80’s.

6 new White Stripes 7" single reissues for $6.99 list

Third Man Records (Jack White’s record company) has just reissued 6 early White Stripes 7 inch singles, and they all retail for $6.99…which it could be worse, really.
They are all available on December 6, 2011. I don’t think we will stock these because we are more album oriented? This is just a friendly notification update of notable new singles.

The sound quality on those early rough singles is pretty raw. You can throw remastered right out the window, baby. What the **** is there to remaster? This is in yer face!
OK, here are the singles:

1) The 1st ever White Stripes single = Let’s Shake Hands b/w Look Me Over Closely
2) The 2nd ever White Stripes single = Lafayette Blues b/w Sugar Never Tasted So Good
3) The lone single off the 1st LP = The Big Three Killed My Baby b/w Red Bowling Ball Ruth
4) The lone single off De Stijl = Hello Operator b/w Jolene
5) Lord, Send Me An Angel b/w You’re Pretty Good Looking For A Girl
6) Merry Christmas From…E.P. = Candy Cane Children/Story Of The Magic/Silent Night

There were (of course) more and The White Stripes cover of Captain Beefheart’s “Party Of Special Things To Do” E.P. was reissued (and SOLD OUT in 10 seconds) earlier this year and came on a tri-colored vinyl (white, red and black) through the Third Man Vault Club.

I have a killer singles collection bootleg LP on split-colored (red/white) LP myself and it includes all these and more, so I’ll suffice with that for sure. But for you readers, it’s another chance to get these singles and I’d say that only 2 of these tracks were on official albums. And let’s not forget those other excellent bootlegs (at least 6) on colored vinyl and picture disc. Those mothers were better than the official albums…sorry Charlie!

What Jack should do is put out an 18 singles box set of each single with alternating RED then WHITE vinyl of every single they ever put out. Maybe it was 20? It would sell, but it would probably  be over $150.00….aw that’s nothing. I’ll take one Warner Brothers!