Top 20 Sophomore Slump List… and more

This is a list of follow up albums that artistically (and in a rare case, saleswise) did not match up to the debut album’s excitement. For the fun of it, I’ve also added 5 LP’s where the debut album was not the breakthrough, but the sophomore one was.

Have Fun!

Top 20 Sophomore Slump albums:
1 The Pretenders~The Pretenders II
2 The Clash~Give ‘Em Enough Rope
3 The Jimi Hendrix Experience~Axis: Bold As Love (Up From The Skies single bombed at #82)
4 Gary Wright~The Light Of Smiles
5 Men Without Hats~Folk Of The 80’s (Part III)
6 The Cars-Candy-O
7 Dire Straits~Communique
8 Devo~Duty Now For The Future
9 The Jam~This Is The Modern World
10 Joe Jackson~I’m The Man
11 Frankie Goes To Hollywood~Liverpool
12 Toto~Hydra
13 Iron Maiden~Killers
14 The Specials~More Specials
15 Madness~Absolutely
16 The Damned~Music For Pleasure (I asked Scabies to autograph it, and he loogied on it)
17 Van Halen~Van Halen II
18 Guns N’ Roses~Use Your Illusion (the best songs from I & II put together still don’t compare)
19 The Knack~…But The Little Girls Understand
20 John Fogerty~Eye Of The Zombie (this doesn’t really count…but it should)

OK, here are 5 sophomore albums that were groundbreaking:
1 Jefferson Airplane~Surrealistic Pillow (followed Takes Off)
2 Adam & The Ants~Kings Of The Wild Frontier (followed Dirk Wears White Sox)
3 Bachman-Turner Overdrive~BTO II (followed Bachman-Turner Overdrive)
4 The Doobie Brothers~Toulouse Street (followed The Doobie Brothers)
5 Neil Young~Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (followed the Neil Young ‘portrait album’)

And there you have it.
Actually…in reading this list, there are only 2 or 3 titles that I don’t love and listen to a lot…
so there you go.
I think I’ve created a pretty good list though?
If I’ve forgotten anything important, put it in the comments section and watch me cry?



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