Deftones Vinyl Collection 1995-2011…another huge rip-off!

I’ve just gotta laugh. Here in my city it is pouring down rain and I was just about to giddy-up on my restored 1930 Schwinn Black Phantom cruiser to pick up 4 Deftones LP’s they are holding for me down at Hot Topic. They are holding Adrenaline on SOLID PINK VINYL, Around The Fur on SOLID ORANGE VINYL, Diamond Eyes on WHITE VINYL, and The Deftones self titled 2006 on BLACK SMOKEY MARBLE VINYL. Our Hot Topic just does not move vinyl and 3 of these were on CLEARANCE for only $4.98 each. The self titled was $20.99, but with my Hot Topic rewards card, I got it for around $9.00.

Warner Brothers are putting out an 8 LP box set for $199.00. But why not collect the cool COLORED VINYL ones?

The box set has the original 7 LP’s (White Pony is a double record set) all on boring black 180 gram European vinyl.
The titles are:
1) 1995’s Adrenaline
2) 1997’s Around The Fur
3) 2000’s White Pony (2 LP’S)
4) 2003’s The Deftones (self-titled)
5) 2006’s Saturday Night Wrist
6) 2010’s Diamond Eyes
7) 2011’s “Record Store Day 2011 Only” Covers

Because Sound Matters were only offering 1000 units (it includes a lithograph too, big wow.) All copies on and Because Sound Matters are all SOLD OUT now. Sure they are, just watch the prices on eBay. No one is going to play them, they are just going to sell them; a la the Because Sound Matters Metallica Box Sets…now on eBay in colored vinyl for hundreds, from the same seller, hmmm? It’s all about making money, honey.
Go Figure?
I’m on my way in the rain to get my 4 colored vinyl albums for $27.00 total, and they are cooler and won’t sound any different, trust me! And that is what vinyl junkies do, collect, even in the pouring rain. I feel so sorry for the idiots who buy this box set. With shipping and tax it amounts to around $37.50 per album. They can stuff it. $225.00 for a box set.

It may be uncool to love Hot Topic…but I love yuh H.T.!

No matter how you slice and dice it, these old LP’s should be $12.99 each on regular weight black vinyl. $13.00 X 8=$104.00 + $8.00 tax & $5.00 to ship. That’s still $108.00 less than these rip-off artists.


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