Back On Black Records: Heavy Metal Sneak Preview for 2012

Just a little update to let you all know what’s going on with u.k. heavy metal label “Back On Black.”
OK, in about a month, 2 of the 4 Alice Cooper reissues should hit the states.
They are:
1) Brutal Planet~2000 (180 gram YELLOW VINYL gatefold)
2) Dragontown~2001 (180 gram ORANGE VINYL gatefold)

still to come around Thansgiving weekend 2011 are:
3) The Eyes Of Alice Cooper~2003 (180 gram WHITE VINYL gatefold)
4) Dirty Diamonds~2005 (180 gram RED VINYL gatefold)
Also coming in about a month is ZZ Top’s Live In Texas double 180 gram LP and I can now confirm that initial pressings will be on BLUE VINYL.

There are a few titles that are out now (or forthcoming) that I should warn you about, because I hear that these are going to be only BLACK VINYL, but 180 gram.
They are:
Jeff Beck~Live At Ronnie Scott’s.
The Black Crowes~Freak N Roll…Into The Fog (triple live set)
Gary Moore~Close As You Get
Gary Moore~Old New Ballads Blues
Jethro Tull~Nothing Is Easy

OK, now the good news: I have some info about what is being reissued in the new year on the Rock Classics label.
Saxon~Innocense Is No Excuse
Saxon~Rock The Nations
Saxon~Power And The Glory
Saxon~Denim & Leather
Saxon~Strong Arm Of The Law
Saxon~Wheels Of Steel

I am 99% sure that all 7 Saxon titles will be on COLORED VINYL and gatefold. I do not know if they are being expanded to double albums with bonus tracks (a la the UFO albums)?

My recommended Saxon albums are “Wheels Of Steel”, “Strong Arm Of The Law”, “Denim & Leather”, and barely “Power And The Glory.” After that (dare I say commercial)…let’s just politely say they changed.

MARCH 2012:
Accept~Balls To The Wall
Queensryche~Operation Mindcrime (the original 1988 one)
These should all be on COLORED VINYL gatefold as well? And they are all recommended.

Semper Fi!


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