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Attention Punks: Fans Of The Clash & The Exploited…and more

Just Received & Back In Stock at

The Clash~1st LP on 180 gram HQ vinyl (UK Cover and Track list)
The Clash~Give ‘Em Enough Rope on 180 gram HQ vinyl
The Clash~Black Market Clash 10 Inch “Maxi-E.P.” on 180 gram HQ vinyl
The Exploited~Punks Not Dead on a very thick Bright Blood Red vinyl
The Exploited~Troops Of Tomorrow on a very thick Concrete Marbled Grey vinyl, original UK inner sleeve w/ photos

and don’t forget these other punk/goth/ska titles:
Agent Orange~Living In Darkness on very thick Bright Orange vinyl w/ original lyric sheet insert
The Undertones~1st LP (UK Cover) on very thick White vinyl and original UK inner sleeve w/ photos
The Meatmen~War Of The Superbikes on Clear vinyl
The Briggs~Back To Higher Ground on Blue vinyl
Red Lorry/Yellow Lorry~Smashed Hits (Singles Collection) on a very thick Half Red/Half Yellow vinyl
The Toasters~25th Anniversary Singles Collection on 180 HQ vinyl
(Ed. Note: The Toasters are SOLD OUT worldwide now. These are the last 3 or 4 copies and the Agent Orange is down to less than 50 copies worldwide now. HURRY, with our great prices….or you’ll see these on eBay for over $100.00 soon)


Major Labels…they can shove it!

You wanna talk about rip-off prices & terrible choices:
This is a list I received last night asking retail shoppers to pre-order.
The major record labels are insane!

1 Soundtrack~Breakfast At Tiffany’s (Speakers Corner) $35.00

2 The Who~Quadrophenia (2LP, 180 gram) (Geffen) $60.00

3 The Rolling Stones~Some Girls (Universal) $35.00

4 Henry Mancini~The Pink Panther Soundtrack (Speakers Corner) $35.00

5 George Benson~Guitar Man (Domestic) $18.00

6 The Cars~Candy-O (Mofi Silver Label) $30.00

7 Carole King~Carole King Music (Mofi Silver Label) $30.00

8 Stevie Ray Vaughan~In Step (Mofi Silver Label) $30.00

9 Todd Rundgren~Something/Anything (2LP, 180 gram) (RhinoVinyl) $35.00

10 Ray Charles~What’d I Say (180 gram, mono) (Friday Music) $25.00

11 Jimmy Smith~Bashin’ (Speakers Corner) $34.99

12-18 all the ABBA studio LP’s on 180 gram vinyl retail for $20.00 ea. (Polydor)

CUSTOMERS OF VINYL.COM…Can you believe these retail prices?

Even worse, all but maybe 3 of these titles flow through used record stores like water in perfect condition.
I really urge people to spend some time surfing through the catalog for fair price.
It’s like paying the price for a moldy, used copy, but getting a remastered new one.
I am not the owner, I’m a fan and a customer!


Gary Numan: A Tip Of The Hat!

1979 & 1980.
It was actually a very exciting time for the ‘new music.’ Before MTV hyped everything to the gills so that no one had to tour to promote their music; there was a good old fashioned work-the-road-or die attitude. By 1980, there were like 13 different new music trends all happening at the same time…it was real cool and diverse.
Here are some of the styles and leaders of the styles I can remember off hand:

1 Punk (The Ramones)
2 Ska Revival (The Coventry Specials)
3 Powerpop (The Romantics)
4 Rock-A-Billy Revival (Robert Gordon)
5 New Wave (Devo)
6 New Heavy Metal (Motorhead)
7 Industrial (Cabaret Voltiare)
8 Avant Garde (The Residents)
9 Punkpop (The Buzzcocks)
10 New Reggae (Steel Pulse)
11 Pub Rock (Rockpile with Nick Lowe & Dave Edmunds)
12 Mod (The Jam)
13 Synthesizer/Electronic (Gary Numan)

I must tip my hat to Gary Numan for this article. It’s a pity, really. Back in 1980, half of the people thought Gary was the most innovative artist in the new music, and the other half thought he was just a David Bowie rip-off clone. This is unfair, and I’m going to tell you some pretty cool things about Gary. As far as I can see, Gary’s music appealed to music fans in 6 different genres.
1 New Wave (duh!)
2 Punk (Tubeway Army’s 1st LP (a demo), was a ‘punk album’ and Tubeway Army actually never were on anything else, even though Gary used the name on his next 2 LP’s.)
3 AM Pop (in 1979, in the U.S.A. all you heard on the radio and in roller skating rinks was “Cars.”
4 New Romantic (all those bands played synth’s anyways…way after Gary).
5 Goth Music (Gary has a lot of Goth fans, and only an idiot wouldn’t notice that much of his music is nothing less than what is coined Gothic Rock today.)
6 Funk (in the late 80’s, Gary changed it up a bit to include a funky bass, fantastic female singers, and saxophones all brougt up to the front in the mix).

OK, it was 1978, and I purchased a comp LP called “20 Of Another Kind”. It was released by the powerhouse Polydor DeLuxe UK Ltd. and this thing ripped out killer punk rock all the way through. Then, in 1979, they put out Volume 2 which has 2 songs by Numan. Volume 2 matched the first one…not a bad song on it. It was so funny, it went from The Cure, to The Lurkers, to Sham 69 and segued right into this weird classical music. I was actually hearing “Down In The Park” for the first time (still my all-time fave by Numan.) I thought that dumb Polydor goofed up and put the wrong song on a punk comp…but Gary has always (even to this day), been linked with the UK punk scene. But wait, the coolest thing about Gary was that he got a lot of that money he made and put it right back into his stage show for his fans, because they counted the most. Even in 1980, he had a very high budget lighting and stage show with motorized cars and the lot. He still does a pretty expensive stage show.

He also started NUMA Records in around 1984? As I recall, there was some success with singles he produced by other artists as well as him putting out maybe 6 LP’s of his own stuff?

I know that there were other pioneers of the synth:
John Foxx

Gary always stood out for me because of his sound. He worked inside of this sorta small box, and you can instantly recognize it was him. And (duh) he really had the look to match the music he was playing. Good job Gary.

How fitting is it that 3 of his millennium LP’s are being reissued in cool colored vinyl by one of the rip-snortin’ heaviest heavy metal labels in the world? (Let Them Eat Vinyl.)
No surprise to this lad, because I remember when he was on my punk comp.
It just goes to show you……..”Friends Are Electric.”
Thanks Gary for the memories, I tip my hat!

10 Brand New Arrivals at (noteworthy)

1 Nina Simone~Sings The Blues (180 gram on 4 Men With Beards)
2 Nina Simone~Here Comes The Sun (covers album) (180 gram on 4 Men With Beards)
3 Nina Simone~To Love Somebody (180 gram on 4 Men With Beards)
4 Wanda Jackson~There’s A Party Goin’ On (Capitol Stereo reissued & remastered)
5 Wanda Jackson~The Party Ain’t Over (180 gram ‘New LP’ on Jack White’s “Third Man Records”)
6 Wanda Jackson~8 song Live E.P. At Town Hall Party (10″ Burnt Orange Sundazed Vinyl)
7 The Residents~1st classic MEET THE RESIDENTS LP w/ all original recalled artwort
8 Boogie Down Productions (KRS 1)~the classic Criminal Minded BEAUTIFUL PICTURE DISC
9 The 5,6,7,8,’s~1st classic LP reissued (on Jack White’s “Third Man Records”)
10 The 5,6,7,8,’s~Live In Nashville w/ Jack White (on Jack’s “Third Man Records”)

Go For It!

Newsflash: Question Mark & The Mysterians 2 LP's are-a-comin'

These mutha’s are set to finally be released on November 15, 2011.
Each of these list for $24.99 each…but boy has it been worth the 45 year wait.

Here is the press info:

ABKCO Records, in conjunction with Real Gone Music, is proud to present the two albums released by Question Mark & the Mysterians on the Cameo label, pressed on 180-gram vinyl with the original artwork intact! Hailing from Saginaw, Michigan, this group of Mexican-American teenagers will forever be anointed as the garage band’s garage band with all the bonafides collectors of ‘60s cool cherish: the name, derived from a Japanese horror film; the sound, an insistent, three chord beat powered by that unmistakable Vox organ tone; and, of course, the sunglasses-shod Question Mark himself, who claims to have been born on Mars and lived among the dinosaurs in a past life.

Though their signature hit, “96 Tears,” ranks as one of the most recognizable and beloved songs of the ‘60s, their two original albums have never come out on LP in this country since their original release, till now!

This 1967 album didn’t see any chart “action,” but did notch a couple of hits with “Girl (You Captivate Me)” and “Can’t Get Enough of You Baby.” Reissued on 180g vinyl, remastered from the original tape sources by Bob Ludwig and lacquer cutting by Carl Rowatti of TruTone Mastering. Mastered at 45RPM for maximum fidelity.

Question Mark & The Mysterians 96 Tears Track Listing:

1.  I Need Somebody
2.  Stormy Monday
3.  You’re Telling Me Lies
4.  Ten O’Clock
5.  Set Aside
6.  Up Side
7.  8 Teen
8.  Don’t Tease Me
9.  Don’t Break This Heart of Mine
10. Why Me
11. Midnight Hour
12. 96 Tears

Question Mark & The Mysterians Action Track Listing:

1.  Girl (You Captivate Me)
2.  Can’t Get Enough of You Baby
3.  Got To
4.  I’ll Be Back
5.  Shout
6.  Hangin’ on a String
7.  Smokes
8.  It’s Not Easy
9.  Don’t Hold It Against Me
10. Just Like a Rose
11. Do You Feel It

(Ed. Note: Even though these are beyond welcome on the market and there should be no complaints. I can’t help but mention that, well…after 45 years, it should have been a straight up reissue the way these two came out in the mid 60’s. That means it played at 33 RPM’s and used the original ‘burnt orange’ with black stripe ‘Cameo’ logo labels and such. I mean…my 2002 German bootlegs actually match the originals perfect and are DMM (Direct Metal Mastered.) The other thing is that these (as far as I can recall), were never in true stereo. The Cameo-Parkway Records Story Various Artists 4 CD Box Set doesn’t really count, because those were all taken from the mono singles masters).

Attention: Black Sabbath Vinyl Fans:

For the record (no pun intended), we now carry the first 4 classic Ozzy-era Black Sabbath studio albums on high quality vinyl. They are all fantastically remastered and have used full specifications of the original UK “NEMS” records pressings. We sell them for around $11.00-$12.00…sheesh, even I can afford that? You can get them from us on either 180 gram or colored vinyl.

Here are some things I can tell you, so you’ll know what to expect:
All of these reissues sound great, but none of them are gatefold covers. That means no 8 page color photo book inside of  Vol. 4. Also, these reproduce the original NEMS black labels with white text on the actual record….not the WB logo. There is also a major difference on the 1st Black Sabbath album compared to it’s U.S. Warner Brothers counterpart.

Black Sabbath~1st LP (there are differences to the rear cover and this UK styled tracklist has “Evil Woman, Don’t Play Your Games With Me” as the opening track on side 2. The U.S. version starts side 2 with “Wicked World.” Wicked World is not on this album. This is what they did to the first Cream LP  “Fresh Cream” also, ie: substitute another track so that the hit single would stand on it’s own. The vinyl color on Black Sabbath’s 1st LP will be a CLEAR RED VINYL.)

Black Sabbath~Paranoid (other than the NEMS labels, the same as the WB pressing. The color is CLEAR VINYL.)

Black Sabbath~Master Of Reality (other than the NEMS labels and ‘non-embossed’ cover, this is the same as the WB pressing. The color is CLEAR RED VINYL.)

Black Sabbath~Vol. 4 (other than the NEMS labels and no 8 page color photo book, this is the same as the WB pressing. The color is CLEAR VINYL.)

Other Black Sabbath product we have:
Attention: Volume One on a CLEAR BLUE VINYL
Attention: Volume Two on 180 gram vinyl
The 2 LP compilation, “We Sold Our Souls For Rock ‘N’ Roll” (very good starting point)
Dehumanizer (Ronnie James Dio’s vocal comeback with them)

Let’s hope that they soon reissue the other 4 Ozzy era LP’s too?
1 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
2 Sabotage
3 Technical Ecstasy
4 Never Say Die

Technical Ecstasy and Never Say Die…I believe did not go platinum for Warners, so it’ll be hard pressed to see these come out again…especially since many overseas companies have reissued these to only moderate sales.
Our prices ROCK, and the music is timeless…so check these out!

Top 20 Sophomore Slump List… and more

This is a list of follow up albums that artistically (and in a rare case, saleswise) did not match up to the debut album’s excitement. For the fun of it, I’ve also added 5 LP’s where the debut album was not the breakthrough, but the sophomore one was.

Have Fun!

Top 20 Sophomore Slump albums:
1 The Pretenders~The Pretenders II
2 The Clash~Give ‘Em Enough Rope
3 The Jimi Hendrix Experience~Axis: Bold As Love (Up From The Skies single bombed at #82)
4 Gary Wright~The Light Of Smiles
5 Men Without Hats~Folk Of The 80’s (Part III)
6 The Cars-Candy-O
7 Dire Straits~Communique
8 Devo~Duty Now For The Future
9 The Jam~This Is The Modern World
10 Joe Jackson~I’m The Man
11 Frankie Goes To Hollywood~Liverpool
12 Toto~Hydra
13 Iron Maiden~Killers
14 The Specials~More Specials
15 Madness~Absolutely
16 The Damned~Music For Pleasure (I asked Scabies to autograph it, and he loogied on it)
17 Van Halen~Van Halen II
18 Guns N’ Roses~Use Your Illusion (the best songs from I & II put together still don’t compare)
19 The Knack~…But The Little Girls Understand
20 John Fogerty~Eye Of The Zombie (this doesn’t really count…but it should)

OK, here are 5 sophomore albums that were groundbreaking:
1 Jefferson Airplane~Surrealistic Pillow (followed Takes Off)
2 Adam & The Ants~Kings Of The Wild Frontier (followed Dirk Wears White Sox)
3 Bachman-Turner Overdrive~BTO II (followed Bachman-Turner Overdrive)
4 The Doobie Brothers~Toulouse Street (followed The Doobie Brothers)
5 Neil Young~Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (followed the Neil Young ‘portrait album’)

And there you have it.
Actually…in reading this list, there are only 2 or 3 titles that I don’t love and listen to a lot…
so there you go.
I think I’ve created a pretty good list though?
If I’ve forgotten anything important, put it in the comments section and watch me cry?