Sundazed October 2011 Releases: A Scary Month Indeed!

Sundazed has announced it’s October 2011 releases and it is really scaring me.
Only ONE vinyl reissue, but it’s a doosey.

Here are the 6 items for October:
(the first 5 are CD versions of their popular vinyl titles that have never been on CD)

1) The Mamas & The Papas~If You Can Believe You Eyes & Ears (MONO CD)
2) The Strawberry Alarm Clock~Incense And Peppermints (STEREO CD)
3) The Blues Project~Projections (MONO CD)
4) The Druids Of Stonehenge~Creation (STEREO CD)
5) Fever Tree~Fever Tree 1st LP (STEREO CD)
6) Hot Tuna~Hot Tuna 1st 1970 classic LP on High Definition Vinyl (STEREO)

So there you go, I guess I won’t be too let down by only one vinyl title, since it is such a welcome one, and Sundazed DID put out those 4 Gene Clark solo LP’s extremely late in September.

Sundazed (hopefully) will redeem themselves in high style when they finally put out the surf stuff they promised us (due in November.)
Those painfully anticipated 3 Capitol “ratfink” reissues of Mr. Gasser & The Weirdos.

At least these 5 CD’s are killer albums and recommended to say the least.


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