New vinyl releases for the rest of the year… ALL GARBAGE?

You have absolutely got to be kidding me!

This is what is up and coming for the rest of the year on new releases.

The Grateful Dead: The 1st five WB studio albums, now available individually instead of buying the box set. THESE THINGS WERE CHEAPER IN THE BOX SET AND THEY DIDN’T EVEN SELL ANYWAYS! The only thing that ‘sold out’ in 10 seconds was the super duper rare MONO repressing of the 1st LP only available for sale on Record Store Day 2011…for like $40.00.

Also there will be a 3 LP reissue of Grateful Dead’s Europe ’72 live set. $60.00 my friends.
Also there will be an expanded box set of this. I haven’t seen it yet, but I reckon it will list for $169.00?

The Beach Boys are putting together a 2LP set called “Smile” with what would have been the original 1967 cover and withdrawn album. Even though this has come out several times on CD (and a cool BRIGHT SOLID TURQUOISE BLUE vinyl bootleg from the UK), the $23.99 list price is pretty darn fair. I’m sure we will stock it? What is NOT a good idea is to do a $169.00 5CD / 2LP + 7″ vinyl deluxe box set. This stuff came out pretty much as The Pet Sounds Sessions 4 CD Box Set in like 1999?…and really didn’t sell due to the many repeats of tracks. Well guess what? This one has like 80 repeats, if not more? Very unessential listening.

OK, it’s about to get worse. Paul MCartney is releasing his ridiculous “Ocean’s Kingdom” classical movements garbage on double vinyl. Even if it was more like Pink Floyd, I wouldn’t buy this crap. Paul? What are you doing?

And if that’s not enough, they are calling The Beatles MONO CD’s (now available individually), a new release. They didn’t quite sell the expensive box set units they anticipated, and at $24.99 each single CD…well, EMI can just shove it.

Oh yeah, they are also reissuing The Cars’ worst album (Candy-O) on a Half-Speed Master. What a waste of vinyl. Type ‘sophomore slump’ in Wikipedia and I’m sure the famous drawing on the cover of Candy-O will come up.

In case you still can’t find anything; MusicDirect is boasting about how you can finally get those Genesis LP’s individually now too. Wow, they are a whopping $29.99 each. You’ve gotta be jivin’ me? These have been out for 2 years now and they are selling the box sets for a song; which makes these LP’s go for $12.00 each?

Even Rhino can’t offer us anything cool for the first time in our lives. Wow! A reissue of The Monkees ‘head’ soundtrack on 180 gram vinyl. How thrilling eh? No bonus tracks and they even decided to scrap the idea of a CLEAR VINYL ‘500 units only’ pressing which would have made this thing COOL!

The always thrilling Sundazed Music stunk up the joint too with their newest reissues: 6 solo albums by Gene Clark…no McGuinn, no Crosby, you’ve gotta be kidding me. Even David Crosby’s solo albums didn’t move when reissued….now you wanna push Gene Clark on us? Did these even move 5,000 units when first issued in 1969?

Well, I had to dig deep; but here is some good stuff coming out, OK?

1) Secret Stash is putting out some absolutely killer stuff right now. The new one due in about 2 weeks max is a super rare, killer 1971 Latino surf, funk, instro, rockin’ soul album by Los Destellos called Constelacion. These guys were cool and dressed in all bright super shiny purple satin jackets…and man could they play (rocked similar to a Latin version of The Ventures). The first 100 pre-orders are on purple splattered with white gallactic streaks colored vinyl….of which all 100 were SOLD OUT within 48 hours. Watch for this, Secret Stash is really coming around with some cool grooves. The Ventures meet Santana…in super duper clear stereo sound!

Even the older already released tracks from LOST HIGHWAY records are better than most of the new stuff. It’s called LOST HIGHWAY’S 10th ANNIVERSARY SAMPLER ALBUM and it only has 10 tracks, but they are really awesome and this puppy is only $8.00 list and is on CLEAR VINYL. There is also a killer CLEAR VINYL album titled “20 Of Hank Williams’ Greatest Hits” (originally released in ‘fake stereo’ in 1971 on MGM records w/ 24 tracks.) This thing has been remastered in the pure ‘mono’ and sounds better than ever on vinyl….for only 10 bucks!

Last but not least is a brand new studio album by BLINK 182. It is titled “Neighborhoods” and the CD is out on like September 25th and the vinyl version double LP comes out on October 25th. SORRY, all pre-orders I believe are SOLD OUT of the 180 gram “HOT PINK COLORED” copies w/ the FREE POSTER. If they aren’t sold out right now…they will be by the time you wake up to read this.
(Ed. Note: As of today, 10/08/2011…YES, all 500 ‘Hot Pink Copies’ are SOLD OUT worldwide. They are doing another run of 1000 pieces on ‘White & Blue Splattered Marble’ and I hear that ‘Interpunk’ has aleady sold over 700 of them. They will be gone by mid-October…the rest are Black, but Amazon says theirs will be White Vinyl with a free download card.)

If you agree about these upcoming releases and want to get some killer tunes, and pay a killer cheap price…you need to check out…man!

We got:

Otis Redding
Curtis Mayfield
The Impressions
James Brown
The Byrds
Bob Dylan
The 13th Floor Elevators
Sly & The Family Stone
George Clinton (All)
Johnny Cash
The MC5
Iggy & The Stooges
Classic Rap
Classic Soul
Classic Jazz
Classic Funk
the list goes on & on






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