4 Men With Beards announces 3 Nina Simone RCA reissues

That’s right! Nina Simone has been a hot reissue artist over the last 5 years…and rightly so. Her voice gives off one of the most unique and powerful deliveries in the female vocal category.
(Ed. Note: Dinah Washington & Nina Simone do it for me period, they are THE TWO BEST EVER.)

Even though by admission, her RCA material as a whole was not as strong as her years with Philips/Mercury…there are many gems throughout her dozen or so albums for RCA in the 70’s.

4 Men With Beards are reissuing these 3 titles:

1) Nina Simone Sings The Blues (originally released in 1967 as her 1st RCA album)

2) To Love Somebody (originally released in 1969 as her 5th RCA album)

3) Here Comes The Sun (originally released in 1971 as her 7th RCA album; it contains only COVER songs)

I can’t quite understand why 4 Men With Beards just happened to pick these 3 titles. I can tell you right now that her 1st for RCA (Nina Simone Sings The Blues) is a real scorcher and really was only able to equal this with her killer 1974 RCA album “It Is Finished” and of course the LIVE album for RCA from 1972 tilted “Emergency Ward” (both available for just pennies as a 180 gram remastered killer reissue here at vinyl.com).

I’d say get Nina Sings The Blues first, and then save your money for the other ones, since these 180 gram reissues from 4 Men With Beards will cost around $19.00.
In closing, please please be aware that here at vinyl.com, we pretty much carry everything Nina reissues and we will surely soon have these 3 titles, so keep checking. There is another company that is reissuing a couple more of her real early releases (Roulette stuff circa 1963?), but I can’t quite remember what I saw?

Anything by her is pretty much a given… it will waken your senses.

Ciao for now!


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