Gene Simmons Ties The Knot…

Yep, it’s true…his shoelaces were flopping all over the place, so he reached down and tied them in a knot so they won’t come loose again!

OK, now that I’m sure I’ve either got his or Shannon’s attention…do you guys know that the 1st 8 studio KISS albums haven’t been pressed on vinyl for over 26 years in the US?

Come on man, Ace did his live thingy as a cool ‘double picture disc’ and his last studio album was on 2LP 180 gram vinyl.

“Sonic Boom” was a rockin’-a** LP but not out on vinyl even in England on Sanctuary…it would have made a cool picture disc with the awesome ‘rock and roll over’ style cover…which I’m the only one who liked it …I guess?

Jeesh, for a guy who calls himself  ‘the demon’ and then cries like a puppy when he sees a KISS T-shirt at Goodwill for $2…you’d think that Mr. Kiss Kollector supreme would have kept these roots alive (no pun intended on the live album).

Ozzy has already given us the deal: his 2 classic LP’s on super high-quality picture discs that sound great re-mastered.

Why oh why, with the worldwide known artwork on those 1st 8 studio KISS albums have these never been on picture disc in the US?

You don’t even have to do bonus tracks, just original packaging on either 180 gram re-mastered GLOW-IN-THE-DARK VINYL, or picture discs..or both. Pirates Press out of San Francisco has really good high quality pressing prices for weird colors and pic discs.

Well, think about it? Can we have them by Kissmas 2011?
Sorry I had to trick ya’… but I figured you guys were not in the mood to exercise or diet (me neither), and would click on the title?

The Simmons Family Poem:
Gene Simmons will never marry
even though his chest is hairy
3 cheers for patient Shannon
she wanted a ‘Love Gun’ but got a cannon
I love the kids cuz they’re so cool
safe & sober and stayed in school
I feared ‘the demon’ and all his rants
now I just laugh and pee my pants.


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