Sundazed announces July 2011 vinyl re-issues…

…and boy is it a bittersweet affair, baby!

Sweet: because at least they haven’t forgotten their psych./garage roots with 2 killer psych titles and 1 garage blaster coming your way on July 26.

Bitter: because summer is half over and NO WILD WHACKED OUT colored vinyl rare surf LP’s Whud Up Wit Dat??

Anyways, the softish Left Banke re-issues in all fairness were much needed and all those Hollies re-issues a MUST. Even the Sir Douglas & Sam The Sham’s…I mean how can anyone say anything negative about these oh-so-cool rockers?

It is nice to go back to Sundazed 1996 era with these pushing of psych/garage titles.

First off the psych stuff: right out of left field with no announcement comes a super searched out Jefferson Airplane clone album that is very rare lone album by a band  called “Neighb’rhood Childr’n. It is in super clean Stereo. Sundazed has already put out their “Lost & Found” rarities double LP.

The other is a never heard 1969 concert by The Fever Tree. The sound of this concert is iffy at best and certainly not as clean as the wonderful Sundazed concert release of the 1968 Winterland performance of H.P. Lovecraft. The historical value supersedes the low-fi recording though and they were good live if not self-indulgent?

OK, now on to the garage stuff: A long lost garage band called Oscar & The Majestics are getting a full length 180 mono-blastin’ LP and a 7″ single released (with a “Who” cover B-side). The LP is titled No Chance, Baby! and I was very impressed with the samples.

Last but not least, don’t forget The Remains new 7″ single live on The Ed Sullivan Show circa 1966. It rocks! Check out samples on the Sundazed website. Right now, for the life of me, I can’t think of a more under-rated 60’s garage band than Boston’s “The Remains.” I’m glad people are diggin’ ’em now…it only took 45 years Barry?

Well, I wish I could say “Surf’s Up” or “Cowabunga, Beach Bunneez! but Sundazed ain’t puttin’ out no cool surf vinyl. Dick Dale, drop ’em a line will ya? Whew, at least I found a copy of The Sandals “The Endless Summer” soundtrack in a $1 bin yesterday to hold me over 😦


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