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Sundazed announces 3 Hot Rod/Surf LP's for Nov. 2011

Well, the gnarly waves are coming in a little late this summer in Sundazedland…but better late wave than no wave.

Here is the deal:

There will be three 180 gram True Stereo vinyl reissues of the only 3 LP’s by Mr. Gasser & The Weirdos…all originally released by Capitol Records in the early to mid 60’s as bizarre hot rod/surf novelty albums.

They are:
1) “Surfink”
2)” Hot Rod Hootenanny”
3) “Rods ‘N’ Ratfinks”

There is no official date set by Sundazed yet, but they are saying November 2011. Hey, 11/11/11 would be cool? So stay tuned right here…we will get a few copies of all of them. I can tell you right now that the best and most notable one is 1963’s “Hot Rod Hootenanny.”
For those of you not familiar with this, I will fill you in because I used to have a couple of these when I was 10.

Mr. Gasser is actually none other than the late Ed Roth also known as “Big Daddy.” This guy from Bell, CA. is credited with creating and pioneering a lot of cool trends in the 60’s. To start with, he was an artist, cartoonist, custom car painter and pinstriper who actually created the famous “Rat Fink” character. Ed popularized the “monster-in-hot-rods” craze which would reflect the Topps bubblegum and card series called “ODD RODS” in the early 1970’s

Ed created 6 notable hot rod cars in the 1960s:

The Outlaw (1959)
* The Beatnik Bandit (1961) ed. note: this was the most popular
The Mysterion (1963)
The Orbitron (1965)
** The Surfite (1965)

*The Beatnik Bandit was one of the first out of 16 die-cast toy cars produced as a 1968 “Hot Wheel” by the Mattel Company.

**The Surfite was the surf buggy that was featured throughout the 1965 film, “Beach Blanket Bingo” starring Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello.

Ed also built the first known VW Bug-powered trike motorcycle and many more custom bikes throughout the 1970’s.

So keep your boards ‘n’ rods waxed…November is just around the corner.




Starbucks Waikiki Beach Rocks!

Even though we saw so much in Honolulu for 2 weeks, Starbucks Coffee in Waikiki Beach was a memorable place for my sweetheart and I who have just returned from there. We were all oohs and ahhs when we stepped in there. She was oohing because they had pure clear liquid sugar from the Hawaiian Islands as a coffee additive; and I was ahhing because of the killer music programming in the shop.

There are two styles of music you will never ever hear in any Starbucks: 80’s political hardcore punk (a la Dead Kennedy’s), and 90’s nu-metal ( a la Korn.)

Let’s face it folks, in California you will commonly hear:

Long, Long Time & Blue Bayou (Linda Ronstadt)
Hotel California (Eagles)
California (Joni Mitchell)
Something In The Way She Moves & Carolina In My Mind (James Taylor)
Sister Christian (Night Ranger)
Don’t Stop Believin’ (Journey)
Moondance & Domino (Van Morrison)
Your Song (Ellton John)
Just The Way You Are (Billy Joel)
Even Sinatra’s Fly Me To The Moon mixed in with a little Tony Bennett, Ella & Louis, Billie Holiday and on the rare occurrence…Madonna & Bob Marley

I am not dissing all these tracks at all, for they are classic. But man oh man, this is what we heard in Hawaii:

Revolution (Spacemen 3)
Mystery Dance (Elvis Costello)
Planet Rock & Looking For The Perfect Beat (Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force)
Information (Dave Edmunds)
Handsworth Revolution (Steel Pulse) ed note: the best reggae LP EVER?
Brand New Lover (Dead Or Alive)
Spirit In The Sky (Doctor & The Medics)
I’ve Been Losing You (a-ha)
Goin’ Blind (KISS)
Underwater Boys (Shriekback)
It’s Like That (Run-D.M.C.)
The Puppet (Echo & The Bunnymen)
Just Like Honey (The Jesus And Mary Chain)
The Robots & Autobahn (full length) (Kraftwerk)
Another Day (The Cure)
Escape (Whodini)
all mixed in with obscure album tracks from:
early Coldplay
early Smiths/Morrissey
early Oasis
early Muse
early Radiohead
and even some tracks from the classic, “Ladies And Gentlemen: We Are Floating In Space” by Spiritualized.

It was all really cool. Mostly it was non-hits and lesser familiar album tracks. How many times do you walk into Starbucks and always know the song you are hearing? This was different. We must have heard 300 songs during our stay. After every song started, I challenged my girl by offering to buy her ran extra “Mai Tai”  cocktail if she can guess the artist? Morrissey’s solo tracks, “Glamorous Glue”, “November Spawned A Monster”, “Tomorrow”, “Everyday Is Like Sunday”, “Suedehead”, and ‘First Of The Gang To Die” were all played during our morning coffee times and she kept guessing is was The Smiths. I had to give in I felt so sorry for her.

Anyways, I just had to report these musical delights. Hopefully, a lot of these rare tracks will soon get reissued on vinyl again?

Viva La “Waikiki Starbucks”…for your liquid sugar which gave us the extra energy to stay up late every night and to your liquid music which flowed like a magical stream every morning.

Hang Loose…and save a cup for us in 2012

Gene Simmons Ties The Knot…

Yep, it’s true…his shoelaces were flopping all over the place, so he reached down and tied them in a knot so they won’t come loose again!

OK, now that I’m sure I’ve either got his or Shannon’s attention…do you guys know that the 1st 8 studio KISS albums haven’t been pressed on vinyl for over 26 years in the US?

Come on man, Ace did his live thingy as a cool ‘double picture disc’ and his last studio album was on 2LP 180 gram vinyl.

“Sonic Boom” was a rockin’-a** LP but not out on vinyl even in England on Sanctuary…it would have made a cool picture disc with the awesome ‘rock and roll over’ style cover…which I’m the only one who liked it …I guess?

Jeesh, for a guy who calls himself  ‘the demon’ and then cries like a puppy when he sees a KISS T-shirt at Goodwill for $2…you’d think that Mr. Kiss Kollector supreme would have kept these roots alive (no pun intended on the live album).

Ozzy has already given us the deal: his 2 classic LP’s on super high-quality picture discs that sound great re-mastered.

Why oh why, with the worldwide known artwork on those 1st 8 studio KISS albums have these never been on picture disc in the US?

You don’t even have to do bonus tracks, just original packaging on either 180 gram re-mastered GLOW-IN-THE-DARK VINYL, or picture discs..or both. Pirates Press out of San Francisco has really good high quality pressing prices for weird colors and pic discs.

Well, think about it? Can we have them by Kissmas 2011?
Sorry I had to trick ya’… but I figured you guys were not in the mood to exercise or diet (me neither), and would click on the title?

The Simmons Family Poem:
Gene Simmons will never marry
even though his chest is hairy
3 cheers for patient Shannon
she wanted a ‘Love Gun’ but got a cannon
I love the kids cuz they’re so cool
safe & sober and stayed in school
I feared ‘the demon’ and all his rants
now I just laugh and pee my pants.

Michael Schenker…a true guitar pioneer!

Let’s face it! If you listen to heavy rock and roll, then you’ve gotta love the sound of the electric guitar. The best thing is that every great band, has an excellent guitar player with their own sound and a box which within they work in. They never climb out of that box, even if they go from screeching lead guitar to classical guitar. Take Jimmy Page, The Edge, Slash, Eddie Van Halen, Angus Young, David Gilmour, Ace Frehley, Kerry King, Joe Perry, Joe Walsh, Dimebag Darrell, Glen Tipton, Ritchie Blackmore, Tony Iommi, Vivian Campbell, Yngwie Malmsteen, Dave Mustaine, or Randy Rhoads out of their respective bands and what have you got? You’ve got a new Guns N’ Roses LP that sold ZERO without Slash playing on it….that’s what you got baybeee!

Always overlooked and for the most part forgotten is a true pioneer from Germany~his name is Michael Schenker!

What saddens me most of all is that he was so talented, came up with killer rhythm guitar, and was a true guitar pioneer. I’m just gonna say what I feel and I feel that Michael Schenker single-handedly popularized the use of the Gibson Flying V guitar in hard rock. I know this because I always thought it was a cool looking guitar and knew the only 4 guys who really played it pre-1974. They were bluesman Albert King, Dave Davies (The Kinks), Lonnie Mack & Jimi Hendrix of course. By 1984 every hard rock band had a lead guitarist playing a V. I would assume that K.K. Downing and Tom Petty (who used a Flying V as part of his logo on his first two albums) were right behind Michael and Rudolf? I saw an awesome 45 minute interview with Michael not long ago and he said it was actually his brother Rudolf (of The Scorpions fame) who let him try out his V…and it stuck. Most musicians hated it because it was more of a novelty and very impractical. It always (by the design of it) sounded tinny and shrill and when Michael played it through the CryBaby wah-wah pedal…oh my God, what a shriller and shriekier sound he got…UFO indeed, it sounded like it came from Mars. Besides popularizing the Flying V, Michael excelled in 3 other big areas.

1) Rockin’ Riffs & Ryhthm Guitar
2) Texture & Melody to Ballads
3) Classical Music Composing

Rockin’ Riffs:
Oh my God, listen to just the first 30 seconds of these songs; “Hot ‘N’ Ready”, ‘Natural Thing”, “Too Hot To Handle” and others by UFO and from his own MSG band, “Are You Ready To Rock”, “Armed And Ready”, “Rock My Nights Away” & “Broken Promises.” How in the heck could these not be on American radio stations every minute…classic rock stations or otherwise??

Texture & Melody:
Especially while writing with UFO…Michael could really add the right accents on a ballad. UFO’s strongest feature was that their ballads and rockers were absolutely killer (The Scorpions would fall into that too). Just listen to the live version of “Love To Love”, Micheal closes that with a 2 minute screaming lead…man, that was killer and the quality of UFO’s ballads died after Michael Schenker left the band.

Classical & Composing:
Later on, when Michael had his own band and was a little freer with material, he hit on the idea to blend in classical music with lead guitar and keyboard/synth mixes. “Into The Arena” and especially “Captain Nemo” being his compositional tour de forces…check these out, man.

Well, there’s only one way a guitarist like this can function…and that’s on the bloody stage baby! His got his best sound on stage for sure, a note to the readers that UFO’s live Strangers In The Night & MSG’s One Night At Budokan were so, so fantastic. We have to remember…on three classic UFO albums (Phenomenon, Force It! & No Heavy Petting), Micheal was the lone guitar player, doing all the rhythm and leads himself. It wasn’t until the Lights Out album that Michael got the much needed rhythm guitar help in the under-rated lefty Paul Raymond.

It’s so sad now to see Michael playing very small halls and in the past, I think there were tremendous stresses with managers which I’m sure got in the way of his creativity…but I must salute this fine pioneer from Germany~




Lost Highway Records out of Nashville, Tennessee are celebrating 10 years in the record business by issuing 20 of their hottest titles on ICY CLEAR VINYL starting January 2011 through October 2011.
There are already 14 out there right now and 6 more to come from now until October. These titles are a mix of either long-deleted on vinyl classics, classics that were never available on vinyl, or new titles that are climbing to the top of the charts right now. Make no mistake about it…LOST HIGHWAY is an awesome label of talent- plus.

Here are the 14 titles out there now all on the ICY CLEAR VINYL:
1 Whiskeytown w/Ryan Adams~Pneumonia (2LP)
2 Ryan Adams~Gold (w/extra tracks) (2LP)
3 Johnny Cash~American VI: Ain’t No Grave
4 O Brother, Where Art Thou?~Grammy winning soundtrack (2LP)
5 Willie Nelson & Ray Price~Run That By Me One More Time
6 Drive-By Truckers~Southern Rock Opera (2LP)
7 Lucinda Williams~Blessed w/2 FREE CD’S (2LP) *some are WHITE VINYL*
8 Black Joe Lewis~Scandalous w/FREE 12″ Black Vinyl E.P. & CD
9 Hayes Carll~Kmag Yoyo w/FREE CD & a Black Vinyl Etched 1-Sided X-Mas 7″
10 Robert Earl Keen~Gravitational Forces (2LP)
11 Elvis Costello & The Imposters~The Delivery Man (2LP)
12 Various Artists~Timeless: A Tribute To Hank Williams
13 Lucinda Willaims~West (2LP)…out today, July 12, 2011
14 Ryan Bingham~Mescalito (2LP)…out today, July 12, 2011

coming around mid-August:
15 Shelby Lynne~Just A Little Lovin’ (songs inspired by Dusty Springfield)
16 Willie Nelson~Countryman (the Reggae album)

coming around mid-September:
17 Hank Williams~20 Greatest Hits (2LP)
18 Ryan Adams~Love Is Hell (2LP)

coming around mid-October:
19 Various Artists~Lost Highway Records 10th Anniversary Album
20 Ryan Adams~Rock ‘N’ Roll (2LP)

All right all you Nashville RebelRockers…Go For It! These are sickeningly cheap at a list price of like $9.69 for a single album, and $15.25 for doulble LP’s!!!

***HATS OFF TO “LOST HIGHWAY” for keeping the list price fair for everyone***

Metalheads! Back On Black…vinyl update 7/11/11

Well, Steve Beatty and his Back On Black metal crew are still aggressively putting out cool classic metal vinyl reissues on the Back On Black: Rock Classics series. This series is so successful that the ‘new metal’ releases have been put on the back-burner until summer ’11 is over.

On the schedule are classic metal albums by:
and 1 more last album by Rainbow.

Here is all the info I have, and it is some pretty good information. These are all brand new releases, some not even out for 3 weeks yet…and some coming very soon.

All 10 of these are out now and in the U.S. As a reminder, they are:
1=1970, Hawkwind expanded to a 2LP set, YELLOW VINYL
2=1971, In Search Of Space expanded to a 2LP set, RED VINYL
3=1972, Doremi Fasol Latido expanded to a 2LP set, GREY VINYL
4=1973, Space Ritual Volume One 2 LP set, BLUE VINYL
5=1973, Space Ritual Volume Two 2 LP set, YELLOW VINYL
6=1974, Hall Of The Mountain Grill expanded to a 2LP set, YELLOW VINYL
7=1977, Masters Of The Universe, single compilation LP, CLEAR VINYL
8=2009 ,The Text Of Festival-Live 1970-’72 2 LP set, PURPLE VINYL
9=2009, Hawkwind LIVE-1982, 2 LP set, Record 1=RED/Record 2=GREEN
10=2010, Blood Of The Earth 2 LP set, CLEAR VINYL

Motorhead Fans: Lemmy plays and records #3 through #7.
I am unsure about the LIVE 1982, sorry.

There will be 4 Testament LP’s; all single LP’s w/ a gatefold cover. These should hit the states by July 31, 2011 if we’re lucky?
The New Order, CLEAR VINYL
Practice What You Preach, BLUE VINYL
Souls Of Black, WHITE VINYL

Also there will be one more (the last) Rainbow LP around September 10th?
Bent Out Of Shape expanded to 2 LP’s, GREEN VINYL

There will be a total of 6 pieces released, 3 of them are out now and 3 more to come around August 10?
out now:
Battle Hymns single LP, GREY VINYL
Sign Of The Hammer single LP, CLEAR VINYL
Battle Hymns, Picture Disc with new artwork, goes for a whopping $75.00

coming soon:
Fighting The World single LP, BLUE VINYL
Kings Of Metal expanded to 2 LP’s, ORANGE VINYL
The Triumph Of Steel expanded to 2 LP’s, RED VINYL

There will be 11 classic UFO albums released. 3 are out now, 3 will be in the states by the time you read this (?) and there will be 5 more throughout summer ’11.
out now:
Phenomenon expanded to a 2 LP set, YELLOW VINYL
***Force It! expanded to a 2 LP set, WHITE VINYL
Strangers In The Night-UFO LIVE! 2 LP set, BLUE VINYL
***The Force It! version has the original UK cover with a clear color picture of a couple making out nude in the shower/tub. The U.S. version just showed a very slight tint so that the picture is barely visible.

coming probably as you read this:
No Heavy Petting expanded to a 2 LP set, GREY VINYL
Lights Out expanded to a 2 LP set, GREEN VINYL
Obsession, single LP, BLUE VINYL

coming around August 22?
Making Contact, single LP, BROWN VINYL
Misdemeanor expanded to a 2 LP set, GREY VINYL

coming around September 10?
No Place To Run
The Wild The Willing And The Innocent
sorry, there are no colors or numbers of LP’s for each set announced yet~Stay Tuned!

I hate to be mean even though all these UFO albums are now classic, but, I totally recommend the ones with Michael Schenker on lead guitar (see my upcoming post praising this true pioneer). Those LP’s would be:
Force It!
No Heavy Petting
Lights Out
Strangers In The Night-UFO LIVE
The best ones are Strangers, Lights Out & Obsession. Having said that, some their best and most important tracks are on Phenomenon and Force It! But their albums as a whole had a touch of filler. That’s why the LIVE one is so killer!! Get ‘Em All…I Did!!

By the way, Michael Schenker’s two classic MSG LP’s are also out there.
The 1st one is on CLEAR VINYL expanded to 2 LP’s and the other is the originally Japanese-Only “One Night At Budokan-Live In Japan” on 2 BLUE VINYL LP’s.



Super DeLuxe Box Sets…Are They A Big Rip-Off?

Let’s put it this way, you can either own the entire catalog of LOST HIGHWAY records on awesome CLEAR VINYL or The Rolling Stones ‘Exile On Main St’ Super Deluxe Box Set for $179.00?

The choice is yours.

I own the Exile Box because stupid Borders thought it was a marked down jigsaw puzzle (because they don’t even know what a vinyl 12″ record is over there), and I paid $5.99 for it. But I would never, never have even considered paying $179.00 for this waste of space. Who wants to own a hardcover book (that you’ve probably just paid $30.00 for) with many pictures of Keith Richards. Let’s face it, Keith is awesome and this LP is my favorite one, but Keith was really shall we say ‘going through a time’ to be polite. Then you get all these stupid extras with the tongue logo that probably cost them 3 cents to print and you are paying $10.00?

OK, that’s enough Stone bashing…and having said that, the best deal is probably their 3CD1DVD deluxe box set version of ‘Get Yer Ya Ya’s Out’?
I’ve actually come to the decision that not all Super Deluxe Box Sets are a rip-off. Just most of them. You have to add up the pluses and minuses.

So here then is a list of recent things I saw that would fit the description of a classic rock album that is now available in the Super Deluxe format.
Buy one of these boxes or pay this month’s rent…that’s really what it boils down to and nine times out of ten, your woman will dump you if you decide to ROCK!

The list graded from 1-10:

1 David Bowie~Station To Station = 5
First of all, it is a good album, but not in the same league as ‘low’, ‘heroes’, or ‘scary monsters’. I’ll tell you though, David is usually pretty good about giving you something extra that is usually quality, if not weird. I really can’t give this anything under a 5 because it’s got some interesting rare live stuff that is probably better than you’d expect?

2 Derek and The Dominoes~Layla=2
Probably very close to the best album Eric’s really ever done from the heart. The problem is you are paying $27.00 for a stupid art lithograph that’s buck-ugly. Again, Eric (like Keith Richards during the Exile sessions), was really going through a time during this period, so any photos or posters are just depressing as hell. There are other reasons this thing gets a 2: there are so-called little extras, badges and prints that say “Derek Is Eric”. Give me a break, that stuff is total junk. Then the so-called never released Dominoes live tracks are there…but ah…those were released…on the flop Crossroads box set from 1989 that still is out there on vinyl, sealed for $25.00, because like every Clapton box set (with the exception of Cream & The Yardbirds), everything flopped when using his solo name…go figure? This is no different. Order the regular 2-LP set here on for only like $24.00…re-mastered and ROCKIN’.

3 Alice Cooper~new rarities box set=7
This box features material from say 1966-1972 and comes with (I must say) some pretty neat goodies. This box actually is a 10. The ridiculous price brings it to a 7. Come on Alice, I can go to ebay and purchase one of those dumb ‘ELECTED ’72” bumper stickers from the promo video for $2. Give a little, eh?

4 Pearl Jam~TEN=1
The reason this gets a 1 is because you can already purchase an awesome remastered 180 gram pressing of this for only $14.99…AND…you get and extra LP of the entire TEN album remixed by Brendan O’Brien to boot. Who needs all these slight remixes anyways? Let the thing stand alone for what it is. If there ever were classic rock albums that should be remixed to clean up their muddy sound, it would be the first four Elvis Costello albums…and they have done this and they sound fantastic. Leave Pearl Jam, Nirvana and grunge alone. I’d say the same for the “Vitalogy” box. Way overkill, the expanded 2 LP 180 gram remaster was enough. What they should do is put out a 4 or 6 LP box set of Pearl Jams’ B-sides, live & rarities…that would get a 10.

5 Megadeth~Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying?=4
Whose buying is right. The worst thing about this is that the people that would really enjoy it (16-18 year old High School kids), could never afford the 2 Ben Franklins to purchase it…a shame. I don’t really think they are missing out on too much though? All of these slight remixes don’t justify the cost. For about $40.00 you can get the Megadeth “Warchest” box set. This puppy has 4 CD’s and one DVD concert. The DVD alone is worth the price of admission…but the 4 CD’s have every hit, every B-side, every key album track and as I recall, 2 awesome concerts all inside jam packed with 80 minutes on each disc. This is surely the way to go. This Deluxe box does get a 4 for the inclusion of 2 vinyl records of killer live stuff.

6 The Rolling Stones~Get Yer Ya Ya’s Out=10 (for the 3 CD/1DVD set only)
After bashing “Exile” (as good a record as that is) I feel that this 3CD/1DVD version is a total 10. Even though the DVD is way too short at 30 minutes, you get a rare glimpse of just Mick & Keith (on National Steel Guitar) going through what they are all about: The Blues. Add to that, the awesome big finale of “Satisfaction” (a crime is was left off the original) both on the DVD & the extra CD. You also get an echoey guitar set by B.B. King and the naughtiest performance that Tina Turner probably ever did. Throw this in with a killer concert poster reproduction and a book that for once gives great information, photos, and history of the concert and the original album remastered that desperately needed it…all for a pretty decent price. The version that includes the vinyl LP’s is actually a rip-off. just get the small CD box.

8 Pink Floyd~The Dark Side Of The Moon=10
I’ll make it real clear…an album this important will always get a 10. Sgt. Pepper, The Joshua Tree, Born In The U.S.A., Appetite Fort Destruction, American Beauty, Thriller, Are You Experienced…albums that changed the world are all 10’s regardless of price. Having said that, I don’t know if any of these other groundbreaking albums can provide what this “Dark Side” issue does? This thing is like split over 10 discs (CD’s & DVD’S) and has concerts, quad sound, spoofs, remixes, etc. etc. Incredible and David Gilmour always kicked butt live. My friends tell me that Dark Side is the best album ever issued in the history of the world. Whether I agree or not, this thing is recommended…I’d say even for casual fans…which would be me.

8 Paul McCartney~McCartney (the bowl of cherries album)=2
This thing gets a 2 for a very simple reason: RAM (released only 1 year later under the Paul And Linda McCartney moniker) was 50 times better than this. If you go back and review all of the Beatles solo releases, each Beatle was sort of testing the waters with their first release. There was no reason to not include RAM stuff or RAM rarities. A waste.

9 Paul McCartney & Wings~Band On The Run=10
Now this is more like it, if not a little over-priced? For a lot of people…and that would include me…Band On The Run was the Sgt. Pepper of the 70’s. From start to finish… it had McCartney magic with musicians and producers that clicked and Sir Paul could never equal this, but came close trying ie: Venus & Mars, Live And Let Die, Wings Over America (hah, the bootleg on RED, WHITE & BLUE vinyl was 50 times better than the Capitol 3LP LIVE set). Nevertheless, it’s great to hear work-in-progress for such an important album that really at the time got played to death on American radio stations.

10 to make it an even 10 count, I heard that Jefferson Airplane is next? Hopefully it will be “Surrealistic Pillow”? This will probably be a 7? J.A. were always killer live and nothing ever sounded the same twice. Add that and some Jerry Garcia dialogue and extra studio stuff and it might be worth it? The Jefferson Airplane Loves You 3CD box set sure was worth it…not mention the now deleted 3CD “JANIS” Janis Joplin box set from 1992?

Save your money if you’re interested in any of these? That’s for sure!

B-Side Heroes: The Fab Fifteen!

Well, let’s start with The Fab Four before we get to The Fab Fifteen!

You already know what Capitol Records did to The Beatles in the U.S.A. by milking their material to make more money from a “HOT” artist on their roster. You readers should appreciate this article.

This is The Fab Fifteen:

These 15 recording artists (for the most part) gave us super-quality non-LP B-sides on every single ever issued. Many of these B-sides were better than the charted A-side. Such is the case with The Smiths’ highest charting U.S. song “How Soon Is Now?” which began life as a B-side to the September 1984 UK single, “William, It Was Really Nothing” as a ‘bonus’ track. After it stormed the U.S. airwaves, their record company swiftly released it as the A-side of their next UK single in February 1985.

I salute these 15 artists:

1 The Smiths & Morrissey

2 The Cure

3 Echo & the Bunnymen

4 Elvis Costello

5 U2

6 Coldpaly

7 Oasis

8 Radiohead

9 Green Day

10 R.E. M.

11 Mudhoney

12 Nirvana

13 Sonic Youth

14 The Jesus And Mary Chain

15 Iron Maiden

I’m sure there are more, but these artists quickly came to mind because they were so popular in their respective genres and most were signed to major labels; they are also pretty darn wealthy and DID NOT  let their material or creativity get in the way of record company parasites.

In the case of The Cure, The Jesus And Mary Chain, and even Iron Maiden: They each put out 4 CD Box Sets of all their B-sides…and if you were to ask me, I’d say that these B-sides were better than the content of their official albums, especially in the case of The Cure. Some of these artists even put out 12″ singles with 6 studio out-takes from a high charting album on the B-side that played at 33 RPMS.

I invite all our readers to check out some of these awesome B-sides of these artists and if I’ve forgotten anyone important…then let those bullets fly my way.

Thank You so much (these 15)
you always gave your fans more for their money!

A La Salud! 🙂

Sundazed announces July 2011 vinyl re-issues…

…and boy is it a bittersweet affair, baby!

Sweet: because at least they haven’t forgotten their psych./garage roots with 2 killer psych titles and 1 garage blaster coming your way on July 26.

Bitter: because summer is half over and NO WILD WHACKED OUT colored vinyl rare surf LP’s Whud Up Wit Dat??

Anyways, the softish Left Banke re-issues in all fairness were much needed and all those Hollies re-issues a MUST. Even the Sir Douglas & Sam The Sham’s…I mean how can anyone say anything negative about these oh-so-cool rockers?

It is nice to go back to Sundazed 1996 era with these pushing of psych/garage titles.

First off the psych stuff: right out of left field with no announcement comes a super searched out Jefferson Airplane clone album that is very rare lone album by a band  called “Neighb’rhood Childr’n. It is in super clean Stereo. Sundazed has already put out their “Lost & Found” rarities double LP.

The other is a never heard 1969 concert by The Fever Tree. The sound of this concert is iffy at best and certainly not as clean as the wonderful Sundazed concert release of the 1968 Winterland performance of H.P. Lovecraft. The historical value supersedes the low-fi recording though and they were good live if not self-indulgent?

OK, now on to the garage stuff: A long lost garage band called Oscar & The Majestics are getting a full length 180 mono-blastin’ LP and a 7″ single released (with a “Who” cover B-side). The LP is titled No Chance, Baby! and I was very impressed with the samples.

Last but not least, don’t forget The Remains new 7″ single live on The Ed Sullivan Show circa 1966. It rocks! Check out samples on the Sundazed website. Right now, for the life of me, I can’t think of a more under-rated 60’s garage band than Boston’s “The Remains.” I’m glad people are diggin’ ’em now…it only took 45 years Barry?

Well, I wish I could say “Surf’s Up” or “Cowabunga, Beach Bunneez! but Sundazed ain’t puttin’ out no cool surf vinyl. Dick Dale, drop ’em a line will ya? Whew, at least I found a copy of The Sandals “The Endless Summer” soundtrack in a $1 bin yesterday to hold me over 😦

Hendrix Winterland Box: Is Janie In A Purple Haze?

A lot of Hendrix fans snub Janie Hendrix, Jimi’s adopted sister. They feel she just walked into Jimi’s goldmine and took everything for herself. He did only meet her a few times in his short life. Well, I love Janie and reasons are simple and defined. While Jimi was alive, let’s face it, there were more parasites than you can count that were ripping his heart (as well as creativity) to make a fast buck (ie: the Capitol “Band Of Gypsies” LP), so it’s better to keep the money in whatever so-called family he had left. If you’re still not convinced, then look at it this way: Al Hendrix loved this baby enough to adopt her and this is what he would have wanted…case closed. I also must admit that what Janie has done in the past with Jimi’s catalog has been nothing short of fabulous. There were the expanded vinyl editions of those first 3 experience LP’s and “Smash Hits” all re-mastered to sound greater than ever before. There were the 2 wonderful 7″ Singles Boxes on colored vinyl to boot. There was the projected “New Rays Of The First Rising Sun” double album the way it was meant to be sequenced by Jimi. Then came the “Valleys Of Neptune” collection of out-takes and the “West Coast Seattle Boy” Box Set which were critically bashed and sales were low…but I speaking as a fan thought that these had amongst the most anticipated songs. This new release is really the first mis-step coming from a fan. It is called “Winterland” and will be available as a 4 CD/DVD box set or a180 gram 8LP/DVD format. I first must say that Hendrix’ 4 nights at Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco were amongst his best performances. The problem is that you get 3 discs of repeats, because the set list from night to night changed ever so slightly. I counted and there are 39 repeats. Now we have another issue: The 4 CD box lists for $55.00 and the 8LP box goes for $100.00 and those should be absolutely no more than $44.00 for the CD’s and $54.99 for the LP’s. Doesn’t SONY know that the U.S.A. is almost out of money? My dentist made me rinse with the premises garden hose because he can’t even afford $25.00 for a washer kit for his hygiene system. Also, SONY should have taken note: The Doors did a similar thing Live In New York~all 5 shows on a CD box and it hella-flopped. And this is The Doors with Jim in his prime. Here is another dumb reason not to release this. This is the 3rd time for these Winterland concerts released. The first from 1987 being the best courtesy of the much missed Rykodisc 2 LP CLEAR VINYL pressing. Then they did the ridiculous “Blue Wild Angel” which used even worse versions.

Here is what Janie needs to do if she wants the revenue back:

It’s so simple, it’s sick!!! Ozzy Osbourne did it officially and it’s cool.

All the cover artwork for those first 3 experience records (and smash hits) are so well known~~~why not do official Picture Discs of them? For the 2nd picture disc for Electric Ladyland, you can use the UK nude electric ladies picture…unless you have to sticker it for nudity?? Even psychedelic colored vinyl pressings done very inexpensively at Pirates Press. Jimi was into wild bright psychedelically colors~~he would sure approve of this wild idea. Janie, let’s get back on track and keep Jimi’s legend exciting and fun!

‘Scuse me while I…