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Sundazed Surf Music/60's Garage Update

Here is an update for summer releases coming soon on Sundazed.

Right now they are pushing the 2 LP’s by The Left Banke, a 60’s baroque rock band and who some members later morphed into The Stories and had a #1 hit with “Brother Louie” in 1973. Well, I won’t be walking away with Renee or having dinner with pretty ballerinas. I’ll be patiently waiting for Sundazed’s Garage & Surf stuff to be released around July 26, 2011.

Here is what I heard:
They are preparing a trio of lost surf classics for CD & vinyl. They are not giving the titles yet.

On July 26, they are unleashing a rare song by The Remains as a 7″ single and very few will be on GOLD VINYL. I heard the sample and it ROCKS. It is a never heard song performed LIVE (’66?)on The Ed Sullivan Show and the B-side is an alternate version of Why Do I Cry?

The other release is by a garage band called Oscar & The Majestics. Sundazed is releasing a full 180 gram ‘true stereo’ LP called “No Chance Baby! They are also issuing a 7” single by them on BLUE VINYL with hopefully alternate takes?

What’s in a name? NOTHING! And I heard samples of Oscar and had to put duct tape over my ears….it was raunchy, gritty garage royalty. It sounded like The Who, The Kinks, The Yardbirds, & The Stadells all at once. I sure hope Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day gets to hear this with his crazy schedule?

OK, summer may get here yet? Stay tuned for more updates

Syl Johnson 6 LP/6 CD Box Set

just arrived, and this is such a great deal it’s sick. You get six 180 gram LP’s AND 6 compact discs (for the car?) for just over $50.00 from this sickingly under-rated soul artist. I would say that Syl Johnson and Eugene (formerly Gene) McDaniels are 2 of the most under-rated blaxpoitation artists of the 70’s. You always hear “Don’t Worry, If There’s A Hell Down Below” by Curtis Mayfield, “Shaft” by Isaac Hayes but never “Is It Because I’m Black” by Syl Johnson or “Headless Heroes” by Eugene McDaniels. Spiro Agnew actually called Ahmet Ertegun at Atlantic and told him to withdraw immediately the Headless Heroes LP by Eugene because it was too bitterly political…which he did withdraw.

Back to Syl, all I can say is that his biggest hit was “Take Me To The River” written by Al Green and also released by Al. Syl’s was the hit though, with it’s killer harmonica played by Syl who is actually a Chicago ‘true blue’ blues cat that went soul brother. The Talking Heads also had their first ever Top 40 hit with this song in 1978 which you will find on their “More Songs About Buildings And Food” LP. This 6 LP/CD box set does not have any of that material recorded for HI records out of Memphis, which means no “Take Me To The River.” Instead, you get (I would call it better) material from Twinight/King/Federal records and all the other tiny independent labels he recorded for. I believe everything (4 LPs?) he recorded for Twinight Records is on here, which means you get, “Dresses Too Short”, “Different Strokes”, Come On, Sock It To Me” & the super cool 7 minute version of “Is It Because I’m Black”.

I invite our readers to sample these artists I’ve mentioned…for THEY ROCK!
As for Syl…he is the real deal and so is this price!!!

We got mo’ soul!!!!!

The 1st Undertones LP on remastered WHITE VINYL

just in…Drastic Plastic Records out of Omaha, Nebraska has done it again, and boy, is it a doosey (and I thought Nebraska was the most boring state.)

The release has surpassed my dreams of a classic ’77 punk album ever re-issued. Here are the highlights:

1) remastered and rockin’ clear (remastered at masterdisk )
2) just like The Clash’s 1st LP, it uses the UK cover (white w/ B&W photo and band logo in green)
3) this release has a faithfully reprinted innersleeve that came with the original UK issue and the photos are smokin’ clear
4) the labels on the record mimick the original SIRE records label
5) this thing even comes in a Japanese styled protective bag

This release is being offered  in extremely low quantities on either the WHITE or 180 gram BLACK vinyl. We here at opted for the cool WHITE one, but I can tell you this thing is as thick as a horse’s leg.

The Undertones:

What I know about The Undertones is this; they are from Ireland, and going back to the original ’77 punk scene…there was only one more band that was as visible as them from Ireland and that was the more political Stiff Little Fingers. You can bet your bottom dollar that in 2010 when powerful English DJ John Peel still says his favorite song ever is “Teenage Kicks” by The Undertones that it means something. This guy has been around forever and has taken hundreds of pimply brit kids from the pubs to mansions with his influential exposue on BBC radio over the years. The Undertones only recorded 4 studio albums over their 6 years before they broke up, but this 1st LP is the GOD, and many of these songs have been heard in teen-oriented movies over the last 30 + years, so they might sound familiar. It is all too well known that The Undertones music matured at a 100 mph rate. It was way too fast for their fanbase who felt abandoned…that would include me I guess? The Ramones seemed to know better and did more of a gradual maturing. Nevertheless, the live show of The Ramones was always, “Take it Dee Dee 1-2-3-4.” I’m sorry if I annoy anyone by comparing The Undertones to The Ramones but come on….that 1st LP by The Undertones WAS NOT powerpop, it was punk. Lyrics about boy/girl/fun/sun issues, a distinctive styled singer, and the best part is the strat/gibson sound of the dual gutars of the O’Neill brothers…that carried over in their next band (That Petrol Emotion)…WHAT A SOUND THEY HAD!!!

How funny, look at the cover of this LP and compare it to The Ramones 1st LP with a B&W photo in front of a ragged brick wall. Then notice that each LP has 14 short songs that were all AM radio hits….that never were. Having said that, there were actually 4 seven inch singles pulled from this 1st Undertones LP that came out on SIRE in the UK.

Sample this LP…and then come back and order it.
If you love the 1st 3 Ramones LP’s, you absolutely need this in your collection. And if you do like those first 3 Ramones, I invite you to Google ERAZERHEAD, not the film, the 1982 UK band. It sounds like the LP The Ramones should have made after “Rocket To Russia” instead of the weird (but good) “Road To Ruin” album.

Erin Go Bra-ugh!!!

Metallic Colored Vinyl…and other vinyl adventures

We here at received an email from a reader asking for either GOLD, SILVER, or GLOW-IN-THE-DARK records. Very interesting, so I think I will clear up any misconceptions about getting the color you are after. I can tell you right now that here at, we only have 11 titles that fit this description and they all CLEAR GOLD in color.

Here are some decriptions:

1) there is the CLEAR GOLD VINYL (most common)
2) there is a GOLD METALLIC VINYL, more like a solid bronze actually
3) there is what I would describe as a trophy GOLD or chrome GOLD (what a record company usually gives a band as a GOLD RECORD AWARD.)

1) there is (actually very popular with heavy metal bands) a SILVER METALLIC solid color or some would call it GRAY VINYL.
2) there is a chrome looking vinyl (in my 50,000+ collection, I only have one of these and it’s very easy to locate used. It is by Triumph and called “Rock And Roll Machine” 1977 Attic Records Canada Ltd.) This is what a record company usually gives a band for platinum sales.
3) there is also a sorta SILVER VINYL looking 2 LP set by The Mars Volta from 2004? called De-Loused In The Comatorium? It is actually a double Picture Disc made to look like a flying saucer I’d say?

Man, in my huge collection, only 4 pieces come to my mind that I own. They are
1) Penetration~Moving Targets 1978 Virgin UK
2) the oh-so-rare-now Sublime 2LP called “40 Oz. To Freedom”
3) a 1995? double LP from France by Reel Big Fish (record #1 is a Picture Disc, record # 2 is glow-in-the-dark.)
4) last but not least is a 1995 LP by Siouxsie & The Banshees called “The Rapture.” It is totally forgotten now and was very indulgent, if not a weak LP.

And there you have it…I’m surprised that many other Goth groups, Alice Cooper, the Misfits and even KISS didn’t do glow-in-the dark records. It’s quite amazing. Wow! Can you imagine the KISS, MISFITS, ALICE COOPER catalogs re-issued on 180 gram glow-in-the-dark vinyl. They sure would sell.

Glow-In-The-Dark records (as a fact), do NOT sound good at all. Penetration pretty much broke up and left Virgin records because their debut LP sounded terrible and skipped on the glow-in-the dark vinyl and they weren’t told by Virgin that it was coming out that way. Luckily (after trying 4 copies), I have an original that plays pretty good.

For our customers, here is a list of the 11 titles that we have on CLEAR GOLD VINYL:
4) THE METERS~1st LP on Josie (GOLD)