Green Day, Foo Fighters, Silverstein, R.E.M. & The Cars…

all have brand new LP’s out and are recommended.

1) Green Day’s live album called “Awesome As F**K” comes on 2 PINK VINYL 180 gram LP’s and the deluxe version comes with an XL Tee-Shirt. It was recorded on the legendary ’21st Century Breakdown tour’ from 2009.

2) The new Foo Fighters LP is also a 2 LP 180 gram set but this one plays at 45 RPM’s on both records and is getting praised as their best since that 1st LP in 1995. It is titled “Wasting Light.”

3) Silverstein’s new LP called “Rescue” is pressed on a cool Clear Merlot
Wine color vinyl w/ White & Beige Marble
and is another very good record from them who just keep getting more and more popular.

4) The Cars return with a new album in like 25 years, and it’s a nice 180 gram vinyl LP with only 10 songs. Very cool and people are praising it, comparing it to that 1st album from 1978. With only 10 straight-to-the-point pop songs, how can they miss? BTW, the new LP is called “Move Like This.”

5) The new R.E.M. is last because it just isn’t as good as what they once were. I’d say it really started when they did “Monster” and except for the sold out concerts since then, the LP’s were a mish-mash of good and mediocre. No coincidence, it was right after they got RICH$. The new R.E.M. is called “Collapse Into Now” and is a fitting title for this band right now. I love you R.E.M. but….”Automatic For The People” seems so under-rated right now and compared to this…IT IS!


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