Record Store Day 4/16/11…A Total SCAM!!!

You know, I love what Michael Kurtz is doing and I was going to write up a not-so-negative view of Record Store Day 2011, but I just got a comment from a man named Scott who (like me) drove 130 miles but HE got NOTHING.

Scam, scam Scam!!!!

Gasoline is $4.50 per gallon in California baby, cash money speaks the best English here right now.

Here are some simple problems and none that RSD staff can control:

1) I’m there at my local record store at 9:30AM with my left hand on the doorknob. At 10:00AM the store opens. At 10:01 I am picking RSD Exclusives off the RSD wall like I was playing ‘The Money Tree’ game on “Name That Tune.” At 10:08AM, I have a Hammermill ‘legal size’ copy paper box FILLED with RSD stuff and I’m trying to get out the door. At 10:10AM, there are 6 teenagers coming through the door looking for RSD stuff. The store clerk says, “You’re too late.” These kids are ready to cry, not only do they work crappy pizza joints and can only spend $10.00 on a vinyl record, I’ve just handed over the store seven $100.00 bills.

Now the kids wanna see what’s in my box. I show them and they really do cry this time. The retailer ordered 10 of many ‘hot’ titles and only 1 or 2 came in. That is problem #1. Why stay for cookies, cupcakes, apple juice and an in-store band that is probably gonna play a song from an RSD Exclusive that the person couldn’t even get…and it’s only 10:15AM, man.

1) Come on RSD staff, it doesn’t matter who signs what contract. 80% of these indpendent stores are hurting and the next day, the ‘hot’ title is on ebay and Amazon for over TRIPLE the price. I spoke with 2 of them and they said, “YES, we kept hot titles back to sell the next day.” I WAS A CUSTOMER, I just paid $150.00 each for The Deftones & The Foo Fighters cover albums. $312.00 incl. shipping and you can bet it came from Cali.

3) You will never, ever, ever stop the independent store owners from taking care of their best customers. RSD staff, you couldn’t give me a decent reason in the world why customers should not be able to pre-order RSD titles. It’s all about supporting them right? It doesn’t make sense.

4) Proof of the scam…Those 5 titles on clear with colored speckles of Hank III never left the hands of industry insiders did they? Text messaging is instant and NO ONE ever saw any of those ANYWHERE.

The solution:

It’s so simple it’s sick…and one of the the biggest companies in the record business did it the most honest way. WB put out their ‘Side By Side” colored vinyl 7″ series in amounts of like 6,500. I think everyone was happy and it was cool that Warners only did a few things (awesome choices) and pressed plenty of them. So there is your answer RSD; only 50-75 titles and press 10,000 of them so everyone gets one and no sad faces.

I was so lucky, I got really everything to die for. Palm Sunday was the day after RSD, and I was in church at 7:00AM and lit a candle for all 60 RSD titles I was able to get. The priest had to run to CVS pharmacy to get 18 more candles for me to light…..the last candle I lit was a 20 pound one for RSD 2012 that they get their act together and make some rules that they can control.

We need an ambassador that is not going to take crap and will kick butt…LADY GAGA, maybe you’re the one for 2012….you can dress up in a pure vinyl 45’s custom made dress!!

Good luck next year…I don’t know anyone who’s not participating next year…they made too much the day after on Amazon where it’s legal to ask any price you want and baby…IT SELLS!!!!!!

Now my local vinyl buddies call me The Serial Killer of Record Store Day because I wiped-out all the local vinyl shops’ RSD stuff.



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