"UFO / Testament / Manowar" among upcoming vinyl reissues…

…it just keeps going on and on. Back On Black Records out of the UK has just posted their vinyl release schedule and boy, it’s a doosey…with some even having many bonus tracks and double album expansions.

Here is what’s coming in April 2011 – July 2011

UFO~Phenomenon 180 gram YELLOW VINYL (expanded to 2LP)
UFO~Force It 180 gram WHITE VINYL (expanded to 2LP) note: uncensored original uk cover
Testament~Legacy 180 gram PURPLE VINYL
Testament~The New Order 180 gram CLEAR VINYL

Also coming down the pike soon:
UFO~No Heavy Petting (TBA)
UFO~Lights Out (TBA)
UFO~Obsession (TBA)
UFO~No Place To Run (TBA)
UFO~The Wild The Willing And The Innocent (TBA)
UFO~Mechanix (TBA)
UFO~Making Contact (TBA)
UFO~Misdemeanor (TBA)
Testament~Souls Of Black (TBA)
Testament~Practice What You Preach (TBA)
Manowar~Fighting The World (TBA)
Manowar~ Kings of Metal (TBA)
Manowar~The Triumph Of Steel (TBA)

and last but not least…a classic LP by punk band Poison Idea~Feel The Darkness (TBA)
Let’s hope they use the ‘ultra-rare’ orignal cover for this one. It has a gun pointed to the head of a very recognizable Tiny Tim, who tried to sue…..but gave up when he found out Poison Idea had no money. They still don’t, so let’s hope Back On Black uses the original cover (that may be a tuff one though?)
Anyways, let’s get ready for a rockin’ metal summer in 2011!!!!
And let’s also hope that the rest of these classic UFO LP’s get the double album expansions as well?


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