To reissue or not to reissue?

I just don’t know how all of these reissue companies decide what to reissue and what will sell? Let’s face it….everybody in this business is here to make money. This is the way you have to look at it.

There is a company called Scorpio that for years has been respected as a great cut out/reissue company.
I praise this company for 2 big reasons. They keep the prices incredibly low and the quality and choices for releases are enough to make you scream with delight.

In 1998, you were able to purchase say, a Muddy Waters reissue called “Hard Again” reissued with the original ‘Blue Sky’ records label and cover. You paid a retail price of only $6.99. Now, in 2011, they have reissued it on 180 gram vinyl from some European import company and it will cost you $34.99. His 4 LP’s would cost you $140.00 compared to Scorpio’s $28.00. OK, OK, it’s not 1998, but this should still only go for $11.99 retail.

What I don’t understand is why these companies would put out, say, Journey’s ‘Escape’ LP and try to charge $30.00 for it. You can go to almost any used record store and find an original sealed, with the poster, on the original high quality Quiex II audiophile vinyl for $5.00. There is no excuse for this ridiculous cost; even when CD’s first came out and they were $27.00. By 1990, you could get these older classic albums on CD for $6.49 while the CD boom was still hot.

There are exceptions. For instance, there is a 180 gram remaster of an album by Etta James called ‘At Last’. This thing goes for $34.99. To me, this seems like a good deal because an original ARGO copy with slight smudges would go for about $150.00. The used Journey’s are like $2.00. Sometimes it takes a resurgence in popularity for the artist, or a cool commercial that brings out huge public interest. As soon as so and so starts dating some dude in an alternative band…all of a sudden their records sell like hotcakes, and the band may not really be that good. Hopefully, I don’t mean Fall Out Boy? YES, I probably do? Paramore are better (laugh).

Anyways, all I can say is this: 80% of the stock here on is product from Scorpio Music. The prices are incredible and 99% of the time your request will be in stock.

Scorpio Rocks! And we rock…I don’t mind saying it. I have dreams all the time of accidentally being  locked in the Scorpio vinyl warehouse all night… quote the pretty-eyed Annie Lennox, “sweet dreams are made of theez.”


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