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Coming Pert Near: "Cash'n'Link"…on GOLD colored vinyl

Y’all better act pronto on this one compadres! I reckon’ these 2 Hillbilly Cats’ releases will be sold out before the Easter Bunny gets to Hendersonville, Tennessee this year?
Sundazed Music has just pressed up oh-so-few 180 GRAM GOLD VINYL copies of:

1) Johnny Cash – Original Sun Singles (1955-1958), 2 LP’S in MONO.

2) Link Wray – Jack The Ripper in MONO (Ed. Note: this was a pretty rare LP for Link in 1963 on the ‘Swan’ label. The Sundazed reissue sounds absolutely gorgeous.)

Oh Boy, these are gonna be fun as heck, and I can’t tell you how many times I had a record shop hold the Johnny Cash for me; and never picked it up. Now, on the awesome GOLD VINYL, you better believe I’ll own one.
Anyways, “I Walk The Line”…straight to the record shoppe right now to grab these killer sounds!

"UFO / Testament / Manowar" among upcoming vinyl reissues…

…it just keeps going on and on. Back On Black Records out of the UK has just posted their vinyl release schedule and boy, it’s a doosey…with some even having many bonus tracks and double album expansions.

Here is what’s coming in April 2011 – July 2011

UFO~Phenomenon 180 gram YELLOW VINYL (expanded to 2LP)
UFO~Force It 180 gram WHITE VINYL (expanded to 2LP) note: uncensored original uk cover
Testament~Legacy 180 gram PURPLE VINYL
Testament~The New Order 180 gram CLEAR VINYL

Also coming down the pike soon:
UFO~No Heavy Petting (TBA)
UFO~Lights Out (TBA)
UFO~Obsession (TBA)
UFO~No Place To Run (TBA)
UFO~The Wild The Willing And The Innocent (TBA)
UFO~Mechanix (TBA)
UFO~Making Contact (TBA)
UFO~Misdemeanor (TBA)
Testament~Souls Of Black (TBA)
Testament~Practice What You Preach (TBA)
Manowar~Fighting The World (TBA)
Manowar~ Kings of Metal (TBA)
Manowar~The Triumph Of Steel (TBA)

and last but not least…a classic LP by punk band Poison Idea~Feel The Darkness (TBA)
Let’s hope they use the ‘ultra-rare’ orignal cover for this one. It has a gun pointed to the head of a very recognizable Tiny Tim, who tried to sue…..but gave up when he found out Poison Idea had no money. They still don’t, so let’s hope Back On Black uses the original cover (that may be a tuff one though?)
Anyways, let’s get ready for a rockin’ metal summer in 2011!!!!
And let’s also hope that the rest of these classic UFO LP’s get the double album expansions as well?

Record Store Day 2011: WB announces 15 titles…and more

Here is the list folks, I still think 2010 blows away this year’s titles…as I look down the list of Warner Brothers choices anyways:

1) Bad Brains: God Of Love 120 gram black vinyl + 7″ (comment: hands down, their worst LP ever)
2) The Belle Brigade (st) 120 gram black vinyl (comment: WB is just pushing a new artist)
3) Built To Spill: Ripple 7″ Picture Disc (comment: kudos for a classic Grateful Dead song)
4) Eric Clapton: Unplugged (180 gram 2LP set) (comment: at least they expanded it to 2 LP’s)
5) Deftones: Covers 120 gram black vinyl ( comment: a contender for RSD winner, gutsy songs)
6)The Flaming Lips: Heady Nuggs 5 LP Box Set (comment: this year’s RSD winner?)
7) Fleetwood Mac: Rumours 180 gram or 2 LP (comment: we do not need this, no colored vinyl?)
8) Glassjaw: Tribute & Worship 120 gram black (comment: no special RSD colored vinyl? Jeesh)
9) Jimmy Eat World: Bleed American 3 Discs (comment: nice to have this expanded to 3 LP’s)
10) Mastadon: Live At The Aragon 2 LP + DVD (comment: Mastadon are also very cool people)
11) My Chemical Romance: Na Na Na 7″ Pic Disc (comment: a plus for the unreleased B-Side)
12) Tom Petty: 1st LP colored vinyl (comment: Thank God, it’s colored vinyl…finally)
13) Tom Petty: You’re Gonna Get It colored vinyl (comment: same as above)
14) R.E.M: Three (1st 3 singles from new album) (comment: as always, R.E.M. gives you extras)
15) Regina Spektor: Four From Far 7″ 33 RPM E.P. on powder blue vinyl (comment: awesome)

Also~~~Warner Brothers are introducing a “Side By Side” series of 7″ vinyl singles. They will have a classic A-side by the original artist, and a B-Side of the same song by a new hot artist for Warners. The first 4 will come out on Record Store Day 2011 and be on colored vinyl. Limted quantities of 100 will be randomly (good luck) on CLEAR VINYL.

There will be more announced soon, here are the 1st ‘four’ for Record Store Day:

1) “Havana Affair” (Red Vinyl)
The Ramones
The Red Hot Chili Peppers

2) “Don’t Want To Know If You Are Lonely” (Orange Vinyl)
Husker Du
Green Day

3) “Just Got Paid” (Yellow Vinyl)
ZZ Top

4) “Love Hurts” (Light Blue Vinyl) Ed. Note: this was also an Everly Brothers/Nazareth hit
Gram Parsons & The Fallen Angels (featuring Emmylou Harris)
Jenny And Johnny

Sundazed Music gives us a 'Hatful Of Hollies' for April '11

The Hollies vinyl reissues:

Only 2 months after Sundazed Music reissued 2 LP’s on 180 gram vinyl from the Imperial vaults in Mono (1964’s ‘Here I Go Again’ & ‘1965’s ‘Hear! Here!), they pull out  2 more Imperial releases and an absolute KILLER 7″ Box Set (w/ 10 Singles) scheduled  for April 19, 2011.

The releases are:
1) Beat Group 180 gram Mono originally released 1966
2) Bus Stop 180 gram Mono originally released 1966
3) A “New” Lost Recordings and Beat Rarities 10X7 Box Set

AWESOME….but guess what? 1966’s Stop! Stop! Stop! was probably the best studio album they ever did for Imperial. There wasn’t much filler and it should NOT be compared to, say, Revolver or Aftermath, but they were taking on a new sound with fantastic results. Case in point was the next LP for a new record company (EPIC) called ‘Evolution’ which had ‘Carrie-Anne’ on it. We all know how wonderful that album was. It sort of grabbed the baton from Stop! Stop! Stop! and ran with it. Hopefully, Sundazed Music will put this puppy out too? I think for sure, this one needs to be in Stereo!!!

My other slight quibble is that all the Imperial stuff  The Hollies did was in fantastic harmony. How could you not want to hear the Stereo versions? The 7″ Singles Box in MONO I can understand. Singles were always in MONO for radio. The 4 albums they released should have all been in Stereo, like The Animals LP was. Having said that….I’ll say this…..

Sundazed ROCKS and God bless them for their wonderful gifts!!!

Hawkwind: Back On Black does it again…

coming in about 3 weeks, right on the heels of the 8 Thin Lizzy reissues: 7 classic albums by Hawkwind, all remastered and expanded (with extra tracks) to a wonderful ‘double album’ set on 180 gram different colors of vinyl (again). They are being reissued by Back On Black records out of the U.K.~~~that’s the GREAT NEWS!

The albums are:
1) Hawkwind~1st Album 1970 BLUE VINYL (expanded to 2LP)
2) In Search Of Space 1971 RED VINYL (expanded to 2LP)
3) Doremi Fasol Latido 1972 GREY VINYL (expanded to 2LP)
4) Space Ritual I (Live) 1973 BLUE VINYL (expanded to 2LP)
5) Space Ritual II (Live) 1973 YELLOW VINYL (expanded to 2LP)
6) Hall Of The Mountain Grill 1974 YELLOW VINYL (expanded to 2LP)
7) Masters Of The Universe (compilation LP) 1977 CLEAR VINYL (single album)

These were the original classic United Artists Albums….but why oh why on God’s green earth did they NOT DO 1975’s classic Warrior On The Edge Of Time? This was the last LP that Lemmy played on and it had the classic Kings Of Speed single. The original 7″ B-side was actually the last song Lemmy (of Motorhead fame) wrote for Hawkwind; it was called “Motorhead” (yes, the first recording of that famous song.)
Gotta shrug my shoulders on why the LP was omitted. Maybe our Heavy Metal Wizard (Steve Beatty, owner of Back On Black), will give us a suitable answer? I think it may be because it was released on ATCO over here and there might be licensing problems? It was released in January 1975….by May 1975 while on tour crossing the U.S.A./Canadian border, Lemmy got ‘pinched’ for carrying speed (which authorities thought was Cocaine). They saw fit to throw Lemmy out of the group for being a nuisance……………………….and then came Motorhead!

Anyways…go for it, this is early classic Hawkwind and no doubt their BEST stuff!

To reissue or not to reissue?

I just don’t know how all of these reissue companies decide what to reissue and what will sell? Let’s face it….everybody in this business is here to make money. This is the way you have to look at it.

There is a company called Scorpio that for years has been respected as a great cut out/reissue company.
I praise this company for 2 big reasons. They keep the prices incredibly low and the quality and choices for releases are enough to make you scream with delight.

In 1998, you were able to purchase say, a Muddy Waters reissue called “Hard Again” reissued with the original ‘Blue Sky’ records label and cover. You paid a retail price of only $6.99. Now, in 2011, they have reissued it on 180 gram vinyl from some European import company and it will cost you $34.99. His 4 LP’s would cost you $140.00 compared to Scorpio’s $28.00. OK, OK, it’s not 1998, but this should still only go for $11.99 retail.

What I don’t understand is why these companies would put out, say, Journey’s ‘Escape’ LP and try to charge $30.00 for it. You can go to almost any used record store and find an original sealed, with the poster, on the original high quality Quiex II audiophile vinyl for $5.00. There is no excuse for this ridiculous cost; even when CD’s first came out and they were $27.00. By 1990, you could get these older classic albums on CD for $6.49 while the CD boom was still hot.

There are exceptions. For instance, there is a 180 gram remaster of an album by Etta James called ‘At Last’. This thing goes for $34.99. To me, this seems like a good deal because an original ARGO copy with slight smudges would go for about $150.00. The used Journey’s are like $2.00. Sometimes it takes a resurgence in popularity for the artist, or a cool commercial that brings out huge public interest. As soon as so and so starts dating some dude in an alternative band…all of a sudden their records sell like hotcakes, and the band may not really be that good. Hopefully, I don’t mean Fall Out Boy? YES, I probably do? Paramore are better (laugh).

Anyways, all I can say is this: 80% of the stock here on is product from Scorpio Music. The prices are incredible and 99% of the time your request will be in stock.

Scorpio Rocks! And we rock…I don’t mind saying it. I have dreams all the time of accidentally being  locked in the Scorpio vinyl warehouse all night… quote the pretty-eyed Annie Lennox, “sweet dreams are made of theez.”

Sundazed Offers A Tex-Mex March for 2011…

Hola Amigos,
Sundazed Music has announced 2 releases to get March 2011 rolling. They are both sounds from the mid 60’s to early 70’s in the Tex-Mex style.

I think it’s absolutely fantastic that Sundazed had the guts to just OD us with the Tex Mex sound all at once. It is a sound that is too often overlooked for it’s importance. It’s all good, happy music. The releases are:

1) Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs~The M~G~M Singles (32 tracks in Mono) 2 LP’s on 180 gram.
2) The Sir Douglas Quintet~Mono Singles (1968-1972) (22 tracks in Mono) 2 LP’s on 180 gram.

Ed. Note: Sure wish Sundazed could get the complete rights to Question Mark & The Mysterians two Cameo-Parkway LP’s (1966’s ’96 Tears’ & 1967’s  ‘Action’). That will be a real tuff one though, fists are flying over the rights to that, and now Allen Klein is dead…but I love my expensive as heck European re-ish’s from the late 90’s. Question Mark would complete the trilogy of popular 60’s Tex Mex dancable bands….unless you count The Hombres who only had one hit? By the way, The Mysterians were actually from Bay City, Michigan but really fit in with the Tex-Mex/Farfisa Organ sound of the mid 60’s.

Anyways, things you need to know about these releases:
The Sir Douglas Quintet’s catalog was confusing. Their 1st LP was called ‘The Best Of The Sir Douglas Quintet’ in 1966. This LP had more of a garage sound, and included ‘She’s About A Mover.’ This Sundazed compilation covers the time they were with SMASH records (a Mercury subsidiary). Mover is not on this, and Doug Sahm moved the band to San Francisco, so there are varying sounds on this compliation. It’s not a striaght tight sound all the way through the tracks. They did lean towards a country sound in the 70’s. Case in point is the number 1 country track by Freddy Fender ‘Wasted Days And Wasted Nights’ done here in an earlier version by SDQ.

As for both of these reissues, I must say I prefer the Stereo versions so much more. By 1966-1972, Stereo was in it’s prime as a recording experience. Rhino Records (in around 1989), was doing a lot of compilation albums. They were (probably Bill Inglot?) creating the killerest sounding true Stereo mixes of old 60’s songs. When I heard ‘Wooly Bully’ in Stereo, I almost fell out my chair. It sounded like Sam was playing the Farfisa organ about 2 inches from my nose.

Mono or Stereo….these are gonna get you up and dancin’ and are both well worth the money.
Sundazed is also making both of them available on CD. If you purchase the Sam The Sham on CD, you only get 28 tracks instead of 32.
Uno, Dos……..1-2-Tres-Quatro
Party! Party! Party!