Bob Marley: 3LP/2CD Lively Up's Hisself & Bongs Out The Jams!

When I heard a rumor that Bob Marley was gonna get a Live Album released for Record Store Day 2011, I thought to myself, “Oh God, whoop-dee-doo. More polished live recordings that sound like 12″ extended remixes”.

Well, I just listened to samples of this puppy (which came out on Jan 2, 2010), and fell out of my chair because it was so much better than I thought it could ever be. Who cares much anymore about Record Store Day anyways?
Rita kicked this puppy out NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is why Bob Marley Live At The Stanley Theatre, Pittsburgh, PA. (Sept. 23, 1980) is so great:

1) This was Bob Marley’s last performed concert before he passed on, he was in pain, and his voice was crackling, but his will and spirit were top notch. Like a soccer player’s attitude….he was GOING FOR THE GOAL!

2) His band seemed to have sensed that they may not play many more gigs with Bob, and the urgency of playing is there on the records…all the way through 3 LP’s.

3) Omigod! Look at the setlist. All the cool songs you thought wouldn’t be on there are there. Case in point is Natural Mystic, War, Burnin’ & Lootin’, Positive Vibration, The Heathen, Them Belly Full, Running Away, Crazy Baldhead, Zion Train, Work, remember…this was a tour for the “Uprising” album. Many of these songs are considered lesser known for sure.

4) last but not least, this recording sounds like a kid bootlegged it with his CRAIG portable cassette recorder. That is the good news. It rocks with echo and sounds like it was recorded in a tin building. It is just so so good. It isn’t a polished off live recording that sounds like his records. It’s Bob Marley with a gritty voice, and all the pops and unique moments that make a live recording so special (remember the firecrackers going off during “Frampton Comes Alive?”). Thank God this isn’t polished, it’s real….baybee just like Bob Marley was. God Bless you Bob.

This thing is available on 4 formats:
1) A digi-pak 2 CD.
2) A box set style (with more pix & info) of 2 CD’s
3) A digital download (yik)
4) A (RECOMMENDED) 3 LP (180 grams each), and the 2 CD’s with tons of pix and a re-print of the 1980 “Uprising” Tour Programme in color and with a few awesome 8X10 size pictures inside, suitable for color-copying…all for $50.00 (if you shop well)… .so….GET THIS ONE!!

If you get the 2 CD digipak at Best Buy (our local store is SOLD OUT of the 2 CD digipak), you get a 3rd disc; a DVD w/ interviews of Bob Marley’s family and maybe 15 minutes of extra music…it is a Best Buy exclusive available for a limited time with the DVD…so hurry!


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