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Metallica: Garage Band From The Bay Area?

It’s been reissued on vinyl again, and this time…Whew…if anybody can afford $50.00 for an unproduced Metallica record, then God save the last war I tell ya’. I’m talking about the 3 LP vinyl collection called Garage, Inc. Originally released in 1998, it gets it’s title because all of the garage covers that Metallica did are incorporated into one package. It includes the cover tracks from the original 1984 release, ‘Creeping Death’ B-Side Garage Days Revisited and the highly collectible 1987 12″, The $5.98 E.P. Garage Days Re-re-visited.

Well, in 1998, the 3 LP set retailed for $18.99. Now this 180 gram puppy goes for $49.99 (go figure, the original was on a pretty heavy vinyl too). I’d go for the SIX VINYL RECORDS that play @ 45 RPM  boxed set. If you are gonna pay $50.00, what’s another 50 bucks for a super cool 6 record box set?

No matter how you slice & dice it, the 3 LP set shoud be $20.00. The 6 record box should be $50.00. My old pals at Warner Brothers giving us all more reasons to go to confession.

Anyways, I can tell you right off the bat who did the original version of every song by the title. I don’t have to look it up, I own all of the original rare vinyl of every rare song.

It’s out there for you all and here are the songs followed by the original artists who did them:
1.  Free Speech For The Dumb=Discharge (uk)
2.  It’s Electric=Diamond Head (uk)
3.  Sabbra Cadabra=Black Sabbath (uk)
4.  Turn The Page=Bob Seger (usa)
5.  Die Die My Darling=The Misfits (usa)
6.  Loverman=Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (australia)
7.  Mercyful Fate Medley=Mercyful Fate (denmark)
8.  Astronomy=Blue Oyster Cult (usa)
9.  Whiskey In The Jar=Thin Lizzy (ireland)
10.  Tuesday’s Gone=Lynyrd Skynyrd (usa)
11.  The More I See=Discharge (uk)
12.   Am I Evil?=Diamond Head (uk)
13.  Blitzkrieg=Blitzkrieg (uk)
14.  Helpless=Diamond Head (uk)
15.  The Small Hours=Holocaust (uk)
16.  The Wait=Killing Joke (uk)
17.  Crash Course In Brain Surgery=Budgie (uk)
18.  Last Caress/Green Hell=The Misfits (usa)
19.  Breadfan=Budgie (uk)
20.  The Prince=Diamond Head (uk)
21.  Stone Cold Crazy=Queen (uk)
22.  So What=The Anti-Nowhere League (uk)
23.  Killing Time=Sweet Savage (northern ireland)
24.  Overkill=Motorhead (uk)
25.  Damage Case=Motorhead (uk)
26.  Stone Dead Forever=Motorhead (uk)
27.  Too Late, Too Late=Motorhead (uk)

And there you have it. The thing worth mentioning here is that a very big influence on Metallica was a band that really didn’t even come close to making it here in the states. They are Diamond Head, and there are 4 of their tracks on here. Metallica still perform these DH tracks live from time to time.

The Remains: recorded live on" The Ed Sullivan Show" Single…

Just notified by Sundazed Music. They will put out a 7″ Single by The Remains (out of Boston), featuring a rare Ed Sullivan performance of a never heard on record song by them. It is called “Let Me Through” and will be backed by another old A-side from them called ‘Why Do I Cry?”. This will be in a beatiful full color picture sleeve and it will be out shortly (March) ?

The Remains ROCK, and I can’t wait to hear this new song.
I recommend you to check them out, a perfect cross of The Beatles & The Stones…they opened for The Beatles on their (last ever) 1966 U.S.A. tour along with The Ronettes.

Warner Brothers announces 5 vinyl reissues for April 2011

Great News! Warner Brothers has announced 5 vinyl reissues set for a release date of April 16, 2011.

There will be a 180 gram double LP of Eric Clapton’s classic ‘Unplugged’ album

There will be a 180 gram AND a 180 gram double LP (that will play at 45 RPM’s) of the classic Fleetwood Mac album ‘Rumours.’

There will be the 1st Tom Petty & The Heartbeakers on 180 gram COLORED VINYL.
There will be the 2nd Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers album called ‘You’re Gonna Get It’ on 180 gram COLORED VINYL also.

Lastly, there will be a 180 gram ORANGE VINYL pressing of Sonic Youth’s 1985 experimental, ambient album ‘Bad Moon Rising’.

Stay Tuned!

Thin Lizzy vinyl reissues: All 8 are here March 1, 2011

Exciting news! The 8 classic Thin Lizzy albums are on their way. They are all on 180 gram vinyl. They will all be on assorted colors of vinyl. They will all have Gatefold Covers just like all the Judas Priest album reissues were. The only album which will feature BONUS TRACKS is “Thunder & Lightning” which will be expanded to a 2-record set including 4 rare LIVE tracks all on the 2nd record.

Here is a full report from the Back On Black Records camp:

Scheduled for release are:
“Jailbreak” BLUE VINYL
“Johnny The Fox” RED VINYL
“Bad Reputation” WHITE VINYL
“Live And Dangerous” BLUE VINYL (2LP)
“Chinatown” YELLOW VINYL **note** delayed until April 13, 2011
“Renegade” RED VINYL
“Thunder And Lightning” CLEAR VINYL (2LP, 2nd LP has 4 rare LIVE tracks)

Do not panic (like I did when I heard “Nightlife” & especially “Fighting” weren’t on this release list), the label plans to release the earlier albums at a later date, so keep your eyes peeled for those…

Of this batch of initial releases, there are many classics, but ‘Jailbreak’ saw the band really take off, for the first time, as a major force in rock. Everything seemed to come right all at once. Phil Lynott’s songwriting skills were honed by his increasing use of imagery, and he now had a hand in all of the of the songs which meant that the songs themselves were tighter and more mature, and Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson’s twin-lead guitar sound gave the band a distinctive personality. Also, Lynott’s voice had now developed enough to be used as an interpretive instrument which became part of the band’s growing reputation.

“We did the deal to create the vinyl with Universal and we talked to the band and their management regarding merchandising and everything else,” said Back On Black boss, Steve Beatty. “We requested the sources, to create the reissues, from Universal. On other projects, we’ve been used to coping with whatever we’ve been given. We sometimes receive digital masters, for example, because the original record label may have binned the master tapes after digitally remastering them. However, when we put our request in for Thin Lizzy, a great big box turned up packed with the original master tapes! It was out of this world.”

Which to the delight of Lizzy fans the world over, means that all of the albums will be remastered direct from the original tapes. In addition, because the ‘Jailbreak’ album – and the rest – will be sold within a gatefold sleeve, the inside cover will hold a picture of the original master tape. As proof, as it were.

“We stood there, looking at this piece of history and thought, ‘They couriered these things to us’. I wouldn’t have sent these in a van. If it was me, I’d have said “These are going nowhere! Or, you pick them up personally and I want them back tomorrow! They’re like the crown jewels of rock, really.”

The fact that so many albums are being released by his company is important for Beatty. “When some companies deal with bands they might reissue one or two of their LP’s but we think fans want to collect the entire set.” Good intentions are often voiced to this effect, from other outfits, but the implentation of securing a complete discography is, too often, unrealised. Back On Black’s success is partly down to hard work. “We spent a lot of time with the band and it’s management and then we declared to the label that we wanted to spend time and money on an entire campaign.”

It’s that work behind the scenes which counts a lot – a professional attitude that unfortunately, many other small independents cannot or will not undertake. But there’s also been work on industry inertia, “Sometimes major labels say to me, ‘What do you want to do vinyl for?’ When I started this label, everybody I knew referred to vinyl and said, ‘You’re off your f*****g head, mate’. I replied that digital is not record collecting and it’s not music. I said that, well, we’re all fans of this stuff and we think it’s good.”

Finally, a word has to be said regarding the artwork for ‘Jailbreak’ and for the rest of this series. “Our reissue sleeves look like they’ve been made yesterday – which they were. The comparison is like switching from a black & white TV to HD colour,” said Beatty. That is, an original sleeve has been scanned and then an artist has drawn over the top to create an exact match. The advantage being that the resultant colours are not only more vivid but today’s superior printing techniques and processes make for a decidedly superior ‘original’ artwork.

All the albums in this release series deserve attention, and for fans they will be essential purchases, but if you really have to just pick just one to get the ball rolling, then ‘Jailbreak’ is the priority. A real classic!

**UPDATE** The “Chinatown” album on yellow transparent vinyl has been delayed until April 13, 2011.

St. Patrick's Day 2011 on vinyl: Guinness Will Overflow As Usual

St. Patrick’s Day is coming and one thing you can’t always count on is everybody to wear GREEN, (except in Boston). One thing you can always count on is a brand new album by “The Dropkick Murphys” and “Flogging Molly“. This year is no excpetion and The Dropkicks will be first out of the Beer Barrel this year with an album called “Going Out In Style” scheduled for a March 1st 2011 release date. It will also be available on 180 gram White Vinyl w/a FREE CD of the entire album in the LP jacket…wot a bargain for $18.00. It is unlcear about the official date of the vinyl. I have been told March 15 for the vinyl version. Going Out In Style is the seventh studio album by the Dropkicks. It will be the band’s third release on their Born & Bred Records label, and marks the longest gap between two Dropkick albums, as it will be released almost 4 years after 2007’s The Meanest Of Times. (Ed. Note: there was a double live album released last year).

Going Out In Style is a concept album and will take the band’s own personal experiences and family folklore and roll them into the story of a fictional character named Cornelius Larkin.

The album will feature guest appearences by Bruce Springsteen, NOFX vocalist/bassist, Fat Mike, Chris Cheney from The Living End and actor/comedian Lenny Clarke. The first single from the album will be “Memorial Day” and on January 18, 2011 Rolling Stone Magazine began streaming the song on their website. On February 2, 2011, Alternative Press released an exclusive stream of the song, Hang ‘Em High.

Flogging Molly:
Flogging Molly is currently in the studio still finishing a new album. It is called “The Speed Of Darkness“. It is being recorded in an old church building turned into a recording studio in Asheville, North Carolina. The expected release date is May 2011. You can go to their website to hear the first single off the album called “Don’t Shut ‘Em Down.”

(Ed Note: Goth Band “The Sisters Of Mercy” did all of their recordings up till their first album (“First And Last And Always”) in an old abandoned church in Leeds, England; as well as the psychotically political UK punk band Crass did  for all their albums in a London abandoned church.)

Anyways “Erin Go Bragh” on March 17th!!!

**UPDATE** The White Vinyl LP/FREE CD version will not be released until April 5, 2011

Sundazed announces a Hollies "Ten Singles Box Set" that will daze and amaze you…

Sing Hallelujah!!!

Sundazed is really keeping it fun with this one. It is The Hollies – Lost Recordings And Beat Rarities!

According to Sundazed, this new boxset will collect 20 long-buried Hollies’ recordings across TEN seven inch vinyl singles, each with a gorgeous period-label and picture sleeve! The tracks range from hard-to-find U.S. and British singles and EP’s to songs previously unissued on vinyl. Follow the group from their first single (released May of 1963), the savage “(Ain’t That) Just Like Me” b/w “Hey What’s Wrong With Me,” through their discotheque dance-floor raves: “Come On Back,” “What Kind of Love” and “She Said Yeah.” Swoon to their swingin’ ballad “Yes I Will,” groove with their jazzy “Honey And Wine” and float to outer space with “All the World Is Love.” Discover an impossible-to-find, spy-styled double-sider the Hollies did for a 1967 Italian movie, and groove to unreleased tracks cut while on tour in New York City in 1965, then marvel at an extremely scarce cover of the Beatles’ “If I Needed Someone,” tracked at Abbey Road, revered recording home to both groups.

On a personal note, I’ll say this:
1) These recordings are all masters for the time they were with Imperial Records meaning ‘early Hollies’.
2) All tracks are going to be in Mono
3) There will be NO Epic Records recordings
4) The Hollies time with Imperial to me really focused on loud harmony vocals, a total trademark for them.
5) Someone on Sundazed’s Facebook kept complaining because there is NO CD RELEASE. Sundazed and The Hollies are extremely excited to offer this to you in such a fun format. Sundazed is not really about stamping 100,000 CD’s. The Hollies members went to Sundazed because it a company run and owned by music lovers and collectors. No one is as excited as I am about this coming out and I won’t sleep right until I have it. Making this box set is very tedious, time consuming and alot of technical stresses. We all (me too) should apprecite what Sundazed does for the people. I feel bad when I critisize something they worked so hard on, so I need to humble myself a little too.

Sundazed states this will be out in April or May…..but I have a hunch they are marathoning to get this out everyday.

You can view the “awesome” box set cover already on Sundazed’s Facebook. Go to images.

The Flaming Lips: Lips On Fire for Record Store Day 2011

Well one thing for sure, Wayne Coyne never dissapoints on Record Store Day. As for last year, he gets my vote for the best release: The Flaming Lips (and special guests) performing Pink Floyd’s complete “Dark Side Of The Moon” LP. My girlfriend calls it “Dark Side Of The Lips”; I told her, “No, no, ‘Lips Side Of The Moon’ is much, much better.”  Was there anything better last year? The only thing that came close was the three Sonic Youth re-issues.

This year The Flaming Lips are offering a 5 LP box set called “Heavy Nuggs: The First 5 Warner Brothers Records, 1992-2002.” It comes out on April 16, 2011, (Record Store Day).

The albums are: “Hit To Death In The Future Head” (1992), “Transmissions From The Satellite Heart” (1993), “Clouds Taste Metallic” (1995), “The Soft Bulletin” (1999), and the Grammy Award winning, “Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots” (2002).

There will be two different editions of this vinyl only Box Set. The “Standard” Record Store Day Edition which features all 5 discs pressed on black 140gram vinyl as well as a “Special Limited Edition” featuring all 5 discs pressed on 5 different colors of colored vinyl available only through the official web store.

Both versions will be extremely limited and once they are gone, they are GONE, so don’t delay; these will sell out.
The cover of the box set is posted on The Flaming Lips Official Website….check it out.

The Flaming Lips are a love ’em or hate ’em band for people, but all I can say is this: I never took LSD and guess what?
Since The Flaming Lips came along,  I’ll never want to…..for they are my TRIP!!

The Pretty Things: "S.F. Sorrow" on Seafoam Colored Vinyl

That’s right. Sundazed has kicked out another limited colored vinyl pressing run of rock’s original classic psychedelic rock opera by The Pretty Things, yet again. The first colored vinyl pressing was on Clear Blue, and used the U.S.A. cover (now SOLD OUT worldwide.) This one uses the rare-as-heck U.K. animated cover….to make you (and definitely ME) have a reason to go out and buy it. This thing was originally issued in the U.S.A. by Motown’s “Rare Earth” subsidiary. It was like Motown’s “heavy rock” label so to speak. It (of course) had Rare Earth on it, but also had early Love Sculpture (featuring a young Dave Edmunds) and even The Mynah Birds featuring NEIL YOUNG and RICK JAMES in the same band…a rock band. Rare Earth was the most successful band on the label because they used Motown session players on their albums (that makes sense, eh?)

Rare Earth only released 2 albums by The Pretty Things. “S.F. Sorrow” (1969) & “Parachute” (1970.) Neither of these charted in the U.S.A, but “Parachute” got to #43 in the U.K., albeit without founding member Dick Taylor.

1969’s “S.F. Sorrow” (the U.K. had it out in mid 1968 actually on Columbia), was based on a fictional character Sebastian F. Sorrow, created by the band’s singer Phil May. Many people mistakingly linked the S.F. with San Francisco because of the huge Haight-Ashbury scene at the time.

This LP was issued in both Stereo & Mono. The band has stated a preference for the Mono one. Which brings us to this question: Why oh why didn’t Sundazed Music do this UK version in Mono for a change? Sometimes I just want to ……Ooooh!!!

Another thing you should avoid with this album. Don’t make the same mistake I made. This album is noted as being a ‘rock opera’ a whole year before The Who’s “Tommy” rock opera and always was compared with it to this day. When someone turned me on to this in 1975 with that information, I assumed it would be like The Who’s “Tommy.” Don’t even think that. Think of a Kinks album or a Small Faces album from 1967. Otherwise you’ll be expecting too much from it. It took like 35 years to appreciate this because it (duh!) wasn’t as good as “Tommy”. Now I can really dig it; and to be fair to Sundazed, it does sound sonically clear in True Stereo. It is an excellent album and really much better than “Parachute” to me. “Parachute” was just too unfocused with many new players on it. Plus by 1970 and all that Altamont garbage….many bands just seemed so burnt out for awhile.

Give this thing a sample, you will probably purchase it; the sudsy seafoam colored vinyl only adds to the fun.

There is still a part of me that grinds my teeth about this band. Even Dick Taylor said it. “We wouldn’t even know how to begin to write a pop song; in fact we intentionally recorded one once and it wasn’t very good.”

Hopefully everyone knows that this band’s early career is totally linked to The Rolling Stones etc. etc.; but they really did both have the same problem: Psychedelia was not what either of these bands was about. Even though I listen to “Satanic Majesties Request” often now… just can’t compare it to what The Rolling Stones did best….and that was a tough rock ‘n’ blues band. After “Satanic Majesties” came “Beggar’s Banquet“, “Let It Bleed“, “Sticky Fingers” and “Exile On Main St.” I rest my case…. unfortunately, it DID NOT happen to The Pretty Things that way and the early stuff is still the best from them.

R.I.P. Gary Moore (April 4, 1952 – February 6, 2011)

Oh, it’s yet another sad day for heavy metal. Bandmates say heavy metal & blues guitarist, Gary Moore has died. He was 58. He is most noted for being a member of the influential Irish heavy metal rock band Thin Lizzy. This comes not even a year after heavy metal received a hard blow with the loss of singer Ronnie James Dio. Gary’s manager Adam Parsons told the BBC that Moore was found dead Sunday, February 6th in a hotel room at Kempinski Hotel. It is located on the Costa del Sol in Estepona, Spain. He was visiting Spain on vacation. The cause of the death was not immediately known. Thin Lizzy drummer Brian Downey said Moore’s death was a “total shock,” and Lizzy guitarist Scott Gorham said he was “a great player and a great guy.”

Gary was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1952, Moore was a member of Dublin band Skid Row (not to be confused with the late 80’s hair metal band from Jersey) before joining Thin Lizzy in 1973, playing on tracks for the 1974 “Nightlife” album. He left after four months, but rejoined four years later and played on the band’s 1978 “Black Rose” album before going solo once again.

He had a successful solo career (even as of late), and his accomplished bluesy playing won plaudits from other musicians.

Thin Lizzy had global hits in the 1970’s with songs like “The Boys Are Back In Town” and “Whiskey In The Jar.” Frontman Phil Lynott died in 1986, but with a different lineup the band continues to tour today.

Funeral details were not immediately available.
We’ll miss you Gary!

Thank God “Back/On/Black” records has been previously announcing the re-issue of 8 classic Thin Lizzy albums.
These should actually be out on the market in approx. 2 weeks (Feb 24th?)

Bob Marley: 3LP/2CD Lively Up's Hisself & Bongs Out The Jams!

When I heard a rumor that Bob Marley was gonna get a Live Album released for Record Store Day 2011, I thought to myself, “Oh God, whoop-dee-doo. More polished live recordings that sound like 12″ extended remixes”.

Well, I just listened to samples of this puppy (which came out on Jan 2, 2010), and fell out of my chair because it was so much better than I thought it could ever be. Who cares much anymore about Record Store Day anyways?
Rita kicked this puppy out NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is why Bob Marley Live At The Stanley Theatre, Pittsburgh, PA. (Sept. 23, 1980) is so great:

1) This was Bob Marley’s last performed concert before he passed on, he was in pain, and his voice was crackling, but his will and spirit were top notch. Like a soccer player’s attitude….he was GOING FOR THE GOAL!

2) His band seemed to have sensed that they may not play many more gigs with Bob, and the urgency of playing is there on the records…all the way through 3 LP’s.

3) Omigod! Look at the setlist. All the cool songs you thought wouldn’t be on there are there. Case in point is Natural Mystic, War, Burnin’ & Lootin’, Positive Vibration, The Heathen, Them Belly Full, Running Away, Crazy Baldhead, Zion Train, Work, remember…this was a tour for the “Uprising” album. Many of these songs are considered lesser known for sure.

4) last but not least, this recording sounds like a kid bootlegged it with his CRAIG portable cassette recorder. That is the good news. It rocks with echo and sounds like it was recorded in a tin building. It is just so so good. It isn’t a polished off live recording that sounds like his records. It’s Bob Marley with a gritty voice, and all the pops and unique moments that make a live recording so special (remember the firecrackers going off during “Frampton Comes Alive?”). Thank God this isn’t polished, it’s real….baybee just like Bob Marley was. God Bless you Bob.

This thing is available on 4 formats:
1) A digi-pak 2 CD.
2) A box set style (with more pix & info) of 2 CD’s
3) A digital download (yik)
4) A (RECOMMENDED) 3 LP (180 grams each), and the 2 CD’s with tons of pix and a re-print of the 1980 “Uprising” Tour Programme in color and with a few awesome 8X10 size pictures inside, suitable for color-copying…all for $50.00 (if you shop well)… .so….GET THIS ONE!!

If you get the 2 CD digipak at Best Buy (our local store is SOLD OUT of the 2 CD digipak), you get a 3rd disc; a DVD w/ interviews of Bob Marley’s family and maybe 15 minutes of extra music…it is a Best Buy exclusive available for a limited time with the DVD…so hurry!