Sundazed announces 4 items to start out February 2011…

but if you ask me, it could be “dead roses” for Valentines this year?

Here are the items:

1) Blues Magoos~ Psychedelic Lollipop STEREO re-issue of 1966 LP
1a) Blues Magoos~Psychedellic Lollipop CD (Limited Edition of 1000)

2) Blues Magoos~Electric Comic Book STEREO re-issue of 1967 LP (with the reproduced Comic Book)
2a) Blues Magoos~Electric Comic Book CD (Limited Edition of 1000)

3) The Howard Roberts Quartet~H.R. Is A Dirty Guitar Player (180 gram STEREO re-issue of 1963 swinging jazz guitar LP for Capitol Records)

OK you guys, there is no denying the coolness & importance of these 3 titles.
I always feel like I’m stealing money out of my momma’s purse when I’m about to disagree with Sundazed’s choices, because they are like an extended family to me.

My quabble is this:

Psychedelic Lollipop & Electric Comic Book are not even on 180 gram vinyl; are not even in MONO and not even on a colored vinyl. These LP’s have been easily available as a budget re-issue right here on for less than half of the price (they are still on the site too). I was laughing because the comic book that comes with Electric Comic Book can probably be downloaded and printed on the web from some old hippie’s website. And how could they say limited edition of 1000 CD’s only? The truth is….THEY CAN’T SELL THAT MANY ANYMORE, CD’s are DEAD! Last but not least, they don’t even have any Bonus Tracks on either format.

Oh Bob Irwin & Tim Livingston….please, please, please do some colored vinyl on this or SCORPIO will beat you to it.

The Howard Roberts is cool and I want one, but will wait to see if they do a colored vinyl yellow marbled of it for awhile.

OK, you have choices, but the 4 Record Store Day Singles in April from Sundazed is what I’m waiting for 🙂
Yardbirds / John Mayall & Eric Clapton / Freddy King / Velvet Underground…YEH!

With all the cool stuff people are recommending on Sundazed’s Facebook, I’m amazed they went with Blues Magoos
But you all just wait……I hear Sundazed is going to re-issue The Left Banke’s 2 LP’s before the end of the year? Wooooooo! These were originally on Smash Records in ’67 & ’68 (a subsidiary of Mercury Records).
The original “Walk Away Renee”, “Pretty Ballerina”, and “Desiree” are comin’ your way baybee.


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