…And Don't Forget To Boogie

The Sundazed vinyl crew have recently re-released the 1st LP from Canned Heat originally released on Liberty Records back in 1967. It is on 180 gram HQ vinyl and is in MONO and Sundazed has done it yet again. This LP was recorded shortly after their performance at The Monterey International Pop Festival which took place in June of 1967. Hmm, I’ll tell you what, not only did John Lee Hooker record a fantastic double album with them, many of the old blues original guys have nothing but praise for their sound. Alan Wilson on that harp was really something. The guitarist and singer were definitely overlooked. If you listen to the recent 40th Anniversary Woodstock concert box set loaded with 6 CD’s on Rhino, you get like a 38 minute version of Re-fried Hockey Boogie. At the end of their set, the audience is just going crazy. Country Joe got an awesome applause after he sung “I-Feel-Like-I’m-A-Fixin’-To-Die” but listen to that crowd after Canned Heat’s set. They may have been the best performance at Woodstock? It sure wasn’t The Who or Janis Joplin. I’d say Sly Stone, Jefferson Airplane, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young were top notch. The bands you wouldn’t expect played well at Woodstock: it’s a known fact. I’m sure The Stones would have stunk at Woodstock (sorry Mick, better that you did the Madison Square Garden gigs at Christmas time).

Anyways, this LP sounds absolutely fantastic in MONO. It didn’t really have any hits on it like” Boogie With Canned Heat” did, but I think it is the most solid album they did. No, I can’t say it’s better than “Boogie With Canned Heat”.

Check this one out though, it is really good.


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