Vinyl Record Fans: It's official~Vinyl Records are "Hot" right now.. wanna tell me why I’m sweating buckets just to purchase one lousy new release album?
Case in point is the brand new release (yesterday) by a band called Cake.
Their sixth album titled “Showroom Of Compassion” sold out all vinyl copies on Amazon in about 6 hours. Many were then available as a 3rd party. Those are now gone unless you want it shipped from the UK and pay $30.00 for a $15.00 record that won’t even get to you before Valentine’s Day 2011. Listen everyone: vinyl records are smokin’ hot right now and this little band from Sacramento has just about sold out the 1st pressings on 180 gram RED VINYL. I’m blessed that I was able to get it 3rd party for a good price.
I’d suggest that the readers rifle through the website, because I can feel a surge of demand coming pretty quickly…people are sick of MP3’s and CD’s.

These 12 titles all have one thing in common: they sold out on Amazon within hours (some are re-stocked now).

1) The Bubble Puppy~A Gathering Of Promises / Gold w Black Smokey Splatter Vinyl = SOLD OUT
2) The Pretty Things~1st LP / Brown Vinyl = SOLD OUT
3) Jefferson Airplane~Surrealistic Pillow / 180 gm. MONO Purple Marble Vinyl = SOLD OUT
4) Tom Petty~Damn The Torpedoes / 180 gm. 2 LP Red Vinyl = SOLD OUT
5) Hans Zimmer/Johnny Marr (of The Smiths)~INCEPTION soundtrack / Clear Vinyl = re-stocked
6) Metallica~Live At Grimey’s / 180 gm. 2 ten inch records on Clear Vinyl = SOLD OUT
7) Scott Pilgrim vs. The World soundtrack / 180 gm. Red Vinyl = SOLD OUT
8) Cake~Showroom Of Compassion / 180 gm. Red Vinyl = SOLD OUT, re-stocking soon
9) Jenny & Johnny~I’m Having Fun Now / Clear Vinyl w/ CD = re-stocked
10) Blink 182~Buddah / 180 gm. Clear w/ Blue & Yellow Splatter = SOLD OUT
11) Earlyman~10 inch E.P. / Orange Vinyl w/ 14 inch custom tri-fold cover = SOLD OUT
12) The Twilight Saga: Eclipse / 2 LP Red Vinyl = SOLD OUT (1 left)


As Mr. James Brown would say: “Get On Up, Get Into It and Get Involved”.

January 12, 2011


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