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Sundazed announces 4 items to start out February 2011…

but if you ask me, it¬†could be “dead roses” for Valentines this year?

Here are the items:

1) Blues Magoos~ Psychedelic Lollipop STEREO re-issue of 1966 LP
1a) Blues Magoos~Psychedellic Lollipop CD (Limited Edition of 1000)

2) Blues Magoos~Electric Comic Book STEREO re-issue of 1967 LP (with the reproduced Comic Book)
2a) Blues Magoos~Electric Comic Book CD (Limited Edition of 1000)

3) The Howard Roberts Quartet~H.R. Is A Dirty Guitar Player (180 gram STEREO re-issue of 1963 swinging jazz guitar LP for Capitol Records)

OK you guys, there is no denying the coolness & importance of these 3 titles.
I always feel like I’m stealing money out of my momma’s purse when I’m about to disagree with Sundazed’s choices, because they are like an extended family to me.

My quabble is this:

Psychedelic Lollipop & Electric Comic Book are not even on 180 gram vinyl; are not even in MONO and not even on a colored vinyl. These LP’s have been easily available as a budget re-issue right here on for less than half of the price (they are still on the site too). I was laughing because the comic book that comes with Electric Comic Book can probably be downloaded and printed on the web from some old hippie’s website. And how could they say limited edition of 1000 CD’s only? The truth is….THEY CAN’T SELL THAT MANY ANYMORE, CD’s are DEAD! Last but not least, they don’t even have any Bonus Tracks on either format.

Oh Bob Irwin & Tim Livingston….please, please, please do some colored vinyl on this or SCORPIO will beat you to it.

The Howard Roberts is cool and I want one, but will wait to see if they do a colored vinyl yellow marbled of it for awhile.

OK, you have choices, but the 4 Record Store Day Singles in April from Sundazed is what I’m waiting for ūüôā
Yardbirds / John Mayall & Eric Clapton / Freddy King / Velvet Underground…YEH!

With all the cool stuff people are recommending on Sundazed’s Facebook, I’m amazed they went with Blues Magoos
But you all just wait……I hear Sundazed is going to re-issue The Left Banke’s 2 LP’s before the end of the year? Wooooooo! These were originally on Smash Records in ’67 & ’68 (a subsidiary of Mercury Records).
The original “Walk Away Renee”, “Pretty Ballerina”,¬†and “Desiree” are comin’ your way baybee.

5 More Colored Vinyl titles available from Sundazed

Hot off the presses are 5 more 180 gram colored vinyl albums for a price that is unbelievable~$18.98!
Hurry up though, they are only pressing 100 copies of each & 300 of the Jefferson Airplane.

Here are the titles:
1) Jefferson Airplane~After Bathing At Baxter’s in MONO on Bright Red (300 copies)
2) The Standells~The Live Ones 10″ E.P. Marbled Burgandy (this one is only $9.98)
3) The Lovin’ Spoonful~Hums Of The Lovin’ Spoonful 180 gram STEREO on Bright Marbled Sun-Yellow (gorgeous!)
4) Clayton Doley’s Organ Donors~Tesnsion! 180 gram STEREO on Marbled Purple
5) Eddie Cochran~Live At Town Hall Party 1959 LP on Marble Maroon

OK, some comments & reviews on these:

The Jefferson Airplane: I mean come on, it’s the 1st 5 albums by them (“Takes Off“, “Surrealistic Pillow“, “After Bathing At Baxter’s“, “Crown Of Creation“, “Volunteers” & Paul Kantner’s “Blows Against The Empire“. These are the Gods, and most of the live albums were¬†better than good. “Baxter’s was like a concept album with like¬†6 suites (later revisited on Side 2 of the “Blows Against The Empire” LP).

The Lovin’ Spoonful: If only one LP be reissued, this would be the best-seller and rightly so. It has coconut grove, summer in the city, lovin’ you, voodoo in my basement, nashville cats and rain on the roof on it. This is already like a greatest hits album, whereas all the others seem to have had more filler and cover songs.

I can’t really review Clayton Doley at this time. I’ve heard they gained alot of popularity through their hard-nosed and constant touring and playing live shows. Good for them, that’s what it’s all about anyways.

Eddie Cochran: he was always kinda under-rated in the USA. All I can say is that England loved him. So, so many British artists thought he was the best and covered his songs; from balladeer Paul Young to rip-rawking Sid Vicious.

The Standells: this 10″ E.P. is actually very clean and lively for a bootleg. It really sounds great. And 2 of these guys were already show biz veterans. Larry Tamblyn was actor Russ Tamblyns brother and Dick Dodd (the drummer) was an original mouseketeer. Nuff said, but these guys were garage rock growlers.

Check these 5 out if you get a chance?

Sundazed Announces 4 "Hot" Singles For Record Store Day 2011


Readers take note, these 7″ singles may be the coolest thing out there on Record Store Day 2011.

This year it takes place on April 16th.

Well, here is what Sundazed has leaked out for release so far (all 4 in awesome picture sleeves):

1) John Mayall/Eric Clapton~Lonely Years b/w Bernard Jenkins (MONO, re-issue of a 1966 single only)
2) The Velvet Undergound~Foggy Notion b/w I Can’t Stand It (studio versions in MONO)
3) The Yardbirds~Goodnight Sweet Josephine b/w Think About It (studio versions in MONO)
4) Freddy King~Wash Out b/w Butterscotch (MONO, both tracks from “Let’s Hide Away” LP)

Hah! After I verbally squeezed Sundazed like a Chamois cloth for not including “Think About It” as a bonus track on their recently released “Little Games” MONO vinyl album….here ’tis (Oops, Sorry)

Sundazed says there will more from them to be announced shortly: Stay Tuned!

Record Store Day: April 16, 2011…is it a snoozer this year?

I’m already shaking in my chair anticipating this day. Hope I get all the cool stuff like I did last year?
There is a huge problem though. Record Store Day is getting a bad rep now. They say put up the posters, and then none of the records that were ordered even come in. Aha, that’s why the John Lennon Singles Bag is now on ebay for $149.00. People are upset and calling it a farce; and I know 2 local reccord shops in my town that ARE NOT participating this year. Last Vestige (a great vinyl shop), is NOT this year either. That’s BAD! I just don’t know, man. We have to keep vinyl alive, but then there are people who see it as a big scam. I think the idea is cool. Get a popcorn machine and some apple juice, in store performers, and have a nice get together and talk shop. Something seems to have gone wrong? God Bless all the record companies who are still interested and will contribute something cool. Sundazed are releasing 3 special 7″ singles that are really cool (see my forthcoming post: Sundazed Announces 3 Singles For Record Store Day 2011).

There was like a mini-Record Store Day right at Christmastime. Too bad 4 people in the world knew about it: not good.

So far, all I know is that Bob Marley’s last concert at Stanley Theatre in Pittsburgh, PA. 9/23/1980 will be one. Iron & Wine w/ a FREE patch. I’m not too impressed so far. The Sundazed stuff is the most exciting to me.
I’m starting to agree with the masses. Now, it seems mostly like a way to promote new bands; with not so much of the old classics re-issued / re-mastered. They better come up with some action here? We’ll see.
Updates soon: Stay Tuned!

Back/On/Black Records: Metal so heavy, a chunk of the earth may fall off in Oxfordshire

Great Golly Great Britain~man is this company doing vinyl right. They just never stop snapping that left jab.

Readers: here is a pretty good list of the tasty things coming in the next 4 months.

January 2011
Saxon~The Eagle Has Landed (Live!) 2 LP, 180 gram RED VINYL w/ extra tracks (OUT NOW)
Uriah Heep~Demons And Wizards 2 LP, 180 gram BLUE VINYL w/ extra tracks (OUT NOW)
Raven~Nothing Exceeds Like Excess, 180 gram vinyl (OUT NOW)
Witchfinder General~Death Penalty, 180 gram RED VINYL (OUT NOW) Recommended!
Witchfinder General~Friends Of Hell, 180 gram BLUE VINYL (OUT NOW)

February 2011
Tank~War Machine (new 2011 recording)
Heaven & Hell~Neon Nights (Live At Wacken)
Hate Forest~Scythia
Hate Forest~The Most Ancient Ones
Hate Forest~Purity
Hate Forest~Battlefields
Hate Forest~Sorrow
Thin Lizzy~ Jailbreak, 180 gram BLUE VINYL Recommended!
Thin Lizzy~Johnny The Fox, 180 gram RED VINYL
Thin Lizzy~Bad Reputation, 180 gram WHITE VINYL Recommended!
Thin Lizzy~Live And Dangerous , 2 LP 180 gram CLEAR VINYL Recommended!
Thin Lizzy~Black Rose, 180 gram PURPLE VINYL
Thin Lizzy~Chinatown, 180 gram ORANGE VINYL
Thin Lizzy~Renegade, 180 gram RED VINYL
Thin Lizzy~Thunder And Lightning, 180 gram BLUE VINYL

March 2011
There will be  7 original HAWKWIND albums on assorted 180 gram COLORS (more on this later)
Nuclear Assault~Live At Hammersmith
Motorhead~No Sleep Til Hammersmith
Burzum~Fallen, 180 gram COLRED VINYL

April 2011

Focus~Live On Air
Rainbow~Bent Out Of Shape
UFO~Force It (orig. controversial full color UK cover that was faded out in the U.S.A.)
Testament~New Order Recommended!

That is it, there will be more info on the March & April releases forthcoming.

Saxon: Their 1st five studio albums didn’t have a bad song on them, KILLER..and sooo under-rated….and then something happened.
I don’t think to this day that the band knows what happened. Success ran a little dry. This live album really does NOT come close to matching the spark of those 5 studio efforts. I can’t answer that one either. This LP seemed monotone? The 6 bonus tracks sure help it in the 2000’s though.

Raven: Actually, their early stuff on NEAT records was killer too. The release of “Nothing Exceeds” is mind boggling. I must say, in a nutshell, this was the worst album they did.

Witchfinder General: These guys are legends for sure. They only had 1 single, 1 12″ E.P. and these 2 albums (“Death Penalty”-1982¬†blowing away “Friends Of Hell”-1983). They quickly split after being ripped off by the powers-that-be, but are now legends. There are about 100,000 bands that copy the sound of “old school” Black Sabbath” but guess what? This was the 1st band I ever heard do it and do it WELL!!! The insane nudity on the LP covers didn’t hurt a bit either.

UFO: The 2 UFO studio albums here could never match the double live ‘Strangers In The Night” LP (also availbale on Back On Black). Even though there just isn’t a bad song as long as Michael Schenker is playing guitar, all of their studio albums had some¬†filler on them. “Lights Out” is probably the best studio album song for song.

Testament: These are their 1st 2 classic albums (New Order had “Trial By Fire” on it and is a slightly better album).
They pretty much (just like Overkill), lost something in the 90’s.

Thin Lizzy: no comment needed. They were absolutely great live, but did put a little filler on the studio albums.
Another total legend.

I hope everyone benefits from this? Keep on rockin’

…And Don't Forget To Boogie

The Sundazed¬†vinyl crew have recently re-released the 1st LP from Canned Heat originally released on Liberty Records back in 1967. It is on 180 gram HQ vinyl and is in MONO and Sundazed has done it yet again. This LP was recorded shortly after their performance at The Monterey International Pop Festival¬†which took place in June of 1967. Hmm, I’ll tell you what, not only did John Lee Hooker record a fantastic double album with them, many of the old blues original guys have nothing but praise for their sound. Alan Wilson on that harp was really something. The guitarist and singer were definitely overlooked. If you listen to the recent 40th Anniversary Woodstock concert box set loaded with¬†6 CD’s on Rhino, you get like a 38 minute version of Re-fried Hockey Boogie. At the end of their set, the audience is just going crazy. Country Joe got an awesome applause after he sung “I-Feel-Like-I’m-A-Fixin’-To-Die” but listen to that crowd after Canned Heat’s set. They may have been the best performance at Woodstock? It sure wasn’t The Who or Janis Joplin. I’d say Sly Stone, Jefferson Airplane, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young¬†were top notch. The bands you wouldn’t expect played well at Woodstock: it’s a known fact. I’m sure The Stones would have stunk at Woodstock (sorry Mick, better that you did the Madison Square Garden gigs at Christmas time).

Anyways, this LP sounds absolutely fantastic in MONO. It didn’t really have any hits on it like” Boogie With Canned Heat” did, but I think it is the most solid album they did. No, I can’t say it’s better than “Boogie With Canned Heat”.

Check this one out though, it is really good.

Sundazed upcoming vinyl releases for February & March 2011

Well, I got a sneak peek at what’s cooking on the Sundazed Platter Matter.

Here you go:

1) John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers~1st LP (ERIC CLAPTON on guitar) 180 gram MONO UK masters.
2) John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers~A Hard Road (PETER GREEN on Guitar) 180 gram MONO UK masters.
3) John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers~Crusade (MICK TAYLOR on guitar) 180 gram MONO UK masters.

4) Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs~ The MGM Singles Collection (180 gram MONO 2 LP w/ 32 tracks).
5) Canned Heat~1st LP (180 gram MONO) out now!!!

last but not least…a beautiful RED VINYL pressing of the classic 3rd Jefferson Airplane LP
“After Bathing At Baxter’s” in MONO.

Although, I must question listening to JA in Mono. For a harmony vocaled, multi-instrumental psychedelic group, the idea was to experience it in stereo. Jimi Hendrix, Moody Blues, Mama’s & Papas?? You gotta be kidding, it was all about the stereo trip.

The garagier sounding Yardbirds, Animals, Hollies & Sam The Sham I can understand in MONO.
Hope Bob Irwin & Tim (from Sundazed) read this? Come on, man.
These John Mayalls…hmm? He always had like a huge band of Jazz musicicans too, but I think on these earlier recordings..NO, and the guitar, harp & John’s fantastic voice¬†may just sound killer in mono?

Anyways, keep your eyes peeled for these wonderful vinyl re-issues!

Having said that I was bummed that alot of these aren’t in stereo, I’m purchasing them because I don’t have the mono ones (ha!).

If you ever wanted to hear the ultimate Mono album, it is Sgt. Pepper. I couldn’t believe it. They said “The White Album” is good in mono. Man, Sgt. Pepper in mono played real loud is just incredible, check it out. It blows away “The White Album”.

Other killer mono albums are Velvet Underground & Nico, Blue Cheer (Vincebus Eruptum) and The 13th Floor Elevators 1st album (the 2 latter are on Sundazed, so they get points back for that).

Mofi & Friday Music vinyl titles out now!

Mofi has released the first 3 of the 12 “Silver Label” titles.

They are:
1) The B-52’s~1st LP
2) INXS~Kick
3) Bobby Darin~Love Swings
all these list for $22.99 and should sound great.

Friday Music has just released 3 more titles as well.

They are:
1) Ted Nugent~Cat Scratch Fever
2) Deep Purple~Burn
3) Poison~Look What The Cat Dragged In

Other new titles are:
Yep…another nonsense issue of “BLUES”, the double album by Jimi Hendrix originally released in 1994.
There are 2 great things about this album:
1) The cover with pictures of blues greats
2) The fact that the original 1994 is real collectable since it came out on Classic records on 220 gram BLUE vinyl.

Otherwise, this LP really is a mish-mash of out-takes and pretty inferior vault stuff. I am honest and it really was a rip-off at the time, and I don’t see how this thing gets better with age? Think about it. Why re-master demos and out-takes?

Here are 8 more titles that are now available on vinyl:
1) Mike Patton~Mondo Cane (Ipecac)
2) The Sword~Tears Of Fire EP , Hexagonal Picture Disc
3) The Raveonettes~In And Out Of Control (Vice)
4) Linda Perhacs~Parallelograms (Sundazed)
5) Mt. Desolation~same (Interscope)
6) Monster Magnet~Mastermind, limited 2 LP colored vinyl w/ CD (Napalm) ~ RECOMMENDED!!!
7) Teenage Filmstars~Stars (Cherry Red)
8) Teenage Jesus & The Jerks~Shut Up And Bleed (Cherry Red)

Here are 10 more upcoming releases which should be out by late January 2011:
1) Amos Lee~Mission Bell
2) Elton John~The Covers Record
3) Albert King~I’ll Play The Blues For You
4) Booker T. & The MG’s~McLemore Avenue (cover album of the complete Beatles’¬†“Abbey Road”)
5) Duke Ellington & Orchestra~Jubilee Stomp
6) Bessie Smith~Them’s Graveyard Works
7) Blind Willie McTell~Searching The Desert For The Blues
8) Fela Kuti~Vinyl Box Set 1: Curated By ?uestlove¬†(6 LP’s)
9) Canned Heat~1st LP for Liberty Records in MONO ~ RECOMMENDED!!!
10) last but not least, a very interesting double LP by Santana called “Tiger’s Head” which is loaded with live tracks that were on their 1st LP recorded before they had an LP out. The LP artwork on this is very similar to the 1st LP artwork, hence the title ‘Tiger’s Head”.

Have to smile inside because I saw Santana play a backyard barbecue in 1967. It was the Hernandez house. Someone knew someone and Santana played, baby. My father said for the kids to all stay in the house because of the wild party, but I snuck out and climbed an ivy plant 8 feet up to take a peek in the backyard. All I remember was the red Gibson SG, Carlos’ long hair swinging, everyone dancing and the right-on-time conga and percussion.
Wow! It was happening and everyone was was really Tequila’ed for sure. If this blows your mind, go to Goggle Earth and type in corner of Sinex Ave. and Eardley Ave. in Pacific Grove, California.¬†The pump house in the middle of the street is still there, but the back yard where Santana once played and I played Wiffle Ball everyday has another unit added¬†on. You can see it, just look for the house roofs that are real close to each other. That was the yard.
Years later, by 1973 when Santana was big, all the neighbors said that was the band that played that wild party a few years ago, Santana.

Happy Listening

Vinyl Record Fans: It's official~Vinyl Records are "Hot" right now.. wanna tell me why I’m sweating buckets just to purchase one lousy new release album?
Case in point is the brand new release (yesterday) by a band called Cake.
Their sixth album titled “Showroom Of Compassion” sold out all vinyl copies on Amazon in about 6 hours. Many were then available as a 3rd party. Those are now gone unless you want it shipped from the UK and pay $30.00 for a $15.00 record that won’t even get to you before Valentine’s Day 2011. Listen everyone: vinyl records are smokin’ hot right now and this little band from Sacramento has just about sold out the 1st pressings on 180 gram RED VINYL. I’m blessed that I was able to get it 3rd party for a good price.
I’d suggest that the readers rifle through the website, because I can feel a surge of demand coming pretty quickly…people are sick of MP3’s and CD’s.

These 12 titles all have one thing in common: they sold out on Amazon within hours (some are re-stocked now).

1) The Bubble Puppy~A Gathering Of Promises / Gold w Black Smokey Splatter Vinyl = SOLD OUT
2) The Pretty Things~1st LP / Brown Vinyl = SOLD OUT
3) Jefferson Airplane~Surrealistic Pillow / 180 gm. MONO Purple Marble Vinyl = SOLD OUT
4) Tom Petty~Damn The Torpedoes / 180 gm. 2 LP Red Vinyl = SOLD OUT
5) Hans Zimmer/Johnny Marr (of The Smiths)~INCEPTION soundtrack / Clear Vinyl = re-stocked
6) Metallica~Live At Grimey’s / 180 gm. 2¬†ten inch records on¬†Clear Vinyl = SOLD OUT
7) Scott Pilgrim vs. The World soundtrack / 180 gm. Red Vinyl = SOLD OUT
8) Cake~Showroom Of Compassion / 180 gm. Red Vinyl = SOLD OUT, re-stocking soon
9) Jenny & Johnny~I’m Having Fun Now / Clear Vinyl w/ CD = re-stocked
10) Blink 182~Buddah / 180 gm. Clear w/ Blue & Yellow Splatter = SOLD OUT
11) Earlyman~10 inch E.P. / Orange Vinyl w/ 14 inch custom tri-fold cover = SOLD OUT
12) The Twilight Saga: Eclipse / 2 LP Red Vinyl = SOLD OUT (1 left)


As Mr. James Brown would say: “Get On Up, Get Into It and Get Involved”.

January 12, 2011