Freddy King's 2 classic instrumental LP's to be reissued by "Sundazed"

Wow! If you are heavily into Stevie Ray Vaughan, then you’ve got to check these LP’s out, man.

These will both be released on January 25, 2011.

I’ve heard stories about Freddy King. He beat everyone at poker & he had such a big build, when he slung his ’58 Gibson Les Paul over his shoulders, it looked like a popsicle stick stuck to his shirt. Even the Gibson ES-335 would look small on him. Eric Clapton & Peter Green have spoken highly of him, as well as covered “Hide Away” many times. As if his guitar playing wasn’t enough, this guy had a killer unique voice too.

What we have here are the 2 “highly rated” instrumental LP’s he released for KING in the early and mid 60’s.

The first is the 1961 LP called “Let’s Hide Away And Dance Away With Freddy King”.
The other is a 1965 LP called “Freddy King Gives You A Bonanza Of Instrumentals”.
Anyways, the 1961 LP blows the 1965 LP out of the water. How can you do without both though? Sundazed has issued these using the original black KING labels and on 180 gram vinyl, remastered from the original MONO tapes and following exact LP jacket artwork.

Check out samples of this cat. I remember getting The King Records R&B 4 CD Box Set for a killer price, and when a certain song came on, I almost crashed my car trying to read the artist & title on the CD case. Well, guess what? Both times it was a track by Freddy King!!!
What does that tell you?


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