Warner Brothers gets a deserved spanking…

Since I was 10 years old back in 1970, Warner Brothers has been my favorite music company, but let me tell you baby, they have also been the worst company to deal with. Crooks, all of them. At least Ahmet Ertegun was a nice crook (smile). I spoke to him in 1979 once, yep he actually answered the phone as I screamed about my warped AC/DC albums. I talked to Zappa once too. You never know who will answer the phone at a record company.
Ahmet’s billion dollar company replaced all of my warpers, (R.I.P. Ahmet).

It looks like Warners 180 gram vinyl titles are not quite moving at the $24.99 list price, so they are cutting alot of them 50%, and baby, that’s a huge discount. Keep your eyes peeled because for only $11.99 for a single album release, you can really get a deal on these:

1=James Taylor~Mud Slime Jim And The Blue Horizon
2=ZZ Top~Fandango!
3=Rickie Lee Jones~1st LP
4=Van Morrison~His Band And The Street Choir
5=Mark Knopfler~Kill To Get Crimson (2LP)
6=Pat Metheny~Day Trip/Tokyo Day Trip Box Set
7=Woodstock~3 Days Of Peace And Music Box Set
8=Neil Young~Chrome Drams II (2LP)
9=Black Sabbath~Live Evil (2LP)
10=Chicago~Chicago Transit Authority (2LP)
11=Faces~A Nod Is As Good As A Wink To A Blind Horse
12=Genesis~Box Set

Like I’ve said in previous posts before, all these titles are top notch albums. It’s just that they are still so, so easily found used real clean because they made so many.

That’s why they are not moving so fast. I sure hope they do this with the four 180 gram Van Halen’s by summertime?
Good Luck!


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