Bobby Darin's classic first adult album out now on 180 gram vinyl

Anyone who thinks of Bobby Darin as just a teen idol who made it big with “Splish Splash” is an idiot.
This guy could do it all, man. Write, arrange, produce, play, and he did it with many styles. Teenybop, pop crooner, supperclub, R&B, jazz, folk, male vocal, big band, and even a touch of country and western when recording for Capitol Records in the later 60’s.

He was the 1st white artist to break through for Atlantic Records, who only had black artists at the time.
I believe that when Atlantic decided to groom this white artist, it was the final straw for Herb Abramson at Atlantic, and he left the company abruptly in December of 1958.

What we have here is his first adult pop album for ATCO called “That’s All” and it has “Mack The Knife” & “Beyond The Sea”. Case closed.
The company that is putting this out is called Boxstar.

Here is the press release:

Mastered from the Original Analog Mono Session Tape by Kevin Gray at AcousTech- One of the Greatest Male Vocal LP’s of the century, Bobby Darin~That’s All.
The new Boxstar LP unlocks hidden treasures only suggested on the original pressing, the enthralling magic that was Bobby Darin is now again here for all to enjoy. This is not just for audiophiles, but for any person in love with the art of the human voice. Included are the hits “Mack the Knife” and “Beyond The Sea” as you’ve never heard them before. Also included are standout cuts “Softly As In A Morning Sunrise,” and “I’ll Remember April.” It’s no accident that these historic sessions were produced by Ahmet Ertegun and Nesuhi Ertegun and Jerry Wexler and engineered by the legendary Tom Dowd.

On the day that Frank Sinatra died, Frankie Valli (of The 4 Seasons) lived in our town & called to chat w/a DJ about his memories and stories with ol’ blue eyes. At the end of the chat, the DJ asked Frankie who he thought in the industry talk that had the best chance to achieve what Frank did? Frankie quickly replied, “Bobby Darin for sure is who we all thought would be huge, but all the complications with the heart trouble really prevented this from materializing and then he passed on at only 30 years old”.

Anyways, this is a good record by Bobby. “Love Swings” will be coming out on MOFI soon, but this is the album to purchase
That’s All…


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