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Freddy King's 2 classic instrumental LP's to be reissued by "Sundazed"

Wow! If you are heavily into Stevie Ray Vaughan, then you’ve got to check these LP’s out, man.

These will both be released on January 25, 2011.

I’ve heard stories about Freddy King. He beat everyone at poker & he had such a big build, when he slung his ’58 Gibson Les Paul over his shoulders, it looked like a popsicle stick stuck to his shirt. Even the Gibson ES-335 would look small on him. Eric Clapton & Peter Green have spoken highly of him, as well as covered “Hide Away” many times. As if his guitar playing wasn’t enough, this guy had a killer unique voice too.

What we have here are the 2 “highly rated” instrumental LP’s he released for KING in the early and mid 60’s.

The first is the 1961 LP called “Let’s Hide Away And Dance Away With Freddy King”.
The other is a 1965 LP called “Freddy King Gives You A Bonanza Of Instrumentals”.
Anyways, the 1961 LP blows the 1965 LP out of the water. How can you do without both though? Sundazed has issued these using the original black KING labels and on 180 gram vinyl, remastered from the original MONO tapes and following exact LP jacket artwork.

Check out samples of this cat. I remember getting The King Records R&B 4 CD Box Set for a killer price, and when a certain song came on, I almost crashed my car trying to read the artist & title on the CD case. Well, guess what? Both times it was a track by Freddy King!!!
What does that tell you?

The Clash sophomore effort coming to soon…

…that’s right. Drastic Plastic has just announced a beautiful 180 gram vinyl straight-up re-issue of the 2nd Clash album called “Give ‘Em Enough Rope” originally released by EPIC records in late 1978, so keep your eyes peeled right here. This re-issue stays true to the original U.S.A. pressing; using the block lettering for the band name and the 1st issue orange with white circles EPIC labels. It comes on glorious 180 gram re-mastered vinyl and will sell big, even with the casual Clash fans.

Oh boy, it’s time for some personal stories I guess?

In my opinion, when this album came out it sounded sorta flat or pop (it needed a better cutting-edge producer, Sandy Pearlman? Yik). I was listening to some really powerful records at the time this came out (ie: Sham 69, Devo’s 1st LP, The Rezillos (from Scotland). It just sounded not so punky to me at the time, but listen people: “English Civil War”, “Safe European Home”, “Tommy Gun” & “Guns On The Roof” sound rockin’ out to me now. I love those songs. YES, it did have wimpy radio-friendly songs on it too. There was no disco thank God, but I still say that there should have been a REGGAE style song on there. The Clash were the 1st to do that anyways. I’m told there is a reggae hall of fame in Kingston, Jamaica and there are tons of pictures all over the entry halls and The Clash are the only white faces on the wall. Ho Hum, I did meet Joe Strummer once and it breaks my heart to say this. He was checking out Fishermans’ Wharf in Monterey and I recognized the crazy painted clothes The Clash always wore and Joe actually chewed me out for not going to an upcoming concert because I had to work. He kept saying, ‘You ought to go mate, you really ought to go, mate”. This was 1979, Summer. Anyways, this guy looked like an anorexic oompa loompa. I can’t tell you how tiny and skinny this chain smoking guy was. Well, you can all Google this….it was a festival at The Monterey Fairgrounds and it was called The Tribal Stomp 1979. It was billed as a Monterey Pop Festival 2….and lord have mercy it was a TOTAL FLOP. There was absolutely NO ONE THERE!! The cover of Rolling Stone at that time said, “Tribal Stomp: Monterey Flop”. It showed The Clash on stage with absolutely empty folding chairs all around. The photo was heart-wrenching. I’d love to see it again. There were like 15 or 20 other bands and some made it HUGE. Wish I could remember. None of my friends went or remembered this very much, but there IS a big, cool poster of it out there somewhere. “London Calling” wasn’t out yet (of course).

Anyways, The Clash’s music lives on forever and their music and original vinyl pressings will just get more and more popular and collectable…now that’s guaranteed!

R.I.P. Don Van Vliet ("Captain Beefheart") 1941-2010

The 2nd of what I call the 3 bizarre artists who recorded for Warner Brothers has passed on today, December 17, 2010. The other 2 are Frank Zappa & Alice Cooper. Zappa passed away on December 4th, 1993. It is almost exactly 17 years ago to the day. Alice of course, is still kicking out the jams (must be all that alchohol over the years preserving the liver?)

Beefheart’s band (The Magic Band), recorded 2 Lp’s for Buddah Records, moved on to Reprise/Warner for about 6, then did a couple for Mercury, and then saw a resurgence during the outcast 1977 UK punk movement in England. He actually did a fantastic album for Richard Branson’s Virgin Records called “Doc At The Radar Station” in 1979.

He played and arranged fluently on many instruments, but his talent was always over-shadowed by his bizarre music. Ry Cooder DID play on that 1st album for Buddah called “Safe As Milk” and is a completely overlooked classic.

Here at, you can just about get all of his recorded works on regular weight, 180 gram and even colored vinyl.

Check him out, this is the place to purchase them at a really good cost to you.
We’ll miss you Don!

West Coast Seattle Boy quickly becoming a flop project

Amazon, MusicDirect, Acoustic Sounds, and all the rest dropped the price right after the release date.
The price dropped about one forth a week after release because no one pre-ordered it. Now the price has gone down one third and looks to be going for $25.00 for the 4 CD box and maybe only $50.00 for the eight record 180 gram vinyl box set?

Time will tell? I just don’t understand it? “Valleys Of Neptune” was a pretty successful release on CD & vinyl.
This one stiffed and the biggest complaint from Hendrix die-hard fans is that they are saying the 1st 2 discs aren’t even Jimi playing and calling it another Alan Douglass ripoff job. I thought that the much more honest Eddie Kramer was doing this with Jimi’s half-sister Jaynie?

Anyways (HoHum) Are You Experienced?, Axis: Bold As Love & Electric Ladyland & Smash Hits are out of stock every day..they sell like crazy!! Go figure??

Poor Jimi, again money and greed kills the art in the artist :-((((
And I thought a box set story from Jimi’s beginnings to the end would be a cool idea.
To me,  the super early stuff was interesting.

Bobby Darin's classic first adult album out now on 180 gram vinyl

Anyone who thinks of Bobby Darin as just a teen idol who made it big with “Splish Splash” is an idiot.
This guy could do it all, man. Write, arrange, produce, play, and he did it with many styles. Teenybop, pop crooner, supperclub, R&B, jazz, folk, male vocal, big band, and even a touch of country and western when recording for Capitol Records in the later 60’s.

He was the 1st white artist to break through for Atlantic Records, who only had black artists at the time.
I believe that when Atlantic decided to groom this white artist, it was the final straw for Herb Abramson at Atlantic, and he left the company abruptly in December of 1958.

What we have here is his first adult pop album for ATCO called “That’s All” and it has “Mack The Knife” & “Beyond The Sea”. Case closed.
The company that is putting this out is called Boxstar.

Here is the press release:

Mastered from the Original Analog Mono Session Tape by Kevin Gray at AcousTech- One of the Greatest Male Vocal LP’s of the century, Bobby Darin~That’s All.
The new Boxstar LP unlocks hidden treasures only suggested on the original pressing, the enthralling magic that was Bobby Darin is now again here for all to enjoy. This is not just for audiophiles, but for any person in love with the art of the human voice. Included are the hits “Mack the Knife” and “Beyond The Sea” as you’ve never heard them before. Also included are standout cuts “Softly As In A Morning Sunrise,” and “I’ll Remember April.” It’s no accident that these historic sessions were produced by Ahmet Ertegun and Nesuhi Ertegun and Jerry Wexler and engineered by the legendary Tom Dowd.

On the day that Frank Sinatra died, Frankie Valli (of The 4 Seasons) lived in our town & called to chat w/a DJ about his memories and stories with ol’ blue eyes. At the end of the chat, the DJ asked Frankie who he thought in the industry talk that had the best chance to achieve what Frank did? Frankie quickly replied, “Bobby Darin for sure is who we all thought would be huge, but all the complications with the heart trouble really prevented this from materializing and then he passed on at only 30 years old”.

Anyways, this is a good record by Bobby. “Love Swings” will be coming out on MOFI soon, but this is the album to purchase
That’s All…

Warner Brothers gets a deserved spanking…

Since I was 10 years old back in 1970, Warner Brothers has been my favorite music company, but let me tell you baby, they have also been the worst company to deal with. Crooks, all of them. At least Ahmet Ertegun was a nice crook (smile). I spoke to him in 1979 once, yep he actually answered the phone as I screamed about my warped AC/DC albums. I talked to Zappa once too. You never know who will answer the phone at a record company.
Ahmet’s billion dollar company replaced all of my warpers, (R.I.P. Ahmet).

It looks like Warners 180 gram vinyl titles are not quite moving at the $24.99 list price, so they are cutting alot of them 50%, and baby, that’s a huge discount. Keep your eyes peeled because for only $11.99 for a single album release, you can really get a deal on these:

1=James Taylor~Mud Slime Jim And The Blue Horizon
2=ZZ Top~Fandango!
3=Rickie Lee Jones~1st LP
4=Van Morrison~His Band And The Street Choir
5=Mark Knopfler~Kill To Get Crimson (2LP)
6=Pat Metheny~Day Trip/Tokyo Day Trip Box Set
7=Woodstock~3 Days Of Peace And Music Box Set
8=Neil Young~Chrome Drams II (2LP)
9=Black Sabbath~Live Evil (2LP)
10=Chicago~Chicago Transit Authority (2LP)
11=Faces~A Nod Is As Good As A Wink To A Blind Horse
12=Genesis~Box Set

Like I’ve said in previous posts before, all these titles are top notch albums. It’s just that they are still so, so easily found used real clean because they made so many.

That’s why they are not moving so fast. I sure hope they do this with the four 180 gram Van Halen’s by summertime?
Good Luck!

Van Halen re-release 3 more classic vinyl records…

That’s right! Rhino Vinyl has just popped out 3 more classic Van Halen 180 gram vinyl remastered records available to you on the market right now (12/13/2010).

Here are the promo notes for these releases:

Three More Classic Van Halen Albums – All Remastered from the Original Analog Tapes by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering and Pressed at RTI.

Rhino’s newly remastered 180g LPs bring the dynamics and punch of the music into crystal-clear focus, and also shine a spotlight on the group’s famous accoutrements and personalities: Roth’s frenetic energy and bawdy yelps; Alex Van Halen’s drum-til-you-drop bluster; Michael Anthony’s Jack Daniel’s inspired bass runs; and Eddie Van Halen’s fretboard wizardry ( ed. note: “I call it fretboard simplicity that sounds G-R-E-A-T”.)

OK, on a personal note, I’ll start with an April 1979 concert at The Cow Palace in San Francisco. This place is like a huge spaceship inside. Well, let me tell you, when Michael Anthony hit those first super-throbbing single bass notes from “Runnin’ With The Devil” (co-incidentally the opening track on their 1st album), the place shook like…oh… I just can’t explain it. It felt like The Cow Palace was lifting off the ground onto a journey to the stars. And that reflection is a testimony to how that 1st Van Halen album was the best thing they ever did. The “1984” album was great too, but anything after the powerful reception of the 1st 1978 LP was an afterthought.

What we have here are 3 albums re-issued featuring the vocals of David Lee Roth. The 1st album was re-issued last year. This year, Rhino continues with “Van Halen II” (1979), “Women And Children First” (1980), and “1984” (actually released at the end of 1983 I believe). The band decided to skip by 1981’s “Fair Warning” and 1982’s “Diver Down”.
I totally agree with the omission of “Diver Down”. It was nothing but a downer in my opinion. The Kinks cover song worked on the 1st album, but on this album it stiffed. By the way, this album has 4 cover songs and they all sounded like 1st run rehearsals to me.
It’s never a good sign when you put 4 cover songs on your new album and the record company releases all of them as the only singles. The covers were “Dancing In The Street”-an old Motown Vandellas hit. “(Oh) Pretty Woman”-the Orbison hit. “Where Have All The Good Times Gone”-a lesser known track by The Kinks, and “Happy Trails”-the old Roy Rogers & Dale Evans closer performed by Van Halen “drunkapella” style…it sounded more like The Coors Cowboys.

The “Fair Warning” album, to be fair (no pun intended), had some more groundbreaking guitar work by Eddie, even though the album really had no big hit single off of it. Even Jimmy Page and Les Paul were blown away by the killer fretboard tapping intro on the leadoff track “Mean Street”…just great work by Eddie. This LP had “Hear About It Later”, “Unchained” and “Mean Street” and I think it deserves a 180g re-issue.

Forget “Diver Down” and all the stuff with Sammy Hagar…Christ, Sammy’s solo recordings rocked harder and better than his Van Halen ones in my opinion.

Van Halen done? Maybe…but not forgotten.
These LP’s are worth every penny of the $24.99 list.
Go for it…you won’t be sorry, for these 4 records will forever ROCK!!!