Harry Smith's Complete Anthology Of American Folk Music on an 8LP, Import box set

This box set gets all the respect in the world for it’s musical content and for the extremely gorgeous design making it look like the old 78 RPM multiple record storage sleeves in a hardbound book.

Here is the drawback: there is no need to really hear the quality of the sound or any type of re-mastering.
For gosh sakes, these recordings were made from 1929-1952. You just can’t make them sound all that much better. I’d almost rather have it on CD where you can fit 79 minutes on it.

Here is some more bad news. About 6 years ago, these were put out as 4 different beautiful Double Album 180 gram CLEAR VINYL sets by a company from San Francisco called “Revenant” and these came with cool 12-page booklets. They were very affordable and are now hard to find. Speaking for me, I’m much happier to have those as this new box set does not state 180 gram vinyl….even though that is the usual standard in Europe.

I will not say anything bad about the content. Robert Johnson, The Carter Family, “Mississippi” John Hurt, Dock Boggs, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Sleepy John Estes, Leadbelly, Bukka White, do I need to say more?
I can tell you this for sure: young kids just getting into traditional music are going crazy for this type of stuff right now.

The price on this piece of history lists at around $149.99.
I would have to say it is definitely recommended.


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