Syl Johnson vinyl box set now available

Syl Johnson Complete Mythology on 6LP + 4CD Box Set

In the 40 years since Syl Johnson exited Chicago’s Twinight label for Memphis’ Hi Records concern, the world has been struggling to grasp and package the early years of this legendary soul man’s career. Endless compilations, botched bootlegs and shabby two-fers litter his section card, ear and eyesores all. Four years in the making, Complete Mythology is by far the most exhaustively researched and meticulously presented work from The Numero Group to date.

Encompassing the first fifteen years of a career that spans half a century, Complete Mythology not only covers his obvious hits but shines a light into the dark corners of a true musical visionary. Born Sylvester Thompson in Holly Springs, Mississippi, Johnson sang and played with blues artists Magic Sam, Billy Boy Arnold, Junior Wells and Howlin’ Wolf in the 1950s, before recording with Jimmy Reed for Vee-Jay in 1959. His break was to come recording for Twinight Records of Chicago in 1967. Johnson dominated the label as both a hit maker and producer, providing such hits as “Come On Sock It to Me,” “Different Strokes” (one of the most heavily sampled songs in the history of recorded music, paid homage by N.W.A., Kid Rock, Michael Jackson, J. Dilla and dozens of others), “Is It Because I’m Black” (which reached #11 on the Billboard R&B charts in 1969), among many more.

Included on the 81 track, 6LP + 4CD box set are re-mastered versions of no less than twenty eight singles from the Twinight, Federal, Cha-Cha, Tmp-Ting, Special Agent, and Zachron labels, facsimiles of the Dresses Too Short and Is It Because I’m Black albums, ten previously unreleased tracks and detailed track by track notes from acclaimed music historian Bill Dahl. The fifty-two page booklet contains a thirty-five thousand word essay, scores of previously unpublished photos, a sampling index, and complete discography, all presented in a lavish hard bound box. For the uninitiated this is history, for those familiar this is respect for one the greatest musical artists of our time. This box is killer for a retail price of around $70.00.

Syl Johnson Complete Mythology Track Listing

1.  Teardrops
2.  They Who Love
3.  I’ve Got Love
4.  Lonely Man
5.  I Need Love
6.  His Gift
7.  I’ve Got To Find My Baby
8.  (She’s So Fine) I Just Gotta Ma
9.  Little Sally Walker
10. I Resign From Your Love
11. I Wanna Know
12. Well Oh Well
13. Please Please Please
14. I’m Looking For My Baby
15. She’s All Right
16. I Know
17. A Half Love
18. I’ve Been Talked About
19. This Heart Of Mine
20. Falling In Love Again
21. I’ve Got To Get Over
22. Straight Love, No Chaser
23. Surrounded
24. Try Me (45 Version)
25. Half a Love
26. Do You Know What Love Is
27. The Love I Found In You
28. Do You Know What Love Is (Alt. Version)
29. Things Ain’t Right
30. Come Sock It To Me
31. Different Strokes
32. Sorry ‘Bout Dat!
33. Ode to Soul Man
34. I’ll Take Those Skinny Legs
35. Send Me Some Lovin’
36. Soul Drippin’
37. Fox Hunting On The Weekend
38. Try Me
39. I Feel an Urge
40. I Resign
41. Love Condition
42. My Funky Band
43. Sockin’ Soul Power
44. Double Whammy (Abaccadaba)
45. Dresses Too Short
46. I Can Take Care of Business
47. Same Kind of Thing
48. I’ve Got the Real Thing
49. Take Me Back
50. I Can Take Care of Homework
51. Let Them Hang High
52. Don’t Give It Away
53. Going to the Shack
54. Is It Because I’m Black
55. Concrete Reservation
56. Together Forever
57. Come Together
58. Black Balloons
59. Walk a Mile in My Shoes
60. I’m Talkin’ Bout Freedom
61. Right On
62. Everybody Needs Love
63. One Way Ticket to Nowhere
64. Kiss By Kiss
65. Thank You Baby
66. We Do It Together
67. Try My Love
68. That’s Why
69. Get Ready
70. The Way You Do The Things You Do
71. Annie Got Hot Pants Power
72. Wouldn’t Change My Lady
73. All I Need Is Someone Like You
74. Let’s Start All Over Again
75. Hot Pants Lady
76. Wiggle In Your Hips
77. Your Love Is Good For Me
78. Trying To Get To You
79. Soul Strokes
80. Hot Pants Annie Pt.2
81. Soul Heaven


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