LIVE AT LEEDS…gets "Super DeLuxe" re-issue Nov. 22, 2010

Attention Who fans:

If you think Live At Leeds is the best thing The Who ever did, then you will be thrilled to see this puppy come out!
It is:

4 CD’s, one 180 gram vinyl re-master of the original album, and a 7″ of “Summertime Blues” b/w “Heaven And Hell”.
This thing is being put out by Geffen/Universal and lists for around $80.00.

Here is the best part though, you get TWO full CD’s of the February 15, 1970 concert at Hull City Hall (known to Who members and fans as the BEST LIVE WHO CONCERT ever). This was to be the original live Who album, but was not issued due to technical difficulties (no BASS could be heard). The sound on this Hull concert they say is fantastic. I would look forward to 4 CD’s of many unheard live outtakes. The heck with the LP and 7″. This does come with a 64-page hardcover book, a poster of Pete Townshend and the 7″ DOES come in a full color picture sleeve.

Many people call this the greatest live album ever, and the only thing I argue is the Hull concert…found on this box set.
Go out and get it, it’s got way more stuff than the 2 disc deluxe set from 2 years ago. The only drawback is the 180 gram LP on vinyl, it is so so easy to find an original one (even with all the inserts) for 5 bucks. In this box set you are probably paying $28.00 for it?
YECH!!!    Should have nixed the vinyl and kept the price at $50.00
BOTTOM LINE: Get it anyways…..this thing is gonna sonically  “rock your world”!!!!!!


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