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PART#        ARTIST	          TITLE	                        RETAIL	QTY

WB1883	     ALICE COOPER	  LOVE IT TO DEATH (180 GRAM)	11.99	3
ROUL25359    CARLOS MALCOLM	  DON'T WALK, DANCE!	         9.75	3
BLUNT84413   GRANT GREEN	  SHADES OF GREEN	         9.75	3
BLUNT84329   HANK MOBLEY	  THE FLIP	                 9.75	3
BRNZ4011     MOTORHEAD	          ACE OF SPADES (180 GRAM)	11.99	3
CELE3034     SILVER APPLES	  THE GARDEN (2 LPS X 180 GRAM) 19.99   3

Mobile Fidelity announces "Silver Label" series with 12 new LP's

New from Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, the MoFi Silver Label Vinyl Series will feature an eclectic mix of recordings. This series is mastered and cut on the famous Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab state-of-the-art Tim de Paravacini-designed mastering system. Vinyl will be pressed at RTI on audiophile-grade standard vinyl and will be numbered limited-editions. Future releases will continue to stretch stylistic boundries, as the MoFi Silver Label continues to explore music from many genres. Expand your musical horizons with the Silver Label!

Titles start shipping early in 2011. Stay tuned.

Here are the first 12:

1 = Stevie Wonder~Talking Book
2= Rod Stewart~Every Picture Tells A Story
3=Dead Can Dance~Into The Labyrinth (2LP)
4=Dead Can Dance~Spiritchaser (2LP)
6=The B-52’s~1st Album
7=Echo And The Bunnymen~Heaven Up Here
8=The English Beat~Special Beat Service
9=Bette Midler~The Divine Miss M
10=Bobby Darin~Love Swings
11=K.C. And The Sunshine Band~1st Album
12=The Sisters Of Mercy~First And Last And Always

Single Lp’s list for $22.99~~~Doubles list for $34.99

OK, I reckon you all wanna know my thoughts on these 12.
It’s simple:

Stevie Wonder, Rod Stewart, The B-52’s, INXS, The English Beat, K.C. and Bette Midler are like the easiest things to find on vinyl and these MoFi’s are made in Chatsworth, California. Very common in the U.S.A. …these titles.

Now, I do think it’s great that someone may pick up a (now) classic album like The Sisters Of Mercy.
The Bobby Darin is welcome because it is not commonly seen. The Echo/Bunnymen is common, but this is the scarecest one as I remember? Dead Can Dance is never found either. The stinkpot of the bunch is the Bette Midler.
Come on, this thing was produced & written by Barry Manilow fer crysakes. I love Bette, but this is very common and they even made her cry in the studio when she made this.
Maybe the U.K. thinks different?

No doubt that these original records are quality and sold millions.
I had a dream that the first few studio Osmonds vinyl LP’s became real collectable!?
Go Figure….but enjoy these whichever way you can.

I like the fact that MoFi is more daring now.
Rock On…..MoFi!!!!!

Solomon Burke has risen!

The good news is that Friday Music finally put something out that isn’t mainstream and has my heart pumpin’ with excitement. The bad news is that the King of Rock ‘N’ Soul has passed on and now this thing finally comes out.

It is a straight re-issue of the 1966 Atlantic album, The Best Of Solomon Burke and it is really the best thing you can own by him on this fantastic re-mastered 180 gram HQ vinyl with original cover artwork.

This thing has been out of print on vinyl for over 4 decades.

Got To Get You Off Of My Mind
Down In The Valley
If You Need Me
Just Out Of Reach (Of My Two Empty Arms)
Cry To Me
Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
Home In Your Heart
+ 5 other tracks
all on one 180 gram album re-mastered with original artwork & labels for $25.00 when a used scratchy one will cost you over 50 bucks???

What are you waiting for? Pre-order this thing now….it comes out on December 6, 2010

Joy Divison 7" Vinyl Box Set rings "Joy" this Holiday Season

Set for a December 6, 2010 U.K. release date, Joy Division are putting out a seven inch box set featuring 10 of all their Factory Records singles. This box is being released by Rhino U.K., who have done a marvelous job on the re-mastering of the sound on these tracks. This is scheduled to be released in the states on December 28, 2010.

Product description:

December 6 will see the release of +- (plus minus), a new vinyl 7″ singles box set of Joy Division.
The tracklisting has been picked by venerable music scribe Jon Savage, and includes previously issued 7″s alongside some specially created for this release. All tracks have been re-mastered by Joy Division’s Stephen Morris and Metropolis Studios’ Frank Arkwright, and the packaging has been designed – naturally – by Peter Saville.

The edition, which comes courtesy of Rhino/Warner, is limited to 5000 copies, and is available to order at a price of 75 pounds (approx. 120 American dollars). Free MP3’s come with these box sets as well. 

This box set is being released in celebration of Ian Curtis, in the year that is the 30th anniversary of his death. Although Joy Division released only two albums in two years, Unknown Pleasures (1979) and Closer (1980), the band recorded many other tracks throughout their career which were released as stand-alone singles, most notably, “Transmission” and “Love Will Tear Us Apart.” Plus Minus brings these singles, and more, together in one place on beautiful full color reproduced picture sleeves and labels exactly as they were originally issued.

Speaking from personal experience (somehow I met Tony Wilson once), this really is a cool release because the 2 albums they did were much different than the more appealing (I don’t dare say commercial) singles. Really, the goths, and gloom and doom bands got nothing on this group. It was as depressing as it got. Point in case is the film “24 Hour Party People”, where it showed that basically the only happy smile that Ian really had in the band was when he was performing “Louie Louie” with a drunken laugh all the way through. I mean, this guy had health issues, he lived in the gloomy Manchester area of England, he was young and so confused with his relationships and then he was performing music like this. Tony was right, “How could we have not seen the suicide coming?”

To me the brightest spot was these 10 singles and the bass guitar sound of Peter Hook. That was really all I needed. He is so under-rated as a bassist for that fantastic sound he created and used on every song ever by New Order.

This box set is recommended, the price is NOT. It should have been $59.00 max.
Nevertheless, with all the dark memories surrounding this band, there WILL be Joy at Christmas with this 30th anniversary celebration of Ian Curtis and Joy Divison’s singles.

Harry Smith's Complete Anthology Of American Folk Music on an 8LP, Import box set

This box set gets all the respect in the world for it’s musical content and for the extremely gorgeous design making it look like the old 78 RPM multiple record storage sleeves in a hardbound book.

Here is the drawback: there is no need to really hear the quality of the sound or any type of re-mastering.
For gosh sakes, these recordings were made from 1929-1952. You just can’t make them sound all that much better. I’d almost rather have it on CD where you can fit 79 minutes on it.

Here is some more bad news. About 6 years ago, these were put out as 4 different beautiful Double Album 180 gram CLEAR VINYL sets by a company from San Francisco called “Revenant” and these came with cool 12-page booklets. They were very affordable and are now hard to find. Speaking for me, I’m much happier to have those as this new box set does not state 180 gram vinyl….even though that is the usual standard in Europe.

I will not say anything bad about the content. Robert Johnson, The Carter Family, “Mississippi” John Hurt, Dock Boggs, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Sleepy John Estes, Leadbelly, Bukka White, do I need to say more?
I can tell you this for sure: young kids just getting into traditional music are going crazy for this type of stuff right now.

The price on this piece of history lists at around $149.99.
I would have to say it is definitely recommended.

ABBA: The Vinyl Collection box set on 9 HQ vinyl LP's

Personally, I’ve never been such a fool as to diss ABBA. I recognized from the start, the talent, the musical arrangements, the influence and attraction of this foursome and they were great. Meryl Streep starred and REALLY sang in the musical film  “Mamma Mia” and you can tell she loved it. Case closed on ABBA.

What we have here is a 9 LP box set featuring all eight ABBA studio albums pressed on 180 gram vinyl as well as a bonus LP with non-album tracks. This puppy is due to be released on December 14, 2010 and will list for around $200.00. I will not need this, I have excellent copies of all their stuff and a nice UK 4 CD box set. My guess is that it will be a huge seller in the UK, who absolutely cherish ABBA.

Product Description:
ABBA The Vinyl Collection is a limited edition box set containing ABBA’s eight studio albums, originally released from 1973-1981: Ring Ring (1973), Waterloo (1974), ABBA (1975), Arrival (1976), ABBA: The Album (1977), Voulez Vous (1979), Super Trouper (1980), and The Visitors (1981). The box set also contains a bonus album, entitled ABBA Tracks, the A-side of which contains the five single A-sides not included on the original studio albums. The B-side of ABBA Tracks features a further five non-album songs, personally selected by ABBA’s Benny Anderson.

Going back to the analog master tapes for each individual album, as originally prepared by ABBA and their associates, the albums in the ABBA The Vinyl Collection have been re-mastered for vinyl especially for this release. The track listings of the albums mirror the original Swedish releases, as originally planned in replica covers featuring the original artwork and inner sleeves, exactly as they looked when they first hit the record shops back in the ’70s and early 80’s.

On a personal note, let’s face it. ABBA albums are probably the easiest vinyl records to find clean. They made so, so many of them even here in the states. I’ll give you a double egded sword here for sure though: It is a great idea to do the Swedish collectable versions, but I can tell you right now without even looking at the tracklists, these albums just WILL NOT flow as good as the American versions that included all the hit singles within the albums. Some people can’t even handle The Beatles UK vinyl pressings because you get no “I Want To Hold Your Hand” or “She Loves You (Yeah Yeah Yeah)”. I still commend them for the Swedish versions, it was the cool thing to do.


15 Stax Number 1's on new re-mastered vinyl

*Every one of legendary soul label’s #1 hits on one astounding vinyl LP!

*Features a murderer’s row of talent: Sam & Dave, Otis Redding, Isaac Hayes, Staple Singers, and more

*A veritable quick-reference dictionary of southern soul from Soulsville, USA.

Stax is synonymous with some of the most iconic, transfixing, and instantly recognizable soul music ever recorded. The imprints logo, the cooler-than-thou hand with the snapping fingers, aptly captured the grittiness, rythmic nature , and groove-shaking capacity of the production, artists, and house band. Over its career, the legendary label placed more than 175 hit songs on Billboard‘s Hot 100 pop charts as well as a staggering 250 hits on the R&B charts. Here’s a can’t miss chance to own the best of the best on a single analog LP.

Stax Number Ones includes all fifteen songs that hit #1 on the aforementioned charts. As you may expect, the album features many of the greatest names in music, all together on one stellar compilation, including Booker T. & The MG’s, Sam & Dave, Eddie Floyd, Otis Redding, Johnnie Taylor, Rufus Thomas, Jean Knight, Isaac Hayes, The Dramatics, The Staple Singers, and Shirley Brown.

Folks, we’re talking arguably the greatest soul instrumental of all time (“Green Onions”), the irresistable “Hold On, I’m Coming” (recently performed by Bruce Springsteen), the Big O’s timeless “Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay,” the suave and swaggering “Shaft,” and the uplifting gospel anthem “I’ll Take You There,” which begins a circle that Mavis Staples continues to extend in her outstanding solo career, and 10 other gems from Soulsville, USA!

You can’t go wrong with this for only $12.99!

Stax Number Ones Track Listing:

1. Green Onions – Booker T. & The MG’s
2. Hold On I’m Comin’ – Sam And Dave
3. Knock On Wood – Eddie Floyd
4. Soul Man – Sam & Dave
5. Sittin’ On The Dock Of Bay – Otis Redding
6. Who’s Making Love – Johnnie Taylor
7. (Do The) Push And Pull (Pt. 1) – Rufus Thomas
8. Jody’s Got Your Girl And Gone – Johnnie Taylor
9. Mr. Big Stuff – Jean Knight
10 Theme From “Shaft” – Isaac Hayes
11. In The Rain – The Damatics
12. I’ll Take You There – The Staple Singers
13. I Believe In You (You Believe In Me) – Johnnie Taylor
14. If You’re Ready (Come Go With Me) – The Staple Singers
15. Woman To Woman – Shirley Brown

Syl Johnson vinyl box set now available

Syl Johnson Complete Mythology on 6LP + 4CD Box Set

In the 40 years since Syl Johnson exited Chicago’s Twinight label for Memphis’ Hi Records concern, the world has been struggling to grasp and package the early years of this legendary soul man’s career. Endless compilations, botched bootlegs and shabby two-fers litter his section card, ear and eyesores all. Four years in the making, Complete Mythology is by far the most exhaustively researched and meticulously presented work from The Numero Group to date.

Encompassing the first fifteen years of a career that spans half a century, Complete Mythology not only covers his obvious hits but shines a light into the dark corners of a true musical visionary. Born Sylvester Thompson in Holly Springs, Mississippi, Johnson sang and played with blues artists Magic Sam, Billy Boy Arnold, Junior Wells and Howlin’ Wolf in the 1950s, before recording with Jimmy Reed for Vee-Jay in 1959. His break was to come recording for Twinight Records of Chicago in 1967. Johnson dominated the label as both a hit maker and producer, providing such hits as “Come On Sock It to Me,” “Different Strokes” (one of the most heavily sampled songs in the history of recorded music, paid homage by N.W.A., Kid Rock, Michael Jackson, J. Dilla and dozens of others), “Is It Because I’m Black” (which reached #11 on the Billboard R&B charts in 1969), among many more.

Included on the 81 track, 6LP + 4CD box set are re-mastered versions of no less than twenty eight singles from the Twinight, Federal, Cha-Cha, Tmp-Ting, Special Agent, and Zachron labels, facsimiles of the Dresses Too Short and Is It Because I’m Black albums, ten previously unreleased tracks and detailed track by track notes from acclaimed music historian Bill Dahl. The fifty-two page booklet contains a thirty-five thousand word essay, scores of previously unpublished photos, a sampling index, and complete discography, all presented in a lavish hard bound box. For the uninitiated this is history, for those familiar this is respect for one the greatest musical artists of our time. This box is killer for a retail price of around $70.00.

Syl Johnson Complete Mythology Track Listing

1.  Teardrops
2.  They Who Love
3.  I’ve Got Love
4.  Lonely Man
5.  I Need Love
6.  His Gift
7.  I’ve Got To Find My Baby
8.  (She’s So Fine) I Just Gotta Ma
9.  Little Sally Walker
10. I Resign From Your Love
11. I Wanna Know
12. Well Oh Well
13. Please Please Please
14. I’m Looking For My Baby
15. She’s All Right
16. I Know
17. A Half Love
18. I’ve Been Talked About
19. This Heart Of Mine
20. Falling In Love Again
21. I’ve Got To Get Over
22. Straight Love, No Chaser
23. Surrounded
24. Try Me (45 Version)
25. Half a Love
26. Do You Know What Love Is
27. The Love I Found In You
28. Do You Know What Love Is (Alt. Version)
29. Things Ain’t Right
30. Come Sock It To Me
31. Different Strokes
32. Sorry ‘Bout Dat!
33. Ode to Soul Man
34. I’ll Take Those Skinny Legs
35. Send Me Some Lovin’
36. Soul Drippin’
37. Fox Hunting On The Weekend
38. Try Me
39. I Feel an Urge
40. I Resign
41. Love Condition
42. My Funky Band
43. Sockin’ Soul Power
44. Double Whammy (Abaccadaba)
45. Dresses Too Short
46. I Can Take Care of Business
47. Same Kind of Thing
48. I’ve Got the Real Thing
49. Take Me Back
50. I Can Take Care of Homework
51. Let Them Hang High
52. Don’t Give It Away
53. Going to the Shack
54. Is It Because I’m Black
55. Concrete Reservation
56. Together Forever
57. Come Together
58. Black Balloons
59. Walk a Mile in My Shoes
60. I’m Talkin’ Bout Freedom
61. Right On
62. Everybody Needs Love
63. One Way Ticket to Nowhere
64. Kiss By Kiss
65. Thank You Baby
66. We Do It Together
67. Try My Love
68. That’s Why
69. Get Ready
70. The Way You Do The Things You Do
71. Annie Got Hot Pants Power
72. Wouldn’t Change My Lady
73. All I Need Is Someone Like You
74. Let’s Start All Over Again
75. Hot Pants Lady
76. Wiggle In Your Hips
77. Your Love Is Good For Me
78. Trying To Get To You
79. Soul Strokes
80. Hot Pants Annie Pt.2
81. Soul Heaven

Bear Family sneak out another cool box set

Pull the pin…it’s time for some more war songs. On August 6, 2010…Bear Family Records out of Germany in conjunction with CONELRAD released a 5CD/1 DVD box set with a 292-page hardbound book titled “Atomic Platters: Cold War Music From The Golden Age Of Homeland Security”.

Promo ads for this box are boasting the following features:

* Over 100 Cold War tracks featuring CONELRAD favorites Slim Gaillard, Janet Greene, The Goldwaters, Bill Haley, Ann-Margaret, Carl Perkins, Carl Mann amd many, many more!

* 2 full length spoken word “scare” albums from 1961 re-issued for the first time: “IF THE BOMB FALLS” and “THE COMPLACENT AMERICANS”!

* More than two dozen frightening naive Public Service Announcements, many voiced by such celebrities as Groucho Marx, Pat Boone and Johnny Cash!

* A DVD with 9 short-subject civil defense and anti-Communist films!

* A nearly 300 page hardbound book bursting with Cold War era photos and bizarre art with liner notes by CONELRAD co-founder Bill Geerhart!

On a personal note, I’ve looked through the 100 audio songs on the set and I can tell you that it covers the years 1945-1964 only. Most of the material is from the years 1955-1959. You can forget about any psychedelic 60’s stuff. That you will find on another Bear Family box set featuring 13 CD’s and titled “Next Stop Is Vietnam” (reviewed in full on the – the community). The Vietnam box set (I must say it), blows this box set out the door for one really big reason. The songs from the 60’s were so much more important. About two thirds of the songs on this “Atomic Platters”  box are novelty songs. Examples given: Radioactive Mama, I Dreamt I Saw Khrushchev (In A Pink Cadillac), Bert The Turtle (The Duck And Cover Song), Sputniks And Mutnicks, Do The A-Bomb Bop, The Senator McCarthy Blues, Anges (The Teenage Russian Spy), The Bear Flew Over The Ocean, My Radiaition Baby (My Teenage Fallout Queen), The Iron Curtain Has Parted.

You get the picture, but all ‘n’ all….I must get this!! It is still cool as heck, you MUST say??
Anyone who gets the Vietnam box should really get this too.

Oh Yeah…. both boxes will cost you around $450.00 because these come from Germany.

Sundazed announces 5 new vinyl releases for November 2010

Don’t baste the turkey yet, Sundazed Music has just announced 5 new tasty vinyl LP offerings and let’s just start with the killer release of the bunch (no pun intended)~~

1) Jerry Lee Lewis~”Mean Old Man” is a black vinyl 3-sided offering of 18 tracks with all kinds of top guest artists covering well-known worldwide songs. I heard the CD already and this is gonna be fantastic on vinyl.

2) Gandalf~”Gandalf 2″ on 180 gram on “grooving in green clear smokey topaz” colored vinyl. This album wasn’t as strong at all as the 1st album (originally on Capitol), in fact is was just a buncha demos and live tracks from Peter Sando’s private collection and was never released until Sundazed put it out in 2007 on CD.

3) Morly Grey~” The Only Truth” was a heavily bootlegged psychedelic 60’s group and it now gets the expanded to a 2 LP on “gold with green speckled” colored vinyl disc and many bonus rare tracks. You just don’t want to know what price you would have to pay to find an original vinyl pressing of this LP.

4) Clayton Doley’s Organ Donors~”Tension!” LP is a mid 60’s Australian band who performed instrumental songs in the vein of Booker T. & The MG’s Hammond organ sound and rocky guitar. This LP comes on 180 gram black vinyl.
There will also be a 7″ which will have” Booker Table” b/w “Hot And Heavy” in a picture sleeve.

5) The New Mastersounds~Masterology: The Pioneers of The New British Funk is a double 180 gram LP set of all their best bits from 7 albums plus many rare tracks. I can’t really comment on them, but the samples sound excellent and I’m sure I will purchase this (it will not be out until December).

That covers Sundazed vinyl in November for you vinyl fanatics.