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Sundazed colored vinyl pushes out 2 more classics..

Now available from Sundazed Music:

The 13th Floor Elevators classic 1st LP in the “highly superior” MONO mix, pressed on super duper limited 180 gram CLEAR VINYL.
The company says they only made 200 of them.

Also, they are doing 200 of the classic “Introducing The Sonics” on a CLEAR DARK SONIC PURPLE VINYL.

Both bands are worldwide psych-garage legends and recommended. These colored vinyl LP’s are a true oddity, I’d get them because they’ll be gone before you can say “psychedelic”.

Whitesnake: 3 classic albums now out on 180 gram colored vinyl

Back On Black records out of the u.k. is leaving other independent record companies in the dust. They put cool colored vinyl records out and they sell out worldwide in like 1 week, even in the u.k.

The next batch will include 3 classic albums by Whitesnake, the first 6 classic albums by Hawkwind (their brand new 2010 one is out right now on double CLEAR 180 gram vinyl and is really good), and 4 albums by Exodus; but you will only need to get one Exodus LP: the classic 1985 debut called “Bonded By Blood” on double 180 gram BLUE vinyl. If you have Metallica’s “Ride The Lightning” and early Slayer, then you REALLY NEED to own this one. Exodus NEVER came close to repeating the quality of this album.

The 3 Whitesnakes are Lovehunter on PURPLE vinyl, LIVE…in the heart of the city (2LP) on RED vinyl, and Ready an’ Willing on CLEAR vinyl. Can’t quite figure out the choices. Ready An’ Willing was their best pre-1980’s album, but Lovehunter was half killer and half wimpy. The live album was killer, but obviously David Geffen will not license the rights to the wonderful “Slide It In” & “Whitesnake” self-titled 1987 LP?

Keep On Rockin’ and GOOD LUCK finding any of these. On all of the above titles, the 1st runs of 1000 will be on colored vinyl, and then reverted to black so I’d get movin’ n’ groovin’.

Hendrix Vinyl Box Is Here! **UPDATE**

Well, it looks like these 8 LP vinyl boxes are basically HERE. I heard they are shipping them the FRIDAY right before Halloween 2010.

Here is the full track list finally:

1 Isley Brothers~Testify (1964)
2 Don Covay & The Goodtimers~Mercy, Mercy (1964) #1 R&B, #35 Billboard)
3 Don Covay & The Goodtimers~Can’t Stay Away (1964)
4 Rosa Lee Brooks~My Diary (1965 – written by Arthur Lee)
5 Rosa Lee Brooks~Utee (1965)
6 Little Richard~I Don’t Know What You Got, But It’s Got Me (1965)
7 Little Richard~Dancing All Around The World (1965)
8 Frank Howard & The Commanders~I’m So Glad (1966 – written by Billy Cox)
9 Isley Brothers~Move Over And let Me Dance (1965)
10 Isley Brothers~Have You Ever Been Dissapointed (1965)
11 Ray Sharpe~Help Me (Get The Feeling) (Part 1) (1966)
12 The Icemen~(My Girl) She’s A Fox (1966)
13 Jimmy Norman~That Little Old Groovemaker (1966)
14 Billy Lamont~Sweet Thang (1968)
15 King Curtis~Instant Groove (1969)
16 Fire (1967) Unreleased Alternate
17 Are You Experienced (1967) Unreleased
18 May This Be Love (1967) Unreleased Alternate
19 Can You See Me (1967) Unreleased Alternate
20 Love Or Confusion (1967) Unreleased Alternate
21 Little One (1967) Unreleased featuring Dave Mason on sitar
22 Mr. Bad Luck (1967) Unreleased Alternate
23 Cat Talking To Me (1967) Unreleased Alternate
24 Castles Made of Sand (1967) Unreleased
25 Tears Of Rage (1968) Unreleased Bob Dylan song
26 Hear My Train A Comin’ (1968) Unreleased
27 1983 (A Merman I Shall Turn To Be) (1968) Unreleased
28 Long Hot Summer Night (1968) Unreleased
29 My Friend (1968) Unreleased
30 Angel (1968) Unreleased
31 Calling All The Devil’s Children (1968) Unreleased
32 New Rising Sun (1968) Unreleased Alternate
33 Hear My Freedom (1968) Unreleased
34 Room Full Of Mirrors (1969) Unreleased
35 Shame, Shame, Shame (1969) Unreleased
36 Messenger (1968) Unreleased
37 Hound Dog Blues (1969) Unreleased
38 Untitled Basic Track (1968) Unreleased
39 Star Spangled Banner (1969) Unreleased Original Mix
40 Purple Haze (1969) Unreleased Original Mix
41 Young/Hendrix (1969) Unreleased Alternate
42 Mastermind (1969) Unrelaesed
43 Message To Love (1969) Unreleased Alternate
44 Fire (1969) Unreleased
45 Foxey Lady (1969) Unreleased
46 Stone Free (1969) Unreleased LIVE @ The Fillmore East, New York, December 31, 1969
47 Burning Desire (1970) Unreleased
48 Lonely Avenue (1969) Unreleased
49 Everlasting First (1970) Unreleased Alternate featuring Arthur Lee
50 Freedom (1970) Unreleased
51 Peter Gunn/Catastrophe (1970) Unreleased Alternate
52 In From The Storm (1970) Unreleased Alternate
53 All God’s Children (1970) Unreleased
54 Red House (1970) Unreleased
55 Play That Riff [Thank You] (1970) Unreleased
56 Bolero (1970) Unreleased Alternate
57 Hey Baby (New Rising Sun) (1970) Unreleased Alternate
58 Suddenly November Morning (1970) Unreleased

That’s It!

I am very surprised that this box is going to be so GOOD!
It really covers the early “chitlin circuit” stuff well and is the strong point and reason to shell out $125.00 for this puppy.
VERY IMPRESSED SO FAR, can’t sleep, and can’t WAIT!!!

The Rolling Stones announce 2 Big Vinyl Box Sets

Boy oh boy are they making “Bear Family” look like a has-been in the overkill vinyl box sets department.
These 2 puppies will be released two days before Thanksgiving Weekend 2010. So, all you stuffed turkey lovers better save some room for the “OLE’ RED TONGUE LOGO“.  The 1st box is titled “1964-1969” and includes 13 re-mastered vinyl records on high quality 180 gram vinyl. It has the following releases (the first 5 of which are in MONO):

1) The Rolling Stones E.P. (Mono)
2) The Rolling Stones 1st LP (U.K. version) (Mono)
3) The Rolling Stones Five By Five E.P. (Mono) Note: this is an E.P., not the 5X5 LP
4) The Rolling Stones No. 2 (U.K. only album) (Mono)
5) Out Of Our Heads (U.K. version) (Mono)
6) Aftermath (U.K. version) (Stereo)
7) Big Hits (High Tide & Green Grass) (U.K. version) (Stereo)

8) Between The Buttons (U.K. version) (Stereo)
9) Their Satanic Majesties Request (does not state it will have the original 3D cover) (Stereo)
10) Beggars Banquet (banned U.K. “bathroom grafitti” cover) (Stereo)
11) Through The Past, Darkly (Big Hits Vol. 2) (Original Octagonal-Cut Cover) (Stereo)
12) Let It Bleed (Stereo)
13) Metamorphosis (does not state whether it is the U.K. cover w/ the 4 extra tracks or the U.S.A. one) (Stereo)

The 2nd box set is titled “1971-2005” and includes 18 vinyl records. There are 14 Stones albums and 4 of them are 2-record sets. They are also on high quality 180 gram re-mastered vinyl:

1) Sticky Fingers (U.S.A. cover) (Stereo)
2) Exile On Main St. (2LP) (Stereo)
3) Goats Head Soup (Stereo)
4) It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll (Stereo)
5) Black And Blue (Stereo)
6) Some Girls (NO WAY will it re-issue the Hollywood Sex Symbols cover, nice try) (Stereo)
7) Emotional Rescue (Stereo)

8) Tattoo You (Stereo)
9) Undercover (Stereo)
10) Dirty Work (Stereo)
11) Steel Wheels (Stereo)
12) Voodoo Lounge (2LP) (Stereo)
13) Bridges To Babylon (2LP) (Stereo)
14) A Bigger Bang (2LP) (Stereo)

The Good News:
a) These box sets are numbered and limited and it’s “The Rolling Stones” for crying out loud.
b) All these songs are re-mastered very well and sound absolutely great.
c) The inclusion of the 1st E.P. and the oh-so-rare “Five By Five” E.P. are a great bonus.
d) No repeats. The 2 Big Hits collections have hit singles that were NOT on the U.K. studio albums.
e) If you are 55 years old and saw them in 1969, just bought a new HQ turntable but gave all your old stones LP’s to Goodwill Industries; then you have a good argument with your wife to blow $800.00 on these 2 boxes.

The Bad News:
a) The 2nd box set goes BANG! right from the start with “Sticky Fingers” then “Exile On Main St.” and then does a pretty bad nose dive for the next 9 or 10 albums with “Some Girls” &,”Tattoo You” being the only killer bright spots. To protect the innocent, there are some really good songs on the weaker albums for sure, but remember, this puppy will go for $400.00. A super clean copy of 2 thirds of these albums on this 2nd box set goes for about $3.00 each used.
b) In reality, most of these albums can be pretty easy to find used clean. Between both box sets,  there are really only 7 sorta hard-to-find albums.
1) Got Live If You Want It
2) Get Yer Ya Ya’s Out (how could they?)
3) Stripped
4) No Security (which had strong versions of rarely performed classics and better versions from the “Bridges To Babylon” album.)

also missing in action are the U.S.A. compilation albums:
1) “flowers”
2) Hot Rocks
3) More Hot Rocks
4) Made In The Shade
5) Sucking In The Seventies
6) Rewind: 1971-1984
and for some reason, the 2nd U.K. studio album called “Around And Around” is not present in the first box set.

d) Bottom line: these things are too darn expensive to not include Get Yer Ya Ya’s Out. Definitely for the collectors. If they would have put “Sticky Fingers” & “Exile On Main St.” on Box 1, NO ONE would buy the 2nd box…marketing strategy garbage!

Bon Appetit

Danny Elfman & Tim Burton announce 25th Anniversary Box Set

Before I say how over-the-top this thing is, put duct tape over my mouth. Danny & Tim are way over-the-top in everything they do. That’s what is so great about them.

Anyways, this is a very special limited-edition, numbered box “Collectors Edition” of 1000 that collects expansions of 13 original scores that Elfman has composed for Burton’s iconic films. This is a newly-produced library of 16 CD’s each packaged with artwork by Burton, adding up to more than 19 hours of music, including 7 hours of previously unreleased Masters, demos, work tapes and other rarities.

Fasten yer seatbelts because this thing retails for a whopping $500.00 even.

Here are other box highlights:

1) Collectible Zoetrope Music Box which actually plays a newly created  tune by Elfman.
2) Exclusive Bonus DVD featuring an extended conversation between Danny Elfman/Tim Burton.
3) Skeleton Key USB Drive that houses MP3’s of all the musical contents included in Music Box.
4) Exclusive 250+ Page Hardcover Book with forward by Johnny Depp, photos and stories.

On a personal note, I think this is really cool to have everything in one place to show the work of these 2 psychotically talented men. It is way overpriced and way overkill for so much score music, but if you check out snippets of Dan & Tim talking about their memories, it is just the cutest thing in the world. These 2 guys are really dedicated to their art….it’s Warner Brothers Records that is into the money….even though I love WB.
Even with all the overkill and in this struggling economy, I cannot really give this release much of a negative review.

Start saving….and I’ll be listening to scratchy vinyl of “Dead Man’s Party” by Oingo Boingo.

EMI/APPLE RECORDS Plans "Rotten Apples" as 2010 Holiday Gifts

Well, EMI/Apple Records can’t seem to woo the public with any quality Beatles releases this season, so it looks like for the most part, we are getting “Rotten Apples” in our stockings this year.

This is what they are offering, and I wouldn’t call it “The Lucky 7”:

1) An 11 disc John Lennon box set with all his studio Lp’s and 2 discs of singles & home demos for $200.00.
2) A 4 disc John Lennon box set with 4 themes, but the same tracks as the above set for $30.00
3) A single disc John Lennon 15 Hits Collection for $13.99
4) A 2 disc John Lennon 15 Hits Collection w/ a DVD of all the songs for $24.99
5) A 2 disc re-issue of the Double Fantasy album for $13.99
6) A Paul McCartney/Wings “Band On The Run” 3 CD/1DVD set for $100.00 ($60.00 more than it should be).
7) A 17 disc “The Apple Records Box Set” for a mere $340.00. The single CD called “Come And Get It” only had 4 good songs on it to begin with. Why oh why would they do a 17 CD box set with 2 hours of decent music and 30 hours of FILLER??? If anything get “The Signature John Lennon Box” or The Band On The Run set.

Now I know why kids are going crazy for vinyl records. Each of these Lp’s can be found on vinyl for a buck each and will most-likely not sound too bad. Let’s face it folks, The Beatles and the 4 Badfinger albums were the only good things on Apple Records. Everything else pretty much stank up the joint.
EMI should have done high quality Picture Discs of all the Lennon’s & Badfingers instead.
Would’ve made GREAT looking PicDiscs.

Wake Up EMI