Bob Dylan 8 LP Mono Box: Everybody….MUST BE STONED???

Are You Kidding Me?

Sony/Legacy has lost their mind!!! On December 7, 2010 (hah, Pearl Harbor Day), Sony/Legacy will release a Bob Dylan 8 LP box set of all the MONO recordings the way they were meant to be heard. Well, on Dec 7, a bomb will go off in my heart!

Why Oh Why, even on a whim, would they release more copies of Bob Dylan’s 8 MONO albums AGAIN!!!
These 8 Mono LP’s will be cut at RTI on 180 gram vinyl. Big Deal! They already sound great from another company.
My compadres from Sundazed have already done this, and they got RAVE REVIEWS for their issues. If you get it from Sony/Legacy, you only get 8 LP’s. If you do the package deal from Sundazed, you get (for the same price) 2 more albums; Bob Dylan’s Greateast Hits (some of these songse were not on his studio albums) and Nashville Skyline, but this one is in stereo because there never was a MONO Nashville Skyline.
What a dumb idea this box set is. Let’s see how many copies of this box set Sony/Legacy sells. I wouldn’t buy any Dylan Mono box set stock yet. The funny thing is that Sundazed got some psychotically FANTASTIC reviews of worldwide acclaim for their MONO’s.
Sorry Bob, it makes your stupididdley ridiculous Christmas album with no audible vocals from 2009 seem logical now.
You should have stopped this other MONO box from happening Mr. Dylan.
This is not recommended~ DUH!!! Go with Sundazed, they were there first with the MONO re-issue and the sound is the same….if not better.
Bob is a LEGEND and I hate when legends get the corporate smack-in-the jabber.


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