The Who Live in 1970 On RED, WHITE & BLUE

Hah, just in time for Labor Day weekend….THE WHO have released a TRIPLE LIVE ALBUM from 1970 on RED, WHITE & BLUE 140 Gram Vinyl.

It is called LIVE AT THE ISLE OF WIGHT and it is from their 2nd year at the festival. This recording is super-duper-crystal clear in sound and separtation AND it includes the whole portion of “Tommy” on this set.
This recording was done only 2 months after their famous live album “LIVE AT LEEDS” and the energy is still there.
I have this as a double CD from like 2004 and you want to ask me if I’m excited about a red, white & blue vinyl pressing??? YIPEE!!

By the way, this pressing is NOT on Earmark from Italy. It is a new 2010 pressing  from Russia on a re-issue label called Lilith which is fast gaining a reputation for awesome vinyl records. The red, white and blue I’m sure is a response of Pete Townshend wearing the Union Jack coat more than The Who being from Great Britain.

See It! Feel It! Touch It! BUY IT!
The Who are the greatest LIVE ROCK BAND in the history of the world~HANDS DOWN!


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