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A "drastic plastic" upcoming Holiday Gift List

Jingle the bells, the ever evolving punk vinyl re-issue company “Drastic Plastic” has announced 11 upcoming titles that will be available here on soon.

They will all be on either 180 gram or colored vinyl.

And the horses are all in the gate and they are:

1) The Damned~”Machine Gun Etiquette”
2) The Wake~”Harmony”
3) The Birthday Party~”Prayers On Fire”
4) The Birthday Party~Junkyard”
5) The Birthday Party~Hee-Haw”
6  The Gun Club~” Las Vegas Story”
7) The Undertones~ “1st Lp”
8) The Angry Samoans~”Inside My Brain E.P.”
9) The Angry Samoans~”Back From Samoa” Lp”
10) The Clash~Give ‘Em Enough Rope”
11) The Clash~”Black Market Clash 10″ Lp”

Put these 11 titles on your Christmas Wishlist now

Friday Music gets a regretful thumbs down

I ususally don’t give an awesome vinyl re-issue company a bad review, but this takes the cake. Remember, all of these vinyl LP’s go for like $24.99 retail.

Unless I’m mistaken, the titles they have re-issued is a Top 40 list of most accessible records to find at a Flea Market. I’m not saying the music is bad, just that all these titles have been re-issued so many times and there are so many copies out there, even still sealed on 2 thirds of these. There are better things to re-issue…like all The Rose Of Avalanche singles & albums.

1) America
2) America Homecoming
3) Jeff Beck Blow By Blow
4) Jeff Beck Wired
5) Cheap Trick At Budokan (not even expanded to a double or triple LP)
6) Alice Cooper School’s Out
7) Alice Cooper Welcome To My Nightmare
8) Deep Purple Made In Japan
9) Deep Purple Who Do We Think We Are? (weak, weak)
10) Deep Purple Fireball
11) Doobie Brothers The Captain And Me
12) Doobie Brothers Minute By Minute
13) Hall & Oates Abandoned Luncheonette
14) Heart Little Queen
15) Kansas Leftoverture
16) Kansas Point Of Know Return
17) Don McLean American Pie
18) Meatloaf  Bat Out Of Hell (1st)
19) Quiet Riot Metal Health
20) Gerry Rafferty City To City
21) Santana & John McLaughlin Love Devotion Surrender
22) Boz Scaggs (1st Atlantic)
23 Boz Scaggs Silk Degrees
24) Boston 1st
25 Yes Drama
26) Journey Escape
27) Billy Joel The Nylon Curtain
28) Billy Joel Strom Front
29) Billy Joel An Innocent Man
30) Billy Joel Glass Houses
31) Carly Simon No Secrets (you’ve got to be kidding?)
32) Robin Trower Bridge Of Sighs
33) Muddy Waters Hard Again (this is only $8.99 at
34) Yes 90125
35) Yes Close To The Edge
36) Yes Realyer
37) Yes Time And A Word
38) Warren Zevon 1st
39) The Byrds Untitled
40) T.Rex The Slider

I just don’t see who will buy these. I can only recommend the Robin Trower, the early Yes LP’s, & the Alice Coopers really. Check out their website to browse….then come back to to buy…….for ONE FOURTH of the price!!!

Bob Dylan 8 LP Mono Box: Everybody….MUST BE STONED???

Are You Kidding Me?

Sony/Legacy has lost their mind!!! On December 7, 2010 (hah, Pearl Harbor Day), Sony/Legacy will release a Bob Dylan 8 LP box set of all the MONO recordings the way they were meant to be heard. Well, on Dec 7, a bomb will go off in my heart!

Why Oh Why, even on a whim, would they release more copies of Bob Dylan’s 8 MONO albums AGAIN!!!
These 8 Mono LP’s will be cut at RTI on 180 gram vinyl. Big Deal! They already sound great from another company.
My compadres from Sundazed have already done this, and they got RAVE REVIEWS for their issues. If you get it from Sony/Legacy, you only get 8 LP’s. If you do the package deal from Sundazed, you get (for the same price) 2 more albums; Bob Dylan’s Greateast Hits (some of these songse were not on his studio albums) and Nashville Skyline, but this one is in stereo because there never was a MONO Nashville Skyline.
What a dumb idea this box set is. Let’s see how many copies of this box set Sony/Legacy sells. I wouldn’t buy any Dylan Mono box set stock yet. The funny thing is that Sundazed got some psychotically FANTASTIC reviews of worldwide acclaim for their MONO’s.
Sorry Bob, it makes your stupididdley ridiculous Christmas album with no audible vocals from 2009 seem logical now.
You should have stopped this other MONO box from happening Mr. Dylan.
This is not recommended~ DUH!!! Go with Sundazed, they were there first with the MONO re-issue and the sound is the same….if not better.
Bob is a LEGEND and I hate when legends get the corporate smack-in-the jabber.

Prisoners No More…Sundazed Presents "The Yardbirds" Little Games in Mono on 180 Gram Vinyl

Coming around November 2010, it’s time to unshackle that ball & chain~

The Yardbirds name was taken from an old African-American Blues slang meaning a prisoner, ie: “Yo man, you always goin’ in and outta that jail yard, you ain’t nuthin’ but a YARDBIRD“.

Well, The Yardbirds are free once again on this vinyl release, which really hasn’t been available on album with the original cover and in MONO since 1967. It did see an awesome UK release on FAME with a new cover (I like the original 1967 animated one),  and like 4 or 5 killer bonus tracks that came out around 1985. This original MONO version using the original masters on 180 gram vinyl is a welcome release. It was actually easily found in stereo for like $3.99 as a still sealed cutout in like 1978, but they were all scooped up over the years. The truth is that this album was considered a major mis-step at the time and guess what? Jimmy Page & Jeff Beck together couldn’t save it from it’s commercial disaster. Coincidentley, I listened to the DeLuxe 2 CD box set about 3 months ago and was blown away and thought that YES, it was overlooked. It did have smidges of total brilliance in places and the main reason that it probably flopped is because, “Hey, it isn’t really the blues-based stuff anymore”. It was experimental psychedelia. Jimmy Page did take many sounds from this LP and use them on the 1st two Led Zeppe LP’s and you better believe it. Listen close, that backwards phasing, the violin bow, the sustaining echo guitar parts. They are all here and if you concentrate, you will easily hear them to remind you of the 2 Zeppe’s. I would say that I prefer the stereo over the mono, but the mono has like a totally different mix of instrument volumes and placement in the mix.
If Sundazed uses the original yellow EPIC labels (they have in the past), I will get one. If they say Sundazed like they did on the Sly Stone re-issues, then “Bah-Humbug”, I’ll keep my 1985 and CD box and use that.

Light In The Attic Records

Light In The Attic Records is a great record company. If you like rare, whacked out, sexy soundtracks from everywhere (including many from France), then you should check out their vinyl titles. I own a few and let me tell you this: fantastic sounding & thick 180 gram vinyl, super thick gatefold album cover jackets, loads and loads of information and photos and almost always an original poster to go with the flick and sometimes a FREE 7″ single as a bonus. This company rocks. And if you are still skeptical, the average price of their LP’s is only $14.00.

Check ’em out, they are about to unleash the classic 1st solo album by Jane Birkin from 1973. This is their story:

The story of Light In The Attic Records begins, curiously enough, with a motor crash in Madrid, Spain (and a rather bad one at that). Light In The Attic Founder (most of us call him Matt) was but a teenager in the middle of one of those requisites of American post-high school life – the “find yourself” hostel-hop through Europe. The journey usually involves, at the very least, a Eurail pass, a backpack, and a pair of hiking boots. (For the record, Matt swears he has never owned a pair of hiking boots, but I digress.)

This particular sunny day in Madrid, however, was to have lifelong consequences for young Matt Sullivan. Aside from the site of the totaled Fiat (tin cans, they are), something of even greater interest immediately caught Matt’s eye. The unlucky car he had just hit was filled to the brim with records – Stooges, Love, Suicide, MC5 – in other words, REALLY GOOD records. Matt introduced himself to his unwilling-yet-amiable “crash mate”, Iñigo Pastor, who just happened to own the stellar Spanish labels Vampi Soul and Munster Records. The shock of the accident suddenly took a proverbial back seat in the scheme of things as the two immediately began to talk music. Within an afternoon’s time, a transatlantic bond based on the love of music was formed.

Matt immediately ditched his plans for the rest of his European sojourn and soon began camping out at the Vampi/Munster headquarters in Madrid. Though Matt and LITA co-owner Josh Wright’s love of music began with high school radio, in Spain Matt was able to see firsthand the actual BUSINESS of putting out records. He soon discovered that the thrill of finding a long-lost gem and reissuing it to a grateful public was often tempered by the more loathsome side of the music business – endless unpaid orders, flaky artists, and threats of lawsuits from hustlers and frauds of all sorts. But Matt remained undeterred, and with guidance from his Spanish mentors, began making plans for a record label of his own.

Once back in the States, the Master Plan began at once. The idea was to build a label which placed as much emphasis on releasing quality reissues as it did developing new talent. In the late ’90s, the dot-com boom provided much-needed funds for Light In The Attic’s humble birth in a basement in Fremont, Seattle. Ironically, though, it was the dot-com bust that really got LITA going. Suddenly unemployed, Matt wasted none of his new-found free time. Instead, he began building LITA from scratch. His tools? A little savings and a lot of tenacity.

Light In The Attic first became a player in the Seattle music scene by producing live shows by rising artists like Saul Williams, Interpol, and Peanut Butter Wolf. Many of LITA’s shows were sold-out affairs, and the production side of the label’s business quickly gained a reputation in the Emerald City.

But the plan was always to be a record label first, and a production company second. Armed with much-needed funds that the shows provided, the company began to focus on the business of making records in late 2002. Eventually, a much-coveted reissue deal was signed with the highly underrated ’60s soft-psych group The Free Design. With the LITA ball finally rolling, Matt soon called upon lifelong friend Josh Wright for help with the business. Josh provided the necessary energy and business know-how needed to transform Light In The Attic Records into the much-admired indie label it is today.

Since that first Free Design release, Light In The Attic has proven that its company mission is simple: put out great music, wherever it may be found, however it may sound. It’s this dedication to music – first and foremost – that has already created a diverse and respected catalog of releases. LITA’s commitment to quality, as well as its disdain for convention, has already produced instant classics. Highlights include the critically acclaimed Wheedle’s Groove compilation, an exuberant affirmation of Seattle’s soul heritage; the reintroduction of Sixto Rodriguez, a Detroit born singer-songwriter who effortlessly blends the sounds of folk, psych, and soul. And who can ignore the recent reissues of Greenwich folk great Karen Dalton, funk goddess Betty Davis, and legendary French troubadour Serge Gainsbourg? The music is timeless, and a must-have for any music fan. In addition, LITA now distributes a number of impressive labels.

Recent signings by Light In The Attic of up-and-coming bands like The Black Angels only confirm LITA’s dedication to its original mission. Whether releasing classic reissues or grooming young bands of the future, Light In The Attic continues to defy convention by refusing to pigeonhole itself. It’s safe to say that you can expect more surprises – and more great music – in the very near future.

And they owe it all to a badly mangled Fiat.

Well, sort of…

"DRASTIC PLASTIC" is actually Fantastic Plastic

Hoist Up The Flags ~
There is a new vinyl re-issue label out of Omaha, Nebraska and boy, are they doing things right.
They are called “Drastic Plastic” and are dedicated to producing beautiful, high quality collectible vinyl of seminal punk and post-punk bands from their respective classic periods. Their website no longer says “Site Coming Soon” or “Site Under Construction”.
IT IS NOW HERE and it’s time to rock. Go to and check ’em out.
So far they have put out 10 vinyl re-issues. Notable is the 1st Clash album (it is a re-issue of the original U.K. version and track list on beautiful 180 gram vinyl that even reproduces the original 1977 U.K. “CBS” labels),  and totally excitable classic albums on the coolest colored vinyl choices: Agent Orange comes on Orange County orange, The Exploited’s Punks Not Dead comes on a blood red, The Briggs comes on a deep sea blue. Red Lorry Yellow Lorry comes on a beautiful half red/half yellow, The Meatmen’s War Of The Superbikes re-creates the original clear vinyl pressing from 1982, AND…The 1st Motorhead album re-creates the 1978 white vinyl pressing on Chiswick…BUT…the very, very 1st ones from 1977 (200) had a silver cover with the Motorhead name & skull logo in black. It was on black vinyl using the Chiswick map logo.
I reckon if you sell your car, you can purchase a true 1977 original?
No original issue Motorhead vinyl album was ever issued on colored vinyl as a 1st pressing. Those came later as a 2nd or 3rd pressing.

How novel of this company to use the Drastic Plastic letters to re-produce the original Chiswick, Posh Boy & Secret records labels. Must’ve been the office admin who thought of that, but (most likely she?) gets KUDOS for that witty idea!!!

So there you have it! “Drastic Plastic” Records…in a nutshell. If they keep putting out titles like this, they will be very sucessful I’m sure.

Sundazed Music announces 4 new October 2010 releases…

If you like female voices, folk/psych-pop and twangy Christmas guitar songs, then Sundazed has got you covered for October 2010. There are 4 new releases coming out around mid-October.

First up is the 1966 debut album from The Mamas And The Papas called “If You Can Believe Your Eyes And Ears”.
Here is one thing you can believe. If you are a collector, then you will be pleased that Sundazed has decided to use the rarer MONO masters and original controversial “toilet” cover. Then again, you can color copy the toilet from the internet and paste it on a re-issue….and this thing has been re-issued at least 4 times through the years and the MONO copies are NOT that hard to find. $6.00 will get you a pristine copy used.

Next up is a vinyl re-issue of a forgotten KAPP records album by Linda Perhacs called “Parallelograms”.
This was originally issued in 1970 and has alot of top jazz players on it. If that isn’t enough, this LP was arranged by L.A. soundtrack master Leonard Rosenman who worked on such soundtracks as The Twilight Zone, Beneath The Planet Of The Apes and Fantastic Voyage.

Next is a CD only re-issue of a forgotten pop album by Lisa Miller called “Within Myself”.
This was released in 1968 on a label called Canterbury, another of the secret subsidiaries of Motown and let me tell you that this CD is totally recommended. It really has what we all know as “The Motown Sound Of Young America” all over it. There are many pop hit cover versions on this , but they all work and sound great in true stereo. Check out samples and don’t feel intimidated by the typical pop 60’s cover art….THIS IS A GREAT ALBUM.

Last but not least is a (HO HO HO) vinyl re-issue of the classic and ONLY Christmas album by The Ventures from 1965 on the Dolton label on 180 gram TRUE STEREO vinyl using the original cover and labels. This album was given a super exciting original title called “The Ventures’ Christmas Album”. I can be sarcastic because Sundazed blew it by not doing it on 180 gram RED VINYL!!!  That’s OK, I still have my Japanese RED one with a cooler cover.
Sundazed also re-issued the orignal 1963 Phil Spector classic Christmas album called “A Christmas Gift For You” about 6 months ago, also on 180 gram vinyl in MONO. This is the most famous Rock ‘N’ Roll Christmas album of all-time and features all the famous girl groups that Phil produced in the early to mid 60’s. It was even re-issued in the mid 70’s by The Beatles’ own “Apple” Records Company.

Make your Christmas list early with these 5 titles.

The "QUEEN" has arrived from England…

but that may not be good news? EMI from the U.K. has just released 3 Queen albums all on 180 gram high quality pressings, but there is a slight problem: only one of these albums is essential listening.

The titles are “The Game”, “Hot Space” & “Made In Heaven” completed after Freddie Mercury passed away.
Let’s face it folks, the “early” Queen albums are the best. The Game is an essential listen, but, Hot Space & Made in Heaven are pretty bad albums as a whole. These albums are going to cost you $29.99 (if you’re lucky), and I swear these are the Queen albums to buy:

Queen II
Sheer Heart Attack
A Night A The Opera
A Day At The Races
News Of The World
The Game

The rest are pretty bad…and I love you Paul Rodgers, but IT DIDN’T WORK!!!
A Queen’s Crown Has 8 Jewels~~~it’s these 8 titles, believe me.
A Greatest Hits 2 CD set works too because it pulls all the GREAT tracks off of those 4 or 5 mediocre 80’s albums.

Don’t get me wrong~~~LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!!!!!!!


Experience Hendrix LLC and Sony Legacy Recordings proudly announce the second wave of releases in the monumental 2010 Jimi Hendrix Catalog Project. Legacy’s next round of titles from the artist Rolling Stone magazine called “the greatest guitarist of all time” will include LP editions of Jimi Hendrix Experience: BBC Sessions (3 LP’s); Jimi Hendrix Blues (2 LP’s); and his legendary Live At Woodstock performance (2 LP’s) and last but not least, a brand new 2010 Box Set called “West Coast Seattle Boy: The Jimi Hendrix Anthology” on eight 180 gram LP’s. This set is different than the one released on MCA in 2000. Not much press info on this yet, but, the retail price is right around $100.00 for the vinyl. Legacy is saying it will contain a definitive career spanning set list which spans Hendrix’s remarkable journey from R&B sideman to international stardom. The DeLuxe set is filled with previously unreleased Jimi Hendrix Experience recordings plus demos, alternate takes and more.

On a personal note, all I have to say is this: “How much music is REALLY left in the can that we haven’t heard on bootlegs or European versions & Picture Discs”? The set list (when announced) will quickly tell if this will be an essential purchase.
Odds are that good material is slim now. I’m sure it won’t be as cool as the earlier in the year Hendrix release, “Valleys Of Neptune” or for that matter, “The Tom Petty LIVE ANTHOLOGY”. That set was so under rated.
No release date is given yet, but I’d say around Thanksgiving of 2010.


Sony announced that there will be a Documentary DVD with this box directed by Grammy winning Bob Smeaton who did The Beatles Anthology, Festival Express, amd The Beatles: The Studio Recordings.

Also, the vinyl is being cut at Sterling Sound and mastered by the incomparrable George Marino.
The complete track list will be announced soon, so check back here soon.
The title track, “West Coast Seattle Boy” apparently was a song written by Hendrix right before he passed away.
No one in the media circle has claimed to have ever heard it and it WILL be on the box set.

There will also be a re-issue of the highly collectable EP called Merry Christmas And Happy New Year From Hendrix.

New "Slayer" 10 LP Box Set Announced For October 12, 2010

Now Slayer has finally issued 10 of their classic albums officially instead of bad bootlegs.

Sony/American Recordings has announced the October 12, 2010 release of a 180 gram box set featuring the 10 albums released during the time the band was with American Recordings.

The albums are Reign In Blood, South Of Heaven, Seasons in the Abyss, Divine Intrevention, Undisputed Attitude, Decade of Aggression (LIVE 2 LP), Diabolis In Musica, God Hates Us All, Christ Illusion, & World Painted Blood.

THE DRAWBACK~~~You don’t get the 4 releases that Slayer made with their 1st record company called Metal Blade out of L.A., Ca.

That means you don’t get Show No Mercy, Hell Awaits or the 2 E.P.’s on that label called “Haunting The Chapel” & “Live Undead”.

Still it is a pretty darn decent price for $ 129.00 for the whole set in the awesome box. I did not hear about any DVD’s or a booklet. Just the faithfully restored LP jackets and killer re-mastering.
On a personal note, this band has had alot of controversy. All I can say is that guitarist and founder Kerry King (and the rest) seem to be the most normal acting people I’ve ever seen in my life when they are being interviewed. They are OK in my book. I have heard band members from other euro countries metal scene and I was not impressed. Slayer are pretty cool people, man.