Secret Stash Records

Secret Stash Records has been issuing odd, collectible records for 1 year now. They pretty much specialize in Funk Music from different countries.

They are located in Minneapolis, MN. and the company is ran by Eric Foss.

They (so far) have 7 releases and they will soon put out their 8th vinyl record that will feature Funk Music from Peru on White w/ Black Splatter vinyl.

For more info, you can get them on the web at (I believe)

Here is a list of the other releases on Secret Stash Records:

1) Porno Grooves~Sounds From 70’s Adult Films on “HOT PINK” vinyl.

2) Kind Of Blue: Reggae Interpretations of the complete Miles Davis classic on BLUE VINYL.

3) Mad Dog’s Hustle (a totally unreleased Blaxpoitaion soundtrack from a movie never released due to budget etc. etc.) CURTIS MAYFIELD FANS take a note of this. This LP comes on WHITE VINYL.

4) VA~Soviet Funk Volume 1 comes on RED VINYL (actually very Jazzy)

5) VA~Soviet Funk Volume 2 comes on RED & BLACK SPLIT VINYL (more of the same)

6) VA~Gospel Funk comes on 180 gram BLACK VINYL (very good tracks)

7) Porno Grooves 2 comes as a limited edition of 1000 discs on a full-color PICTURE DISC. This was done as a limited run to celebrate 1 year in business. Forthcoming copies will all be on BLACK VINYL.
If you hurry, you can still get the picture disc w/ FREE download card of the entire album from their website.

Happy Listening


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